Freshers say Uni feels like home after doing Applicant Boot Camp

We take the opportunity to catch up over cakes and coffee with freshers who joined Brunel Business School recently to see how they feel about their choice of university and what having the chance to attend Business Boot Camp for applicants meant for them.

Brunel Business School is not only a highly ranked Business School in London (Fatma Ali), but it also feels like home to our students (Martina Palomba)!

They said the chance to attend Brunel Business School Boot Camp earlier this year, when they were still applicants, meant they were able to experience student life at Brunel in only the space of two days (Spresha Cajak), while living on campus to see the facilities (Haseeb Salim) in a clever, yet an honest way (Robbie McIntyre) so that it felt like a place to be (Malikhi Lloyd-Jones).

Our Boot Campers are pleased with their decision (Keziah Norrell) to join Brunel Business school for their degree, are certainly happy with their choice (Steffany Arenos Garcia) and are eager to begin the course (Aleyah La-rose Bloomfield).

They now plan to make the most of their time (Aida Virtopeanu) by studying hard to obtain their 1st Class Honours Degree (Aziz Ahmed) and look forward to their future years  ahead (Zoe Chopra).

To find out more about opportunities to experience University life for applicants  offered by Brunel Business School, including Brunel Business Boot Camps next year, please take a look at our Experience Brunel Business School Brochure.

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