Leverhulme Trust extends funding for Brunel HR Research

Professor Neil Andlogoerson from Brunel Business School has announced the successful extension of funding to the Innovation Collaborative Research Network (ICRN)  by the Leverhulme Trust Foundation. The extension was granted for additional 6 months and will allow for the completion of a number of within-organization data collections, publications, and deliverables that are ongoing in the UK, Holland, and Spain.

Professor Neil saysLeverhulme were very positive over our end of Year 1 report, and this extension means that our Centre has now grown in lifespan from 24 to 30 months in total with further funding applications already under consideration”.

Professor Neil Anderson is a lecturer in Human Resource Management and is also the Director of Research of the Work and Organisation Research centre (WORC) at Brunel Business School, Brunel University – LondonDr Ana Cristina Costa, Senior Lecturer Human Resource Management – Organizational Behaviour at Brunel Business School has co-founded the ICRN with Professor Neil Anderson.

Launched in 2012, the Innovation Collaborative Research Network (ICRN)provides a focal point for world-class research and consultancy into issues related to innovation management and well-being including:

  • Performance and Innovation at Work
  • Human Resource Management and Well-being
  • Leadership Styles for Innovation
  • Organizational Processes and Human Capital
  • Team-level Innovation
  • Selection for Employee Creativity

Based at Brunel University – London the Innovation Collaborative Research Network (ICRN)draws on a variety of disciplines to study the impact of innovation on employee well-being and on key performance outcomes at individual level, work group or team, and the organization. In collaboration with corporate partners the group provides highly practical advice, support and consultancy guidance. The group also organises thematic symposia for practitioners and researchers based on the research taking place across different countries.

The three European centres, UK, Holland and Spain, combine different expertise on applied research into innovation, well-being, and job performance. The Innovation Collaborative Research Network (ICRN)is formed to study the effects of positive and negative stimuli to innovation with regard to the psychological well-being of individuals and teams in organizations who are affected

ICRN aims to further the understanding of the relations between creativity and innovation at work, job performance and well-being. Their Current research is focused around field research to develop leading practices and ways to improve decision-making during the implementation of innovation processes.

The ICRN group has published a series of Books, Book Chapters and Refereed Journal Articles.

BBS marketing faculty lead 4th International Symposium on Corporate Heritage

Prominent corporate heritage scholars from North America, New Zealand, France, Finland, Sweden and Great Britain attended the 4th International Symposium on Corporate Heritage in Helsinki in June. The symposium is the fourth to be organised by Professor John MT Balmer from Brunel Business School who established the event at Brunel University in 2011.

Symposium Participants

Hosted by Dr Anne Rindell and colleagues at the Department of Marketing, Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland the symposium reflected the growing scholarly interest in this upcoming area of research which Brunel University has built an international reputation for.

Marketing faculty, members of the Centre for Research in Marketing (CREAM) in Brunel Business School presented papers at the event and included: Dr Michael Heller, Dr Weifeng Chen, Dr Christina Scandelius and Professor John Balmer.

Prof BalmerIn Professor Balmer’s keynote address, and drawing on his recent corporate heritage article in corporate communications, he detailed the historiography of corporate heritage including the co-creation of the concept with Professor Greyser of Harvard and Professor Urde of Lund University Sweden. Professor Balmer also detailed his theory of relative invariance as it applies to corporate heritage which emphasises that corporate heritage institutions embrace both continuity and change.

Other Brunel Business School presentations at the symposium included that by Dr Weifeng Chen and Professor Balmer which detailed initial insights regarding their work on international corporate heritage brands in relation to Dulwich College’s (the famous London public school) establishment of schools in China, Singapore and South Korea. Their research shows how corporate heritage can be a strategic asset in terms of internationalisation and also illustrated the significance of Professor Balmer’s notion of sensory corporate heritage and corporate heritage design in particular.

Dr Christina Scandelius’s presentation detailed how CSR orientated organisations can draw on their heritage, Dr Heller detailed the significance of London’s Museum of Brands and explained how narratives of the past can be contested and a former PhD student, Dr Berghausen also presented a paper alongside Professor Balmer on “repertoires of the past” which detailed the importance of concepts relating to the past including heritage.

Students learn business where East meets West

A week-long study tour to Istanbul, Turkey was carried out recently for the third year running, led by MSc Management course leader Dr Grahame Fallon for Brunel Business School under the umbrella of Business Life – our unique employability programme.  Seven MSc Management students were sponsored by the School to take part in this all expenses paid business trip to Turkey,  following a strict selection process by means of psychometric testing and scrutiny of their submitted CVs.


The tour began with a celebratory dinner at a seaside restaurant in Istanbul, hosted by Professor Sibel  Yamak of Galatasary University. The following day saw visits to a large factory ran by a washing machine company called Arcelik, producing Beko appliances for the international market, where students had a chance to network and learn about conducting international business in Turkey from the owners and managers of a cluster of small businesses called EkinKimya.

factory visit  in Turkey

The next day was spent at Galatasaray University, with a morning business presentation from  the senior management of Dekon Congress and Tourism Company, followed by an afternoon lecture by Ali Agaoglu, a leading Turkish economist and Editor of Fortune Magazine.

The day after that centred on a visit to a textile company – Kardem, where students learned business operations from its senior managers, followed by a farewell dinner with the Galatasaray faculty at a beautiful restaurant beside the Bosporus. The final morning was spent on a sightseeing visit to the historic centre of Istanbul, where students had a chance to learn more about the fascinating culture and history of Turkey.

Dr Grahame Fallon, Brunel MSc Management Course Director, commented:

“As in the past, the tour provided considerable added value for the student participants, who learnt much from this extensive programme of factory visits and expert talks and presentations. These activities, with the accompanying social programme, enabled students to contextualise their classroom based work clearly within a global city and emerging market environment, with considerable resultant advantages from their employability and career development perspectives. “

Prof Fallon with Student on factory visit

One student has since reported back on his experiences as a tour member, stating that;

“The 5 days spent in Istanbul provided us with practical business skills. From my point of view, it was a really good way to improve our business knowledge, because as students we need practical lessons as well as theoretical ones. The factory visits and talks gave me exactly what I needed for my future business projects and career.”


Brunel MBA student receives certificate from Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Brunel MBA student, Rajan Dua, has received a certificate in recognition of his work done as Low Carbon Entrepreneur Ambassador by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

BBS Student Profiles 5A

The Mayor’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur 2014 competition was open to London’s further and higher education students and recent graduates.  The 2014 Low Carbon Entrepreneur, in partnership with Siemens, were looking for innovative ideas to help us reduce London’s CO2 emissions by 60 per cent before 2025 with a 20K prize for the overall winner.

Rajan’s project – Green Wall Street, aims to educate new generations of citizens on current environmental and sustainability issues by running an awareness progress program in partnership with schools, colleges, universities, local councils and organisations.  The Green Wall Street project also aims to provide them with an innovative and technology driven platform that would further facilitate learning and encourage users to network with other people, undertake green projects and showcase their achievements to the rest of the world, thus building a strong foundation to combat global environmental problems.

Rajan commented, “Participating in Low Carbon Entrepreneur 2014 competition has been a wonderful, learning and rewarding experience. It has given us a great opportunity to showcase our ideas and contribute towards building green city of tomorrow. I also volunteered as Ambassador for Brunel University and had pleasure promoting the event within Brunel and happy that this time we have seen increased participation from Brunel. The possibilities at Low Carbon Entrepreneur competition are endless from getting funding to implement your bright idea to several rewards in form of internship opportunities at Siemens and City Hall. I look forward to further develop my idea and participate again in Low Carbon Entrepreneur 2015 competition.”

Rajan is currently enrolled on the Brunel MBA programme at Brunel Business School.  You can view his profile on LinkedIn for details of his professional career and education.

To find out more about the Brunel MBA please visit our website.

Employment on upward trend amongst BBS postgraduate students

We’re pleased to report the latest findings of the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey, carried out annually for the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). The an annual national survey, conducted on UK and EU graduates at this point only, is carried out by every higher education institution in the UK, asks leavers from higher education what they are doing six months after graduation.

The most recent survey undertaken by the Brunel Placement and Career Centre on 2013 graduates from Brunel University shows positive trends in employment outcomes for postgraduate student in Brunel Business School.

  • The number of postgraduate leavers from Brunel Business School in employment has risen by 7.4%.
  • The number of leavers in further study has increased 2% and the number combining work and study has decreased by 2.3%.
  • The number of unemployment has decreased by 6.8%.

Outcomes overall have continued their upward trend with 88% of 2013 postgraduate leavers experiencing a positive outcome – that’s 12.9% more than in 2012.


Employability initiatives from Brunel Business School such as Brunel Business Life or Postgraduate Work Placements may be a contributing factor, as more and more postgraduate students take advantage of the professional training and networking opportunities provided by the School alongside their degree.


Brunel Business School amongst nominees for THE Leadership and Management Awards 2014

Brunel Business School celebrated being nominated for the Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Awards 2014 (THELMAs) last night at a Gala dinner at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane, London.


The nomination for the Outstanding Strategic Planning Team, a third nominations from the Times Higher Education in the last two years, was an honour to the School, showing recognition for our continuous effort in striving for excellence and making a change in Higher Education. The Business School has previously won the Times Higher Education Business School of the Year award in November 2013 and a nomination for the November 2014 awards has again been submitted.

The Outstanding Strategic Planning Team, a category for which the School has been nominated on this occasion,

“recognises the exceptional performance from a team which has made a significant and demonstrable impact on strategic change across the university. The judges looked for clear contributions to strategic planning, such as improvements to the evidence base supporting institutional decision-making, the development and implementation of change management programmes, or improvements to institution-wide operational processes in support of defined strategic objectives. The nominated teams were required to show how their work has influenced decision-making at a strategic level and explain the way in which clearly identified challenges have and will be met as a result of their work, and demonstrate that impact in a measurable way. ” as explained on THELMAs website.

While the School did not bring a trophy home from last night’s awards it has been a privilege to take part in the awards amongst excellent peers in the sector. The nominees for this category were:

  • Aberystwyth University
  • University of Bath
  • Brunel Business School
  • Loughborough University
  • University of Stirling
  • York St John University – winner of the Award

Brunel Business School Annual Staff Awards 2014

The BBS Staff Awards are here again! Following last year’s successful event, Brunel Business School will be hosting another round of Staff Awards in recognition of the contribution of its staff members to exceptional research, teaching, support and service provision in the School.

2013 saw the following staff members being nominated for the Business School Staff Awards:

  • Anuj Sood – 2013 Staff Awards Winner
  • Ahmad Ghoneim
  • Chima Mordi
  • Christine Payne
  • Dalia Gawish
  • David Gallear – 2013 Staff Awards Winner
  • Dorothy Yan
  • Emma Sigsworth
  • Gary Wright
  • Harkamal Kaur
  • Joanna Barry
  • Joanna Oman
  • Kay Haig
  • Louise Faux
  • Maged Ali
  • Nanar Youel
  • Narinder Bhandal
  • Natasha Slutskaya
  • Ruth Simpson
  • Sarah Exelby – 2013 Staff Awards Winner
  • Satwinder Singh – 2013 Staff Awards Winner
  • Wafi Al-Karaghouli

All staff members in the School are invited take part in the nominations for the 2014 Awards. To find out how to nominate, the deadlines and for more information about the Awards please visit the Staff Awards webpage of the School website.

BBS alumnus amongst winners of best British Start-ups 100

A Brunel Business School graduate who completed his BSc Business and Management (Marketing) in 2010 has recently been recognised for his business start-up LatestFreeStuff.co.uk amongst the winners of the 100 best British business start-ups.

Deepak TailorDeepak Tailor founded one of the UK’s leading sites offering in 2012 called LatestFreeStuff.co.uk and has not looked back since. As a Founder and Managing Director, Deepak saw his business praised in the Startups100 list published in May 2014, which reviewed UK-based, privately owned businesses started on or after 1 January 2011 that are set for big things in the future with innovative and impressive founders with global ambition. The business has also been featured in many newspapers and magazines including The Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Which.co.uk, Woman’s Own magazine and more.

LatestFreeStuff.co.uk, launched also in the USA days ago, is a website offering its 400,000+ visitors freebies, deals, and bargains– all genuine offers without trapping the consumers into spam offers designed to sell their contact details to third parties. The business grew organically with no advertising budget, drawing on Deepak’s excellent marketing skills, honed during his studies with Brunel Business School. The business growing client list included big brand names such as LOVEFiLM, Fitness First, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Nivea, Dove, Boots, Gillette, Pantene and more.

Deepak commented about the latest developments in his business:

“We recently launched our app and it’s completely unique and there’s nothing like it on the App Market. It took us over 9 months of hard work to plan, develop and launch the app using an app development team from Romania. This app is completely different to the competition who have no presence in the mobile market. I noticed the gap in the market and saw an opportunity to try something different. Hopefully my decision will pay off in the long-run.​ Plus, I think students will love the app, it should save them lots of money!”


Check out the LatestFreeStuff.co.uk facebook page or view Deepak’s profile on LinkedIn. You can download the app here:

Find out more about Business and Management (Marketing) BSc in Brunel Business School.


“I will take what I’ve learnt wherever I go” says MBA alumnus

Brunel MBA Alumnus Anoo Mehmi has recently visited Brunel Business School to tell the tale of her experience on the Brunel MBA programme and her achievements since graduating from Brunel. In this filmed interview Anoo reminisces on her fond memories from Brunel, tells of the great support she received as a mother and a professional undertaking the MBA at the same time, the activities she took part in and people she met along the way in Brunel that left a lasting impression on her.

Since completing her MBA in December 2013 Anoo secured a high profile position with Nestle UK as the Head of Digital and Brand Governance where she will be leading the digital strategy for consumer and HCP engagement for Nestle Nutrition, and she shared with us how she got headhunted for the role following the completion of her MBA via LinkedIn, a professional online platform, strongly endorsed for the use of Brunel students in their career development programme, and recommended by Anoo to students seeking to advance their careers.

BBS Guest Portrait 1AAnoo said of the help she received from Brunel in helping her move up the career ladder:

Upon updating my LinkedIn profile with my MBA qualification, I was approached by several companies and recruiters. I truly believe the MBA combined with my experience in marketing helped me to secure my new role

Anoo is excited about her new role in Nestle and we look forward to seeing even more success in her future endeavours. You can follow Anoo on twitter and view her LinkedIn profile for details of her professional experience and education.

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