BBS Professors publish Oxford Handbook of Management Information Systems

The Oxford Handbook of Management Information Systems – Critical Perspectives and New Directions is a publication by another one of our current professors Robert D Galliers and our former Professor Wendy L Currie. The publication stresses on the crucial role played by Management Information Systems (MIS) in an organization’s operations, accounting, decision making, project management, and competitive advantage.It takes a critical and interdisciplinary view of the increasing complexity of these systems within organization, and the strategic, managerial, and ethical issues associated with the effective use of these technologies.
It is primarily intended for academics and research students of Management Information Systems (MIS), Information Communication Technology (ICT), Information Systems (IS), Organizational Behaviour, and Management. The existing programmes offered at Brunel Business School across undergraduate and postgraduate levels provide a substantial amount of knowledge in these areas of learning at introductory, preparatory as well as research level. More details on the programmes offered by Brunel Business School can be found here.

Brunel Business School Lecturer published Business Accounting book

Jill Collis from Brunel Business School recently completed a second edition of her publication “Business Accounting“.

Business Accounting is an accessible, non-technical introduction to financial and management accounting primarily intended for non-specialist undergraduate and postgraduate students. The active-learning approach helps students gain an understanding of the subjectivity inherent in accounting and the ability to evaluate financial information for a range of business purposes.

The second edition features comprehensive revisions, including new chapters on the regulatory and conceptual frameworks, and the preparation of single entity and consolidated financial statements under IFRS. For more advanced students, ethics, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility are all covered. The chapters on management accounting have been updated and a new chapter discusses current issues, such as strategic management accounting, the balanced score care, accounting for quality and environmental accounting. Many of the case studies are set in an international context.

The book is supported by a wealth of teaching and learning resources, including exam-style practice questions, PowerPoint slides, interactive progress tests and additional chapters and other material on the website.

Jill’s research primarily focuses on national and international developments in financial reporting requirements for unlisted small and medium-sized companies.

BBS Professor chairs Advisory Panel at Chartered Banker Professional Standard Board

Professor Robin Jarvis from Brunel Business School (BBS), at Brunel University since 2010, has recently been appointed to chair the Advisory Panel of the Chartered Banker Professional Standard Board (CB:PSB). The objective of the CB:PSB is to define an agreed set of industry-wide ethical, professional standards for the banking sector.

The CB:PSB is chaired by Lady Susan Rice, Managing Director of Lloyds Banking Group Scotland and is supported by the main banks in the UK.

Other members of the CB:PSB Panel are:
– Adam Sharples: Director of Policy
– Teressa Perchard: Director of Policy and Advocacy, Citizens Advice Bureau
– Mathew Fell: Director for Competitive Markets, CBI
– Priyen Patel: Policy Advisor, Financial Affairs, Federation of Small Business

Professor Robin Jarvis has also been the head of SME Affairs at the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Currently, his areas of research include the Process of Accounting Standard Setting, Financial Reporting for SMEs and Business Support Provisions for SMEs.

3rd PhD Symposium: Brunel Business School and Ahlia University, Bahrain

3rd Symposium 14/15 April

The annual PhD without Residence Symposium took place on 14th and 15th April 2012. The Symposium is an annual event in which the PhD (WR) students (offered by Brunel University at Ahlia University) present papers on their topics of research. The Symposium provides a forum for the students to discuss their research findings. This Symposium has been attended to by 24 PhD (WR) students, their supervisors and delegates from both Ahlia and Brunel Universities.

Prof. Abdullah Al-Hawaj, president of Ahlia University, opened the proceedings by addressing the symposium stressing the importance of this programme in enhancing the intellectual capacity of the region. Prof. Mustafa Özbilgin, Brunel Business School, delivered the first keynote and Prof. Amer Al Roubaie, Dean College of Business and Finance, Ahlia University, delivered the second keynote. Over the 2 days, sessions were chaired by the Director of the Programme Dr. Tillal Eldabi, Brunel Business School, and Prof. Wajeeh Elali, Vice President- Administration & Finance, Ahlia University. Papers were organised according to their subject group. One group (BBS) presented papers on areas covering a wide spectrum of topics under Business and Management. The other group presented papers (SISCM) on topics related to Mathematics, Information Systems and Computing.

Dr. Ahmad Ghoneim (BBS) and Prof. Wajeeh Elali were part of the jury who selected the best papers (first and second best) as well as the best presenters (first and second best) from amongst the participating students. Prof. Mustafa Özbilgin presented the awards. Mr. Anjum Razzaque received the Best Paper award for his paper on “Virtual Community of Practice and Knowledge Shared in Medical Decision-Making: Mediating Role of Knowledge Sharing”. The Best Presentation award went to Mr. Ammar Al-Dallal for his paper entitled “Enhancing Recall and Precision in Web Search using Advanced Fitness Function”.

Latest Guardian rankings show our dramatic climb towards the top

Professor Zahir Irani, Head of the Brunel Business School, explains his delight with the results announced in today’s Guardian Tables that show the Brunel Business School (BBS) has jumped some 52 places in the last 12 months to 45th out of 116 universities in the UK .

This meteoric rise has happened by way of a clear strategy that is underpinned by a focus on a relevant curriculum that supports student employability, positive student experience and engaged academic staff. The future represents a challenge for the Higher Education sector, with BBS committed to maximizing students’ employability through its Business Life programme, by providing an intensive programme of professional events that run in parallel with academic studies. We will continue to work with all our stakeholders to help produce job ready graduates.

Here are the headlines:

2011 Brunel University @ 75th out of 120
2012 Brunel University @ 82nd out of 120
2013 Brunel University @ 44th out of 120

Now, for the Business School:

2011 Business and Management @ 101st out of 112
2012 Business and Management @ 97th out of 116
2013 Business and Management @ 45th out of 116

Excellent result for us all!

BBS students benefit from world-class research

Being part of a research intensive university, the students of Brunel Business School benefit from international level research findings which are regularly applied in lectures. For example in the MSc Human Resources Management tutors, who are also leaders in their field of HR and active researchers within the School’s and Work and Organisation Research Centre (WORC), often apply their latest research into their classroom teaching.

Here’s how their research is used in MSc Human Resources Management lectures:

• Professor Neil Anderson

Professor Anderson provides several of his seminal review papers, empirical studies, and theoretical models for consideration by the students. Students are asked to present back in small groups, having critically assessed research findings for themselves. As the findings are both confirmatory and non-confirmatory, the ensuing debate is used to improve their understanding of whether high-performance HRM practices do indeed contribute to organisational performance and profitability.

• Professor Mustafa Ozbilgin

The programme’s Global Diversity Management module is designed around Professor Ozbilgin’s research in diversity management in multi-national organisations within the public private and voluntary sector. In particular, Professor Ozbilgin’s book Global Diversity Management: An Evidence Based Approach (2008) co-authored with Dr Ahu Tatli is used as the core text on the module. The book is the only empirical research based text in the field, and provides original field work on diversity management that spreads across eight years. Other Business School research by Professor Ozbilgin is used for the practice of literature reviews. Further to this Professor Ozbilgin regularly uses CIPD reports that he has co-authored. Students also receive case studies and case reports by the tutor.

• Dr Savita Kumra

In the programme’s module on Human Resource Management: Concepts, Context and Policy Dr Kumra’s research is integral to the teaching style adopted within lectures. Dr Savita Kumra has conducted research into Gender and Diversity and her findings are integrated into the session on Ethics in HRM and assessments of Human Capital. Dr Kumra’s recently published book Equality and Diversity: Theory and Practice also provides useful readings for students as well as a number of in-class activities based on recently developed theoretical work. For example, in the session on Diversity the class engage in a debate inspired by the recent Economist debate which proposed that ‘Women in the Western world have never had it so good’. Teams debated the pros and cons of the proposal and a number of key points and issues were in the session.

Applying Brand Concepts in Design Museum

On March 21st, students studying for an MSc in Applied Corporate Brand Management visited the  Design Museum located in the beautiful area of Tower Bridge. This trip was organized by Professor TC Melewar, under the umbrella of Business Life, Brunel Business School’s employability programme. Students were given the chance to explore all aspect of design ranging from graphic design to industrial design and eco-fashion. A day at the design museum was a great opportunity for students to understand how innovation combined with factors such as a recession, cultural differences and being environmentally conscious, can inspire designers to create unconventional designs to fit everyday life.

Ria Hawthorn, co-curator of the Design Museum, walked students through the exhibits on display. They were able to see how the Earthquake has inspired Japanese designers to create origami art, how Vivienne Westwood was inspired to design eco-friendly handbags, by creating work for African women and without compromising her style, and how the next generation of ambulances can be more ergonomic and use materials and technology that are more energy efficient.

Having the chance to observe some of this year’s best designs in different categories was an excellent experience for Applied Corporate Brand Management student. The visit helps students understand corporate brand theories in a practical context.

Find out more about the MSc in Applied Corporate Brand Management here:

Heritage, History and Nostalgia in BBS

Following the successful heritage brand event organised by Professor Balmer in December a follow up event took place of the beginning of May at Brunel Business School.

Presentations were given by:

  • Dr Anna Blomback, Jonkoping International Business School, Sweden
  • Dr Olof Brunninge, Jonkoping International Business School, Sweden
  • Professor, Dr Tim Oliver Brexendorf, Otto Beisheim, School of Management, Germany
  • Professor, Dr Klaus-Peter Wiedman, Hannover University, Germany
  • Dr Weifeng Chen, Brunel Business School, Brunel University, UK
  • Mr Mario Burghausen, Brunel Business School, Brunel University, UK
  • Professor John M.T. Balmer, Brunel Business School, Brunel University, UK
  • along with marketing faculty and PhD students from Brunel Business School.

Papers from the above will be considered for a special edition of the journal International Studies of Management and Organisations (ISMO).

Mario Burghausen was awarded the best PhD presentation award at the school’s Doctoral Symposium organised by Professor Ray Hackney. Mario’s doctoral research focusses on the heritage identity of Britain’s oldest brewery. The marketing group is developing an international profile vis-a-vis research relating to corporate heritage brands and identities. Professor Balmer is Mario’s supervisor.

Visiting Professor Speaks on London Olympics and the Business of Sports

Professor Stephen A. Greyser (Visiting Professor to the Marketing Research Group) will give a presentation at a Brunel Business School’s Marketing Research Group event in Brighton at the end of May. Celebrated for his research on the business of sports, Professor Greyser will draw on his wide knowledge of the Olympics to explain the importance of the event in business terms and the significance of the event for the United Kingdom.

What after MBA? Your ROI

Life after an MBA is all about Return On Investment. That’s why in Brunel Business School, ranked in top 20 UK Business Schools by FT, we are not scared to talk about money.  A picture says a thousand words so take a look at our statistics.  

Increase in salary post MBA

Following a successful completion of the Brunel MBA programme a quarter of the students experienced a substantial increase in their salaries of 151-450%, half reported a 50% increase, and a quarter showed a 25% increase.  Learn More…

 But don’t take our word for it!

 Watch interviews with our students and see what they have to say about it as they share their experience, their choices, inspirations and how the programme challenged them as professionals.





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