Business School Professor Delivers Climate Change Talk Ahead of G20 Summit

Polar Bear Ray HackneyProfessor Ray Hackney gave an invited talk at the prestigious University of New South Wales, Australian Business School, Sydney early this month, just ahead of the G20 summit where climate change was a major agenda item. The Australian Abbott Government, who were elected in 2013 by promising to scrap the carbon tax, have yet to state their post-2020 emission targets.

Professor Hackney presented results of a European study about the impact of ‘Green ICT’ citing evidence that ‘ICT is quickly surpassing air transportation in terms of its carbon footprint’.

Across the developed world, public sector information and communication technologies (ICT) are responsible for approximately 35% of total ICT-related Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

The United Kingdom (UK) government is widely perceived as leading the way in applying Green ICT to make the organizational field of the UK public sector environmentally sustainable.

Taking the Greening Government ICT Strategy as the unit of analysis, a series of qualitative case studies were conducted of the transformative impact of Green ICT in order to identify and elaborate the institutional and organizational mechanisms responsible for delivering direct, enabling, and systemic effects.

The study is therefore unique in its application of Institutional Theory, scope and impact, as indicated by its critical implications for research and practice.

Most significantly, the findings provide valuable insights into how government-led Green ICT-based initiatives can successfully bring about institutional and organizational change towards environmental sustainability and, in particular, reducing ICT-related GHG emissions across both public and private sectors.

The findings have recently been submitted (co-authored with Tom Butler, University College Cork, Ireland) to the Journal of the Association for Information Systems (JAIS).

Professor Ray Hackney is the Chair in Business Systems for Brunel Business School.


Corporate Brands: Twenty Years on (1995-2015) Reflections by Professor John MT Balmer

As we approach the 20th Anniversary of what is arguably the first academic article featured with corporate brands as its theme, the Journal of Brand Management (JBM) is featuring two topical articles on corporate brands: corporate brand Management and corporate brand orientation by the Business School’s Professor of Corporate Marketing, John Balmer. (John Balmer was the author of the 1995 Journal of General Management article “Corporate Branding and Connoisseurship” and held the first chair in corporate brand management.)

Journal of Brand Management COVER

In the first JBM article, published in 2010, entitled “Explicating corporate brands and their management: Reflections and Directions from 1995”, Professor Balmer provides an overview of the insights contained in his seminal article on corporate brands and corporate brand management (published in the Journal of General Management) and notes the influence of the legendary brand practitioner, Stephen King, to the area, and makes reference to literature on how corporate brands differ from product brands and why the CEO is, de facto, an organisation’s corporate brand manager.

The second JBM article is topical, since 2014 marks the anniversary of Dr Mats Urde’s brand orientation concept (Mats Urde is a member of the JBM editorial board). In the article John Balmer formally introduces the corporate brand orientation and also pays tribute to the work of Urde and other scholars working in the brand orientation field.

Linking the brand orientation notion to the corporate brand domain is, Professor Balmer argues, a logical dénouement of the brand orientation notion. Linking the brand orientation notion with corporate brands is timely as we celebrate the 20th anniversaries of the foundational articles of both domains. Making these commentaries freely available to a wide public is a fitting way to mark this most significant anniversary.

Full text of Corporate Brands and their Management from the JBM

Full text of Corporate Brand Orientation from the JBM

Brunel Business School offers an MSc in Applied Corporate Brand Management with Optional Professional Practice

Results Day for BBS ‘Graduates’ of the Korean Aerospace University

From left to right: Dr Wafi Al-Karaghouli, Cindy Tsui Sin Yi, Wing Sze Tai and Omer Duman. (Kizzy Eubanks who also took part in the exchange was away at the time of the photograph.)

From left to right: Dr Wafi Al-Karaghouli, Cindy Tsui Sin Yi, Wing Sze Tai and Omer Duman. (Kizzy Eubanks who also took part in the exchange was away at the time of the photograph.)

In typical Business School style, Lecturer and Admissions Director, Dr Wafi Al-Karaghouli, persuaded the students from summer exchange to the Korean Aerospace University in South Korea, to mark the arrival of their results with a celebratory photograph.

The BSc Business & Management students, now in their final year, proudly displayed their KAU transcripts on the 28th October, showing grades attained in one academic module: Air Transport Management or Airline Operations Management, plus a compulsory module on Korean Culture and Identity.

The annual study exchange agreement with KAU – led by Dr Al-Karaghouli and Dr Habin Lee – permits four second year business students to study at KAU each August, in exchange that two KAU students study two terms at BBS.

Celebrating the life of Wally Olins (1930–2014): Leading corporate identity exponent and prominent brand proponent

by Professor John Balmer

1994, Wally Olins and Professor John Balmer at the 1st Symposium – Corporate Identity: “Towards the Millennium”

Professor John M.T. Balmer (Professor of Corporate Marketing at Brunel Business School) has penned the first, in-depth, critique on Wallace (Wally) Olins CBE: the legendary British corporate writer and consultant, in an edition of the Journal of Brand Management.

In his analysis Professor Balmer (who is credited with the formal introduction of the corporate brand construct in 1995 in his seminal article in the Journal of General Management) concludes that Olins was not only a towering figure within marketing from the 1970s onwards but was, in his estimation, a leading figure of what Balmer terms “The English Corporate Marketing Revolution”.

Wally Olins not only helped to shape the corporate identities and brands of numerous organisations but also helped to shape an industry. Importantly, his binary insights on corporate identity inspired and influenced the first wave of scholars working in the business identity and corporate marketing domains: many of whom are – or have been – members of the marketing faculty at Brunel Business School, Brunel University London.

Professor Balmer’s full analysis on Wally Olins is available online from the Journal of Brand Management

Redefining Equality and Diversity in the Information Age

profileMustafaOzbilgin 2Professor Mustafa Özbilgin, Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at Brunel Business School, enjoyed a key speaking slot at the recent Global Equality and Diversity: Redefining Equality and Diversity in the Information Age conference held on the 4th November.

The focus of the conference, held at the Noon Centre for Equality and Diversity in Business at the University of East London, was diversity and equality in the information age and included sessions on information and communication technologies as well as diversity and pay discrimination.

Chaired by Lord Patel of Bradford OBE with an opening address by Lord Gulam Noon MBE, Chancellor of the University of East London, the conference was well attended by academic researchers and policy advocates on the subject.

Professor Özbilgin presented a business case for diversity – a collaborative research project with Ahu Tatli, Gulce Ipek and Muhammad Sameer – which explained why a focus on the business case argument is wider than profitability alone.

In his presentation, Professor Özbilgin also emphasised the importance of considering a wider range of stakeholders such as the community, employees, customers and the social and ecological environment when thinking about business focussed diversity.

Other speakers at the conference included Dr Nancy J Hafkin, Senior Associate, Women in Global Science and Technology (WISAT), retired, United Nations, and Trevor Phillips OBE, former chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Video and podcasts from the conference can be viewed free at Policy Review TV

BBS Goes East: Successful Visit to China


Professor Julia Buckingham, Vice-Chancellor, Brunel University London, with Dr Eden Y Woo, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, The Hong King University of Science and Technology

In October, Acting Head of School, Professor Amir Sharif, represented Brunel Business School as part of a senior University delegation to China to develop and strengthen links with university alumni, and to pursue collaborative links with Chinese universities and companies.

The visit included the University‘s Vice Chancellor, Professor Julia Buckingham, Professor Andrew George, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education and International), the Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Clive Gee (with much support from the development office), and International Strategy Manager, Leina Shi.

Alumni Events

The thrust of the visit was a succession of alumni events which were held in in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai with a wide range of alumni and their guests in attendance, including a strong representation of Business School alumni from undergraduate and postgraduate degrees including the Brunel MBA.

Shanghai alumni event on the 13th October

All former students were enthusiastic to meet with BBS colleagues and to update the team on their individual career paths. Several students had successfully setup their own companies or were working for leading national or multinational companies in the region.
Edward Zhou, MBA Alumnus, who attended the Hong Kong event on the 6th October, was particularly pleased to have attended. Through networking at event he was able to secure much needed development interest in his cooking “robot” invention.

“I did enjoy the Alumni event in Hong Kong. It was well organised. Brunel is always increasing its performance in terms of ranking and creative thinking. I am excited for the future of our University.”

Edward Zhou, 2013 MBA Alumnus

Professor Sharif, who presented a talk on innovation, knowledge and organisational performance during the Shanghai visit, was delighted with the collaborative nature of the visit overall.

“BBS will be seeking to pursue a number of exciting collaborative opportunities as a result, including School-level support for Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai-based alumni chapters as part of a wider and developing University strategy to strengthen its presence in China and the region.”

Professor Amir Sharif, Acting Head of Business School (College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences)

Academic Representatives

Also part of the delegation were a number academic representatives from various University departments including Professor Hua Zhao, Vice Dean for Research, (College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences); Professor Guy Liu, Professor of Economics (Department of Economics and Finance), and Dr Weifeng Chen, Lecturer in International Business (Brunel Business School) who added:

“It is truly a magnificent experience for me to meet our Brunel Business School former students in Beijing and Shanghai who we used to meet in Brunel back in London.  They are all now thriving and successful in the fastest growing market – China.”

Dr Weifeng Chen, Lecturer, Business School (College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences)

Success from City to City
For a full report on the China visit including comments from Brunel alumni, please visit the Brunel University London website.

It’s time for Women of the Future

Women of the Future launch Roisin IssacsThe Innovation Hub in collaboration with Alumni Relations at Brunel University London is launching a Women of the Future network to connect and advance women commencing with a launch event on the 3rd December with Secret Millionaire, Roisin Isaacs.

The Women of the Future network will be open to students, staff, researchers and external business women, or anyone interested in connecting, supporting and championing Women of the Future – their causes, successes, ambitions and innovations.

The network will also serve as vehicle for organisations and employers to discover more about what Brunel University London can do for them – whether it’s access to student talent through work placements and internships, or to research or funding opportunities.

Professor Lorraine De Souza, the University’s Pro Vice-Chancellor (Equality, Diversity and Staff Development) and the opening speaker for the event, said:

“This network aims to support and encourage women to think of themselves as future leaders and to think differently about the scope of opportunities open to them.”

About the event
The Women of the Future launch event will take place on Wednesday 3rd December with guest speakers from research and business including former nurse Roisin Isaacs, who featured on Channel 4’s The Secret Millionaire.

How to Book
For booking enquiries please contact Julia Way in the Innovation Hub, LC003 on 01895 267423 or

Twitter: @Brunel_InnovHub

Facebook: Brunel.Innovation.Hub