CIM Graduate Gateway programme information session, a success

On October 3rd, Business Life organised an information session for the Business School’s students, about its flagship CIM Graduate Gateway programme. Those attending the information session enjoyed free pizza, and learned that this well-established programme offers students the opportunity of obtaining the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing and/or CIM Diploma alongside their degree. The students also heard testimonials from previous participants in the programme.

The event was supported by the Head of the Business School, Professor Jane Hendy, who is also a strong supporter of the CIM Graduate gateway programme. Professor Hendy encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity to gain additional qualifications, and further improve their employability. She further confirmed that, at the discretion of the Head of School, undergraduates will be given a discount, when joining the programme. This means that students can benefit from highly subsidised fees, and are able to obtain their qualification at a much lower cost than that charged by external CIM training centres.

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Achieving CIM’s professional marketing qualifications and awards alongside their academic degree, will give students a unique opportunity to stand out from other marketing graduates.

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This programme is open to students on the following degree courses:

  • BSc Business and Management (Marketing) Level 2 and 3
  • BSc Business and Management (Marketing with placement) Level 2 and 3
  • MSc Marketing Level 5
  • MSc Corporate Brand Management Level 5


We also offer access to the CIM Gateway to Brunel Business School Marketing Alumni’s who have graduated from these degree courses in the last three years. However, the additional modules for each qualification must be completed within five years of graduation for the exemptions to still be valid.


Students and alumni that qualify for this programme can obtain information and register for the programme on the BBS website.

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The next workshop on CIM (Level 4) Digital Marketing will take place 5 – 8th November 2018




Dr Liyuan Wei delivers inaugural seminar on credit cards and customer loyalty

Recently-appointed Senior Marketing Lecturer Dr Liyaun Wei delivered her inaugural seminar to faculty members of the Marketing and Corporate Brand Research Group at Brunel Business School London on Wednesday, 3rd October.


Making reference to her published research on credit card fee-waiving policy, her research findings showed, among others, how credit card providers, by levying annual fees, have a negative impact on customer retention.

Dr Wei’s presentation was very well received by faculty colleagues and a lively discussion ensued.


On behalf of faculty colleagues, Professor John MT Balmer formally welcomed Dr Wei to the Marketing and Corporate Brand Research Group and presented her with a copy of Professor Mark Reed‘s “The Research Impact Handbook”, which was signed by Dr Wei’s marketing colleagues.


Induction week 2018

This week we are welcoming the new students joining our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, with a varied programme of events, talks and activities.



On Monday, the Head of School, Professor Jane Hendy, and the Director of Postgraduate programmes, Dr Monomita Nandy, formally welcomed the students to Brunel Business School (BBS). They informed the new students of recent developments at BBS and significant achievements, they provided an overview of what lies ahead for the new class, and emphasised the need to be proactive in, and to be engaged with, their studies and the community.


Students were then invited to join ‘The Great Debate’, exploring a current issue which is of relevance to both them as students, as well as businesses and the wider community. This year the topic was Brexit, and the impact that it has and will continue to have on UK’s higher education. Professor Robin Jarvis opened the debate by listing how national universities might benefit from the UK leaving the EU. This was followed by an overview of the potential disadvantages, presented by Professor Habin Lee.


Following the initial arguments, the students (approximately 40% of which were from the UK; 40% from other EU countries, and 20% from countries outside the EU) formed groups, and engaged in lively debates.


The final list of issues impressed the faculty, given the range and depth of issues considered. Arguments on the plus side included: opportunity for repositioning of UK’s universities in the global education market; possibility of further diversifying the student body; and the opening of global development and business opportunities. In turn, arguments in the minus side included: increase in tuition fees and food prices; increased bureaucracy and barriers to obtaining visas; loss of access to student exchange programmes; and the effect of uncertainty on innovation.


Other activities throughout the week include the Freshers’ Fayre on Tuesday, programme talks on Wednesday, and the College’s BBQ in Thursday to name only a few.


Our students are embarking on a life changing journey, and we wish them all the best.

Vice-Chancellor’s prize for Doctoral Research Awarded to Marketing Student

Dr Ammar Sammour, a former PhD student from the Marketing and Corporate Brand Research Group, at Brunel BusinesSchool, Brunel University London, has been awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Prize for Doctoral ResearchThe award was conferred by Professor Julia Buckingham CBE (Vice-Chancellor and President of Brunel University London) during the 2018 Summer Graduation Congregation held on campus.


Dr Sammour (left), pictured with his first supervisor, Dr. Chen (right)

Focussing on the John Lewis Partnership, Dr Sammour’s thesis examined corporate brand identity and its effect on corporate brand experience and consumer satisfaction. Dr.Sammour was supervised by Dr.Weifeng Chen  (first supervisor) and  Professor John M.T. Balmer (second supervisor).  Dr. Sammour is pursuing an academic career and has recently taken up the position of Assistant Professor of Marketing at Coventry Business School.

Publications: Marketing, The Past and Corporate Heritage

Professor John M.T. Balmer and a former Brunel PhD scholarship holder, Dr. Mario Burghausen (University of Essex), following an invitation from the editors of the influential journal Marketing Theory, penned an extensive commentary entitled“Marketing, The Past and Corporate Heritage”.

M theory

Published on-line in early August, the article explains the importance of the past for marketing; argues it should be accorded a high profile and details how corporate heritage represents a new kind of temporality (omni-temporality) since it embraces the past, present and prospective future.


UK’S Leading Authority on Research Impact Advises Marketing Faculty

A leading authority on research impact, Professor Mark Reed (Newcastle University), ran a one-day workshop in the Business School for faculty members of the marketing and corporate brand research group, on Friday 22nd June.


Drawing on Professor Reed’s “The Research Impact Handbook” – along with impact cases submitted for the last REF – this highly practical workshop explored the nature, cultivation and assessment of research impact. Professor Reed also offered “follow up” tutorials for marketing faculty working on impact activities and case studies.


The event was organised by Professor John M.T. Balmer, who remarked:

“Taking a day out to consider research impact is a most worthwhile investment of our time and Professor Reed expertly-and engagingly- guided us through the research impact domain”.

Perfect pitch in Strategic Corporate Brand Consulting

Every February, as part of the module “Strategic Corporate Branding Management and Consulting”, students of MSc Corporate Brand Management conduct a brand audit for a given company and recommend their own strategies for improving the brand.


This year, the students worked on The Cambridge Satchel Company brand, and successfully pitched their recommendations to a panel of internal and external branding experts. The panel was headed by Programme Director Dr Sharifah Alwi and by Professor John Balmer, and included industry experts Mr Kim Cohen (CEO from MountView Consulting UK) and Mr Mark Davies (Director of Bellewood Consulting), as well as the Business School’s own Divisional Lead in Marketing, Dr Ana Canhoto, who is a subject specialist in Social Media and Digital Marketing, plus Consumer and Brand expert, Dr Marcia Christina Ferreira.


Dr Sharifah Alwi, the Programme Director, who looks forward to the event each year, extolled the good work of her students:

“I am very proud to see the professionalism and critical corporate brand strategies presented by the teams. The question-and-answer session was long and demanding, but the students managed to maintain their professionalism throughout, and responded with passion.

I am pleased that they exhibited team effort when convincing the panel in the best possible way about why their strategy was better than the competitors’, and were able to develop critical ground for the brand. This is a yearly activity that provides a real industry experience to our students, not only helping their future careers as brand consultants, but also in the pursuit of excellence in branding and marketing.”

Mr Mark Davis, one of the external brand consultants on the panel, commented:

“Overall, I feel that the session was a pretty realistic role play, based on my many years of being involved on pitches, so well done to yourselves and the participants. The groups presented with confidence and handled the challenges well.

Each had an element of creativity in their pitch which helps to create audience engagement and chemistry. They also demonstrated great listening skills and weren’t afraid to defend their position.

I loved their opening pitch, starting to explore around brand identity as a personification. There is some good work in this area in the marketing arena to support the value of this thinking. Their exploration of the framework was well articulated.”


Group photo (sitting down) from left to right, Dr Sharifah Alwi (Module Leader), Industry guest 1: Mr. Kim Cohen (MountView Consulting), Industry Guest 2: Mr. Mark Davis (Bellewood Consulting) and Internal panellist 1: Dr. Ana Canhoto
Standing from left to right: Student Group 1 – Paulina, Pearl, Vivi and Ying Han, Internal panellist 2: Dr. Marcia Christina, Professor John Balmer (Head of the Marketing and Corporate Brand Research Group) and Student Group 2: Faye, Zainab, Queena and Zoe.


The students offered the following reflections on their experience:


“The overall experience on the module is positive. We were able to practice the theories and frameworks learned from the first semester towards the final presentation in front of the professional panel. The division into smaller groups and the bonding that was created between the group members is invaluable.”



“The class offered a chance put taught theory into practice. Through the group work we were able to share ideas with classmates from different cultures. The ideas that came up in our rehearsals were not only useful for the assessment, but also future work. In the final presentation, we benefited a lot from the brand experts who were invited to give opinions and suggestions.”



“The presentation provided us with the opportunity to learn about consulting in a real business context. In our teamwork everyone enjoyed themselves and got inspired by brainstorming. In every meeting, we were able to improve ourselves and to think more critically about corporate branding. Also, thanks to the helpful feedback from the Professors and experienced panellists, we will improve in our research abilities.”



“We worked as a team which is great because we have to work like this in the workplace environment. More than the study we have to get along with our group members. Furthermore, the corporate brand audit is useful, and this module made me understand consultancy more clearly which has its foundation in corporate branding and corporate identity.”



“As corporate brand consulting experience, it caused us to re-think and utilise what we learnt in class. We also got great support and training in critical thinking and presentation skills by our professors. After the presentation, we received useful feedback from the experienced panellists who had lots of passion and ideas in consulting” 



“The presentation provided us with insight on how real consulting works. We received helpful feedback and recommendations from the experienced panel which we intend to use to improve both content and presentation skills for the future. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience – one I wish we had more of as we prepare to go out in the real world.”



“This presentation is a process of learning from theory to practice. It’s a chance for teamwork and we learned from every member of the team. We received lots of useful feedback in the preparation process, during and after the presentation, which will be of great help to our future work.”


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