New platform for better energy efficiency being developed by BBS researchers

New research from Brunel Business School proposes better ways to plan, implement and monitor energy efficiency.


The DAREED research project focuses on innovative business models and user engagement to achieve energy efficiency at neighbourhood, city and district levels. Through this project, Brunel University researchers aim to help communities understand and assess alternatives to traditional consumption patterns and inertial behaviours leading to high consumption levels.

Working with energy providers

Our researchers will work closely with energy providers to help them implement appropriate business models leading to sustainable energy consumption and to understand savings that can be achieved through energy efficiency related measures, management tools and new services, along with the related cost/benefit ratio. The involvement of service providers, especially energy ones, ICT companies and public administrations will facilitate the development of the DAREED product and its wide acceptability.

Savings major driver for change

Although regulations about buildings, infrastructures and public spaces are fostering the implementation of important energy efficiency measures, a major driver for the change are the actual economic savings for users obtained from energy efficiency based business models. The service-oriented approach of the DAREED platform will allow easy adoption, overcoming technological, financial and knowledge barriers.

Pilot projects underway

DAREED has quickly garnered interest support local governments in several EU countries with pilots already underway in the old town of Seville, Spain as well as Cambridge County Council and Brunel University itself. DAREED launched on the1st September 2013, and is supported by 2.9 million Euro from the European Commission under the FP7 program. The principal investigator for the project is Prof Zahir Irani, Head of Brunel Business School, alongside co-investigators Dr.Habin Lee and Dr.Vishanth Weerakkody.

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