Two BBS academics articles’ accepted in CMI Top Management Articles

Both Professor Raymond Hackney and Dr Tony Tollington have recently had their papers accepted into the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) of Top Management Articles database.

Following review and acceptance the articles have been included in the Chartered Management Institute database which will allow UK practicing managers to review the latest management research as determined by CMI.  Each article will then be reviewed and rated by members of the Chartered Management Institute, with the top five articles going on to be published in a special report.

Details of Professor Raymond Hackney’s article, co-authored with Dr Rana Tassabehji (Bradford University), are as follows:

‘Hey You? Get Off My Cloud’: evaluation of cloud service models for business value

Abstract: Recent reports (Harvard MBA) note that managers need to operate at the intersection of business and current technology. Most notably, ‘Strategy is not just informed by technology but powered by it’ (Accenture, 2014). The opportunity to evaluate aspects of ‘cloud service models’, as critically new systems, is therefore invaluable. Our article offers a pragmatic view of the characteristics of these technologies and a useful approach for identifying which may be most suitable in relation to the generation of business value. An example is provided of cloud service requirements within a multi-national pharmaceutical company which may be considered in other organisational contexts of interest.

profileRaymondHackneyProfessor Raymond Hackney is Chair in Business Systems within the Business School. He has served on the Board of the UKAIS, acted as an Associate Editor for a number of journals and is case editor for IJIM. He was President of IRMA (2002) and is now an Executive Member of the Information Institute

Details of Dr Tony Tollington’s article is as follows:

‘Accounting complicity in the creation of monetary ‘assets’ by commercial banks’

Abstract: John F Kennedy said “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” Arguably, one of the greatest “moral crisis” of our time is the wanton creation of money perpetrated by commercial banks through the issue of re-hypothecated financial instruments. The accounting profession “maintain their neutrality” through accommodating accounting rules in the disclosure of such instruments as assets on the balance sheet. And they will burn for it.

profileTonyTollingtonDr Tony Tollington is a Reader in Accounting at Brunel Business School and a professionally qualified management accountant. He has nine years professional accounting experience, including five years at Chief Accountant level, after which he joined academia and completed his PhD at Kings College London with a study of  goodwill accounting.  He joined Brunel Business School in 2005.

Prof Balmer’s corporate brand alignment article one of most cited in top European journal

The European Journal of Marketing (EJM) has recently announced Professor John M.T. Balmer’s article, Strategic corporate brand alignment: Perspectives from identity based views of corporate, as being one of the most cited papers. According to Emerald Publishers, Professor Balmer’s article was one of five most recently cited articles from one of the field’s leading journals which make the biggest impact amongst peers and colleagues across the world. This publication is the top European marketing journal and a unique forum for the dissemination of high-quality scholarly research and thinking in marketing.

Prof John Balmer

Prof John Balmer

Professor Balmer’s article aims to advance comprehension of corporate brands via the adoption of identity-based perspectives of corporate brands. It aims to outline a normative, diagnostic, model of corporate brand management – The AC4ID Test. The origins of the model date back to the late 1990s. The model is predicated on the need to understand the seven identity types forming a corporate brand constellation. The seven corporate brand identity facets are the actual, communicated, conceived, covenanted, cultural, ideal and desired corporate brand identities. As a general but not an absolute rule there should be meaningfully strategic alignment between the corporate brand and other identity modes in the corporate brand constellation. The notion of temporal misalignment is also articulated. Temporal misalignment is important since different identity types inhabit diverse time frames and, sometimes, temporal misalignment can be perilous (it is often a necessary dynamic too). The notion of the identity-wheel of change is articulated: a change of one identity may trigger a chain reaction throughout the corporate brand identity constellation.

Details of the article are as follows: John M.T. Balmer, (2012) “Strategic corporate brand alignment: Perspectives from identity based views of corporate brands“, European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 46 Iss: 7/8, pp.1064 – 1092.

Professor John M.T. Balmer BA (Hons). MBA (Dunelm), PhD, A.Mus.TCL, Dip.M, PGCE is Director of the Marketing Research Group and Professor of Corporate Marketing at Brunel Business School and quondam Professor of Corporate Brand/Identity Management at Bradford School of Management.

Ground breaking PhD research on middle-ranked business school student attractiveness

Top, rather than middle-ranking, business schools tend to be the focus of academic research. However, a seminal study by Rudaina Mahmoud (Brunel PhD marketing scholar) revealed the attractiveness dimensions valued by international postgraduate students within a prominent middle-ranking metropolitan, business school. Key factors valued by the students included not only a business school’s research profile and teaching, but also the country/city and physical campus.

Raisa X photo 3Rudaina Mahmoud successfully defended her PhD thesis on 14th July and the quality of her work resulted in an exemplary pass (without the need for corrections). Her first supervisor was Professor John M.T. Balmer and her second supervisor Dr Weifeng Chen.

Rudaina Mahmoud (left) with her two examiners: Dr Suraksha Gupta of Brunel Business School (centre) and Dr Trueman of Bradford University School of Management (right).

New research partnership to shine light on B2B sector

London eye 3Applegate, the online business marketplace, has announced a new research partnership with Brunel Business School’s Centre for Research in Marketing (CREAM).

The purpose of the partnership is to undertake research that will expand and enhance the knowledge and insight available to business leaders and academics, with a view to promoting understanding of the factors that control B2B company behaviour, contributing to successful strategies of business-building.

Applegate LogoApplegate is the UK’s single largest online source of information on B2B companies, their products and services, with 412,000 companies and 16 million products available to view on Founded in 1996, Applegate’s mission is to help businesses achieve visibility in an online environment that regularly attracts half a million business buyers.

The Business-to-Business sector is dominated by small- and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), with 97% of companies having fewer than 100 employees. This is the entrepreneurial heart of the economy. By shining a light on behaviours at a business and an individual level, the partnership aims to produce data and analysis that will help leaders of these businesses with strategy formation.

Neil Tweedie, Director of Product Development at Applegate, talks to SME business owners and managers on a regular basis.

These guys are really busy,” he says, “often too busy with the day-to-day to step back and take a strategic view of their marketplace and opportunities. This project is about providing them with a more insightful market view to help inform their decision-making.

The partnership with BBS hopes to publish first research findings before the end of the year.

More information

Dorothy Yen – Tel: 01895 267318 –
Neil Tweedie – Tel: 0845 600 7177 –

Interview with PhD Alumnus Dr Jonathan A.J. Wilson

‘My hopes are simple: work smarter, for more gains; to help more people; to grow as a person’.

There is no doubt that to be a successful academic, motivation and dedication are key attributes. Yet the ferocity with which Brunel’s alumnus Dr Jonathan Wilson attacks his work is remarkable. He graduated from Brunel’s Business School with a PhD in 2012 and since he began lecturing at the University of Greenwich in 2008, Jon has published over 145 pieces of work – winning several awards – and has spoken at conferences on more than 85 occasions.

However, his journey into academia has not been a direct one; his undergraduate degree was in Chemistry, but he soon turned to business. ‘As much as I loved science, I enjoyed talking to people more than test tubes, so I decided to do an MBA [Master of Business Administration]…and I ended up moving to London to start a career in advertising’.

After building a successful career in industry, Jon finally made the move to academia and came to Brunel for his PhD. On his motivations, he says that, ‘I felt that I would be closer towards feeling that I had made a difference in other people’s lives for the better. I mean as an academic, someone leaves you with a degree, they get a better job, earn more money and have the opportunity to do more things – on one level it’s that simple’.

Jon Wilson

The Rt. Hon. the Baroness Scotland of Asthal QC, Chancellor of the University of Greenwich, hosted a dinner on the 15th July, in the Painted Hall of Greenwich’s Old Royal Naval College in London. At the dinner, Professor David Maguire, Vice-Chancellor, presented the award for Staff Member of the Year to Dr Jonathan A.J. Wilson pictured left); who beat off stiff competition from colleagues across the entire university.

However, it certainly was not a straightforward journey; ‘When I first started researching the branding and consumer behavioural aspects of halal properly, nearly seven years ago, a lot of people, especially in academia, couldn’t really see the benefit in it’. It was not until he started sharing his ideas more internationally and drawing parallels with behavioural patterns in other cultural phenomena that this started to change. Now, his research is in high demand – tapping into an area not yet substantially explored.

Of his achievements that Jon considers most significant to date, he highlights his talk about marketing and innovation in the Muslim world, as part of the Kellogg Innovation Network Global Summit. In the audience he noticed that Philip Kotler – ‘I’d used his text book back in 1996 when I was doing my MBA’ – had turned up for the talk; it ‘was one of those moments when I felt that this feels like the opening of a new chapter’.

In advising today’s graduates, Jon points to using the internet to your advantage. ‘Maybe it’s a bit late to say this to graduates, but start working on your LinkedIn profile while you’re at university. As an analogy, look at your LinkedIn profile as a gardening project. It’s going to take a little while and some constant tending to, but if you plant the right things and keep them fed; then things will blossom and it gets easier’. And for his own students? As a Course Leader and Senior Lecturer in Advertising, Branding, Marketing Communications, and Consumer Behaviour, he’s replaced in-class assessed presentations with YouTube videos with the idea that it could be included in student’s job applications; ‘I’ve already had my first success story, with it making a difference to a student’s application, where she was offered a job in advertising, which is great’. This innovative approach to the classroom was a contributing factor in Jon being presented the Staff Member of the Year Award at the University of Greenwich recently.

For the future, Jon is optimistic and his drive to succeed is undeniable: ‘it’s about time I wrote a book which pulls together some of the articles and talks that I have been delivering over the past few years’. This is to be compiled alongside his continued academic lecturing, heading workshops on Branding and Marketing Communications for major companies and his research pursuits. He’s the first to acknowledge, ‘I don’t sleep much’, but the idea that he can always do more – achieve more – motivates his work. With this in mind, there’s no doubt that we’ll continue to see much more from Dr Jonathan Wilson.

BBS Graduation Prize Winners 2014

BBS Grad Certificates 9ABrunel Business School recognised the achievements of some of its students with a presentation of prizes at the Business School 2014 graduation ceremony. The awards recognised those who  produced excellent business projects or contribution as a student to the School.

BBS Grad Certificates 1A

Professor Amir Sharif, Acting Head of School, Dr Ahmed Ghoneim and Dr Wafi Al-Karaghouli personally congratulated each student for their achievement with a certificate and cheque.

The 2014 BBS Prize Winners were:

  • Zaina Dean – Best Business & Management Project Prize
  • Joanna Mitchell – Best Accounting Project /Best Project University Prize
  • Lenka Prokesova – Best eBusiness Project
  • Shaun Chan – Best International Business Project
  • Shalini Soobraydoo – Best Marketing Project
  • Ashraf Amzour – Best Student
  • Waleed Ahmed – John Quinn Memorial Prize – ‘the student who has contributed the most to wider activities within the School and student experience’

Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding work during their studies. We wish them every success in their future.BBS Grad Certificates 2A


BBS Grad Certificates 6A

Business School Celebrates 2014 Graduation

On a beautiful sunny day, Brunel Business School celebrated the graduation of it’s students. After a wonderful ceremony staff joined graduates, family and friends to IMG_9051toast their success with a glass of fizz and sandwiches.

Photos of the day can be found on our Facebook page.

BBS Staff Awards 2014

Brunel Business School celebrated the ending of the 2013/14 academic year with it’s Annual Staff Awards 2014. The awards recognise those in the Business School who ‘go the extra mile’ and who have worked exceptionally hard in various activities in the School over the year.

The 2014 BBS Staff Award Winners were:Staff Award Ceremony 2014
• Dr Wafi Al-Karaghouli – Lecturer and Undergraduate Admissions Director
• Dr David Gallear – Reader in Operations Management and Enterprise, and Deputy Head of School (Teaching, Learning and Accreditation)
• Lisa Harris – Operations and Finance Manager
• Emma Sigsworth – Research Student Administrator

There was again a large number of nominees which reflects all the outstanding work undertaken by staff at BBS over another successful year for the Business School.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to all our staff for their sterling work over the year.

BBC2 documentary on British Airways follows Prof Balmer’s research in corporate heritage

air-84602_1280 (2)The recent and popular BBC 2 documentary series “British Airways: A Very British Airline” which looks behind the scenes of one of the UK’s most visible brands, has resulted in a renewed interest in this company.  Arguably, this increased interest in the corporate heritage of British Airways is partly owed to the research by our very own Professor John MT Balmer, a leading corporate heritage scholar and Director for the Centre for Research in Marketing (CREAM) in Brunel Business School.  Professor Balmer is known for his scholarship on the British Airways Corporate Brand, and his article in the California Management Review has emphasised the airline’s heritage.

Professor Balmer reflected,

My interest in British Airways dates back to the early 1990s.  I was most fortunate to get to know Lord King and Lord Marshall who, respectively, as President and CEO of BA turned around the state owned legacy carrier, which had the nickname B….y Awful, to a profitable and customer-focused British brand. Lord Marshall was a key note speaker when I brought the international corporate identity group symposium to Brunel University in the late 1990s.  It was striking how British Airways began to celebrate its heritage in its corporate positioning and corporate communications after the publication of the lead California Management Review article. To me, the link and the impact of our research are clear.

Professor Balmer’s article “Aligning identity and strategy: Corporate branding at British Airways in the late 20th century” (California Management Review, 51(3), 6 – 23, 2009) explains the utility of adopting an identity-based view of the corporation, which underpins a diagnostic tool of identity management outlined in this article. Using British Airways as an extensive case history, it examines and analyses how British Airways’ senior executives have intuitively adopted an identity-based perspective as part of the strategic management of the carrier. The analysis is corroborated by insights from the former CEO of British Airways, Lord Marshall, as well as his predecessor, Lord King. The overriding message is that calibrating the multiple identities of the corporation is a critical dimension of strategic management.

CREAM delivers Masterclass in Experimental Research Methods

Dorothy YenIn May, the Brunel Centre for Research in Marketing held a one day masterclass in experimental research methods at Brunel Business School to an eager audience of marketing academics and PhD students.

Professor Jŏsko Brakus of Leeds University Business School – who delivered the masterclass – is a former member of the marketing faculty at BBS and has published articles in several leading academic journals including the Journal of Marketing.

The trend for experimental research methods is a hot topic in consumer behaviour research in relation to marketing and the masterclass was a collaborative effort between the two Business Schools.

Controlled experiments in marketing provide greater insight into causality – an indication of potential research outcomes when a particular factor is employed or manipulated. Experiments can lab or field based.

Dr Dorothy Yen, Senior Lecturer and Course Director of the MSc Marketing programme at Brunel – who initiated the masterclass – was particularly keen to expand experimental research methods to PhD students,

“Learning how to conduct an experiment in marketing provides them with an alternative research tool with which to examine their proposed hypotheses with better predictive validity.”

Brunel Business School offers five postgraduate courses in marketing including an ordinary and new route PhD, plus three taught masters – MSc Marketing, MSc Management (Branding and Marketing) and MSc Applied Corporate Brand Management.