Freshers say Uni feels like home after doing Applicant Boot Camp

We take the opportunity to catch up over cakes and coffee with freshers who joined Brunel Business School recently to see how they feel about their choice of university and what having the chance to attend Business Boot Camp for applicants meant for them.

Brunel Business School is not only a highly ranked Business School in London (Fatma Ali), but it also feels like home to our students (Martina Palomba)!

They said the chance to attend Brunel Business School Boot Camp earlier this year, when they were still applicants, meant they were able to experience student life at Brunel in only the space of two days (Spresha Cajak), while living on campus to see the facilities (Haseeb Salim) in a clever, yet an honest way (Robbie McIntyre) so that it felt like a place to be (Malikhi Lloyd-Jones).

Our Boot Campers are pleased with their decision (Keziah Norrell) to join Brunel Business school for their degree, are certainly happy with their choice (Steffany Arenos Garcia) and are eager to begin the course (Aleyah La-rose Bloomfield).

They now plan to make the most of their time (Aida Virtopeanu) by studying hard to obtain their 1st Class Honours Degree (Aziz Ahmed) and look forward to their future years  ahead (Zoe Chopra).

To find out more about opportunities to experience University life for applicants  offered by Brunel Business School, including Brunel Business Boot Camps next year, please take a look at our Experience Brunel Business School Brochure.

Brunel PhD paper awarded by British Academy of Management

bamCongratulations to PhD student Ebtesam Al-Alawi who has received the Best Developmental Paper Award at the British Academy of Management (BAM) 2013 conference, which was held at the Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool this September.  The theme for the BAM2013 conference was “Managing to Make a Difference” with papers invited to consider the wider implications of management.

Ebtesam’s paper ‘Teams in Units: Team Turnover and Team Effectiveness Outcomes’, co-authored with Ebtesam’s PhD supervisors Dr Ana-Cristina Costa and Dr. Lamea Tahoo, was submitted under the Organisational Psychology Track.  It describes the theoretical framework and study design of Ebtesam’s PhD project on the Impact of collective turnover on performance outcomes in Healthcare Teams.  Although Ebtesam’s project is currently at the stage of date collection, Brunel Business School are delighted that it has already received this prestigious recognition.

Ebtesam is one of Brunel Business School’s PhD students from Ahlia University.  Since 2007 Brunel Business School has been offering a PhD without residence programme at Ahlia University, Kingdom of Bahrain with students being awarded by Brunel University. The PhD without residence programme is a unique opportunity and represents the chance for students to be a part of Brunel Business School, while studying in the Middle East.

Coming to cities near you: Brunel Business School

We’re jetting off to cities near you with our top academics to give you a chance to meet us and discuss your programme choices at your convenience. Taking part in educational fairs alongside some of the leading worldwide universities, Brunel Business School will be exhibiting in 9 countries in the next 2 months.

In addition to these 9 countries students will be able to find out more about Brunel Business School programmes in many worldwide locations visited by Brunel University representatives. See here for more details.

At each of the events below student will have an opportunity to arrange a 1-2-1 appointment with the Business School representatives for an admissions interview or simply a less formal chat – just email us in advance to book your slot on

Details of our visits are below. Please click on the location to register:


Turkey, Istanbul QS World Grad School Tour


Turkey, Istanbul QS World MBA Tour


Romania, Bucharest QS World Grad School Tour


United Kingdom, London AMBA MBA Fair


United Kingdom, London QS World MBA Tour


Greece, Athens QS World Grad School Tour


Germany, Frankfurt QS World Grad School Tour


China (online) Virtual MBA Exhibition China


Romania, Bucharest British Council Education UK


India, Delhi QS World MBA Tour


India, Pune QS World Grad School Tour


India, Delhi QS World Grad School Tour


Qatar, Doha QS World MBA Tour


Saudi Arabia, Riyadh QS World MBA Tour


Saudi Arabia, Jeddah QS World MBA Tour



MSc study – a most challenging journey yet says international student

thank-you-noteIn a letter to his MSc Dissertation Supervisor, Tuan Anh Dao from Vietnam, a Brunel Business School student who this week submitted his MSc dissertation, expresses gratitude and shares his experience of studying at postgraduate level in Brunel University. With his permission we publish this heart-warming letter for you to enjoy too.

Dear Dr. Collis

Now that I have finally submitted my dissertation, I’m writing this to express my gratitude to you, the best supervisor I have had the fortune to work with.

The journey I have been through over the last 12 months has been my most challenging yet. It was my very first year away from home, immersing myself in an entirely new culture, with entirely unfamiliar learning styles, as well as new study and research methods. My limited English has also been another huge obstacle to my learning and the progress of my dissertation.

Yet, with your incredible support, I have seen myself step by step reaching towards the finishing line. It was such an amazing feeling and sense of achievement when I finally handed in my work. This time twelve months ago I would never have believed I could one day do and finish this assignment. What I’m trying to express is how important your support has been to me and my education. Regardless of the final result, you have helped make my research experience such a steep learning curve, and I’m ever so grateful I have done this, more importantly I have done this with you.

So, wholeheartedly, thank you!

Yours sincerely,

Tuan Anh Dao

Postgraduate applicants benefit from lower fees with January intake option

Applicants wishing to start their Masters and MBA programmes in January 2014 can benefit from lower fees from those starting in September 2014. The difference, of around £1000 pounds, can cover travel costs for international students or help towards living expenses.

“Programme fee is subject to an annual increase, and we see it happen for the academic year 2014/15. But the students who apply to commence their studies in January 2014 can still benefit from the lower fees from the academic year 2013/14” said Joanna Oman, Marketing and Admissions Manager for Brunel Business School. “Our Masters and MBA programmes continue to represent very good value for money to both domestic and international students but applicants who take advantage of this little “loop hole” can benefit from lower fees, than peers who will start just few months later. It’s worth considering this start date”

Brunel Business School offers the option of a January intake on 7 postgraduate programmes in Brunel University:

Tuition fees for postgraduate programmes in Brunel Business School are:

Home and EU tuition fees:

  • MSc programmes: £8000 for January 2014 intake, and £9000 for September 2014 intake
  • MBA programme: £18500 for January intake, and £19500 for September 2014 intake

International tuition fees:

  • MSc programmes: £13500 for January 2014 intake, and £14250 for September 2014 intake
  • MBA programme: £18500 for January intake, and £19500 for September 2014 intake
Postgraduate Programmes Brochure

Postgraduate Programmes Brochure – CLICK TO VIEW

Brunel MBA Brochure 2014

Brunel MBA Brochure 2014 – CLICK TO VIEW











New platform for better energy efficiency being developed by BBS researchers

New research from Brunel Business School proposes better ways to plan, implement and monitor energy efficiency.


The DAREED research project focuses on innovative business models and user engagement to achieve energy efficiency at neighbourhood, city and district levels. Through this project, Brunel University researchers aim to help communities understand and assess alternatives to traditional consumption patterns and inertial behaviours leading to high consumption levels.

Working with energy providers

Our researchers will work closely with energy providers to help them implement appropriate business models leading to sustainable energy consumption and to understand savings that can be achieved through energy efficiency related measures, management tools and new services, along with the related cost/benefit ratio. The involvement of service providers, especially energy ones, ICT companies and public administrations will facilitate the development of the DAREED product and its wide acceptability.

Savings major driver for change

Although regulations about buildings, infrastructures and public spaces are fostering the implementation of important energy efficiency measures, a major driver for the change are the actual economic savings for users obtained from energy efficiency based business models. The service-oriented approach of the DAREED platform will allow easy adoption, overcoming technological, financial and knowledge barriers.

Pilot projects underway

DAREED has quickly garnered interest support local governments in several EU countries with pilots already underway in the old town of Seville, Spain as well as Cambridge County Council and Brunel University itself. DAREED launched on the1st September 2013, and is supported by 2.9 million Euro from the European Commission under the FP7 program. The principal investigator for the project is Prof Zahir Irani, Head of Brunel Business School, alongside co-investigators Dr.Habin Lee and Dr.Vishanth Weerakkody.

CIMA exemptions for MSc Accounting and Business Management

CIMAStudents graduating from the new MSc Accounting and Business Management in Brunel Business School will gain exemptions towards the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Qualifications for the following papers:

  • Certificate level: C01 Fundamentals of Management Accounting, C02 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
  • Operational level: P1 Performance Operations
  • Management level: F2 Financial Management, P2 Performance Management

Details of the accreditation are posted on the CIMA exemptions database.

CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) is the world’s largest professional body of management accountants.  Graduates who become a CIMA member will be able to use the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation and be part of a global network.

The CIMA exemptions’ follows the recent news of ICAEW credits for this programme. Dr Jill Collis, Director of the MSc Accounting and Business Management programme, commented

“Both the CIMA paper exemptions and ICAEW credit awards are great news for our students who are starting this programme this September and in January 2014.  This new programme will help our students to gain a head start in the professional world especially if they wish to become professional accountants.” 

Brunel Business School launched the new MSc in recognition of the fact that accounting information lies at the heart of management and is used by investors, business contacts, competitors and other external parties.  The programme benefits from the Accounting expertise in the School, as personified by Dr Jill Collis, and colleagues from the Accounting and Auditing Research Centre (AARC) in the School, who recently held the 3rd Brunel Accounting Symposium exploring the latest trends in the field.

BBS Staff Award Winners Announced

Brunel Business School Annual Staff Awards 2013 recognised those in the Business School who ‘go the extra mile’ and who have worked exceptionally hard in various activities in the School over the last academic year. Certificates have been awarded to staff who inspired others by their exemplary contribution, as their work is at the very centre of the service we provide.

The 2013 BBS Staff Award Winners are:

  • Sarah Exelby – Programmes Administrator
  • Dr David Gallear – Deputy Head (Teaching, Learning and Accreditation)
  • Dr Satwinder Singh- Lecturer
  • Anuj Sood – Research Manager

BBS Staff have been invited to nominate one colleague from the administration, academic or technical support teams. The nominations took place online over a period of 4 weeks and a panel was set up comprising two academic members of staff and two administrators to decide 4 winners. The 4 winners have been recognised for their outstanding contribution by way of certificates, presented to them by the Head of School, and also by way of Amazon vouchers. All staff have been invited to join in congratulating them over a special celebration lunch on 19th September.


BBS shortlisted for Times Higher Education Awards

Brunel Business School (BBS) has been shortlisted in two categories for this year’s Times Higher Education awards:

  • Business School of the YearBusiness_School
  • Outstanding Employer Engagement Initiative 

The Business School of the Year Award will be awarded to the business school demonstrating the most outstanding performance in the past academic year. It is open to all business schools in the UK, including those situated within universities and those in the private sector.

The Outstanding Employer Engagement Initiative recognises a strategic and innovative approach to delivering employers’ workforce development needs. The School put forward its successful initiative of the MSc in Applied Corporate Brand Management with Professional Practice, which launched in 2011 and incorporates a 16-week relevant, industry-based experience for all participants within Branding and Marketing.  The programme focuses on strategic branding, and how brand image influences corporate thinking, culture and communications.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London on 28 November 2013. View the full shortlisting at the THE Awards website.

BBS research to help minimise carbon footprint in maritime shipping

Sea transport is a vital component of the world’s economy as the largest carrier of freight around the globe. Marine shipping is responsible for about 3.3% of the global greenhouse gas emissions.

Brunel Business School researchers believe that when reducing carbon footprint of marine shipping companies should analyse trade-offs in the operational decisions including energy consumption and global greenhouse gas emissions.

To enable companies to make such trade-offs, BBS researchers will work to develop mathematical formulas for marine shipping operations to minimise carbon footprint whilst optimising service level and cost. The innovative solution techniques will form the core of a decision support tool for industrial applications used in maritime shipping. This tool will help reduce environmental impact and contribute to economic prosperity of marine shipping in Europe and around the world and contribute to the transition of Europe to low carbon economy.

The grant of £248,750 has been awarded for 4 years from September 2013 and will conclude in August 2017.

Principal Investigator: Dr Habin Lee, Co-Investigator: Dr Afshin Mansouri. Both of the investigators are active researchers and lecturers in Brunel Business School.