Top downloads for 4 star journal article by Dr Marcia Christina Ferreira

Recently, it was announced that a collaborative research project involving Dr Marcia Christina Ferreira (Lecturer in Marketing and Operations), which has been accepted for the leading 4* journal, Academy of Management Learning and Education, has received the highest number of views on the prominent website The Conversation” .


The details of the article are: Belk, M., Brouard, M., Brunk, KH., Dalmoro, M., Ferreira, MC., Figueiredo, B., et al. (2018) ‘Isolation in Globalizing Academic Fields: A Collaborative Autoethnography of Early Career Researchers‘. Academy of Management Learning and Education. ISSN: 1537-260X. The associated The Conversation article, was entitled “Overworked and isolated: the rising epidemic of loneliness in academia” and can be accessed by following the link:


As the title of the journal article attests, the research explores a topic that is of particular global interest for academia.


Commenting on the news, Dr Ferreira reflected:

Of course, getting an article published in a four star journal is wonderful but to also discover that our article is of such great interest and, furthermore, has achieved the highest number of downloads is a double whammy for all of us involved in this highly topical study!”


Masters in Management enters the Financial Times rankings

graduation-2016-08-smaller-2The Business School is delighted to announce the inclusion of its Masters in Management programme in the 2017 Financial Times ranking in their list of the top 95 degrees in Management.

The School’s MSc in Management is ranked 78, just below places like Bath and above triple accredited Manchester and Bradford.

It’s the School’s first entry since 2014 when the AACSB accreditation was introduced as an eligibility requirement for the FT submission.

Importantly it is indicative of the satisfaction of BBS Masters in Management alumni as reflected in the feedback they provided when specifically surveyed by the Financial Times for the ranking.

More information about the MSc Management, here.

FT table and for more information

Research by Dr Amama Shaukat Published by the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Select Committee of the Parliament

conference-857926_1920_optFindings of research studies by Dr Amama Shaukat on corporate governance regulation in the UK underpin two written submissions to the recent Corporate Governance inquiry by the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Select Committee of the Parliament.

In one of these studies Dr Shaukat provides research evidence that throws into question the UK corporate governance code (the Code) recommendations that discourage the presence of non-independent directors on corporate boards. While the Code considers past employees to be non-independent (and hence undesirable on boards), Dr Shaukat finds that the presence of such directors on boards has a positive association with firm value. Full story

Brunel Business School receives Co-Innovate Award at Made in Brunel Exhibition

Brunel Business School (BBS) collaboration with London based SME architectural practice AStudio given the Co-Innovate Award at Made in Brunel Exhibition at the Oxo Tower on 18 June 2015.

IMG_1108Coming at the end of a rewarding year for Brunel Business School in terms of building up the Co-Innovate SME collaboration programme involving 9 London based SMEs working with 17 of our undergraduate and postgraduate business students, this award is a recognition of the efforts made by BBS to support innovation, growth and employment. BBS are actively participating in the creation of an ‘innovation ecosystem’ with the help of Co-Innovate which has been funded by Brunel University London and the European Regional Development Fund. Co-Innovate have brought together London based SMEs, academics and students across the University to collaborate on projects and activities that will result in new products and services, but most importantly in additional jobs and economic growth. Over the last two years Co-Innovate engaged with 260 businesses based in and around London and worked directly with 47 companies, 243 students and 197 university staff.

AStudio 1

Astudio is an award winning architectural practice which designs buildings with a low carbon footprint. Co-Innovate offered assistance in developing the roadmap for building product development capacity and growth by providing the link with the right combination of skills, knowledge and resources. Projects with design students Christopher Tait and Raymond Wilkes focusing on new product solutions such as algae façade systems and low cost modular housing systems were paired with business students Saul Parkinson and Karima Alexander looking at commercial feasibility and market entry. All four students used elements of their projects with AStudio in their final year projects that were supervised by Business and Design academics.

A Studio winnersReceiving the Co-Innovate Award on behalf of BBS, Dr Geraldine Cohen – Course Director Marketing Pathways said,

“It was a totally unexpected surprise to receive on behalf of BBS the Co-innovate Award in conjunction with AStudio Architectural Practice, one of the most successful multidisciplinary collaborations. Two of our final year undergraduate Business students worked along with two Design students generating ideas, products and market solutions of real value to the company. We have been fully supported throughout by Ian Ferris from Co-Innovate and hope to see this tripartite collaboration continue”.

AStudio - student Chris 1AStudio representatives Emma Flynn – Research & Development Lead and Max Rengifo – Director confirmed that this is just the start of a longer term productive relationship with Brunel and are determined to continue the collaboration with BBS.



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BBS’s Dr Sharifah Alwi has new book on corporate branding published

profileSharifahAlwiDr Sharifah Alwi, Lecturer in Corporate Brand Marketing at Brunel Business School, Brunel University London has co-authored a new book on ‘Corporate Branding: Areas, arenas and approaches’ along with Professor TC Melewar, Middlesex University.  The book was published on 1st May 2015.

9780415721127The growing interest in the subject of corporate branding in recent years amongst academics and practitioners lies in the belief that a business operating in a competitive market gains reputational value from a strong corporate brand image. However, there have been only limited empirical studies in understanding, what does the concept means, how it is operationalised and the type of research designs and methods used. The research examples of how it works in different countries or parts of the world are issues still unanswered. Thus, corporate branding as a business discipline is viewed to be timely given the above situation.

This book will be unique in its layout and focus in that it reveals the composite overview of the industry through rigorous research. That is, it combines theoretical and methodological aspects of corporate branding in different geographical areas across industries. Specifically, our book, ‘Corporate branding: areas, arenas and approaches’ addresses the following objectives:-

Areas: readers will be able to understand research studies on corporate branding from different geographical areas such as the USA, UK, Europe, and Asia etc. They will be able to compare, contrast and comprehend whether corporate brand values are delivered similarly or otherwise in different parts of the world.

Arenas: Readers will have the advantage to understand corporate brand topics from a wide ranging of commercial and non-commercial sectors covering business-to-business and business-to-consumers.

Approaches: The most exciting aspect of this book is that, readers will be exposed to differing methods and approaches applied to corporate brand research design. The methods could range from in-depth interviews, experimentations, case studies, survey, interpretivistic, social narrative etc.

Dr Alwi commented:

“As editors, we would like to mention that preparation of this book has been very stimulating experience for us. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all our esteemed colleagues around the world who have contributed chapters to this book. A special thanks to Professor John M.T. Balmer (Brunel University London, UK) for his thorough analysis of the book as well as Professor Rossella Gambetti (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy), Professor Klaus-Peter Wiedmann (Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany), Professor Don Edward Schultz (Northwestern University, USA) and Professor CB Bhattacharya (ESMT, USA) for their interesting reviews of the book.”


Professor Jarvis elected to the EU’s Finance Watch Committee

Professor Robin Jarvis, Professor of Accounting at the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences, Brunel University London, has been elected to the EU’s Finance Watch Committee of Transparency and Independence. Finance Watch is an independent body set up in 2011 by 200 MEPs and receives funding from the European Commission. Its main focus is on improving European financial regulation and is dedicated to making finance work for the good of society.

Robin has welcomed his election and commented:


“I am very pleased to be making a contribution to Finance Watch, which is working for a financial system that allocates capital to productive use through fair and open markets in a transparent and sustainable manner, and without detriment to society at large.”

Robin Jarvis has been Professor of Accounting at Brunel since January 2010 and Head of SME Affairs at the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Robin is also a member of and past chair (2004 -2009) of FIN USE (An expert forum set up by the European Commission) to improve policy making in the field of financial services from a user perspective (consumer and small business).

Professor Jarvis’s current research interests is the process of accounting standard setting, financial reporting for SMEs and Business Support provisions for SMEs.

For more information, Professor Jarvis can be contacted via email at:

Postgraduate students give presentations to CEO of consultancy firm

As part of the coursework assessment for the Strategic Corporate Brand Management BBS MSc Corporate Brand Management Presentations 5Aand Consultancy module, run by Dr. Sharifah Alwi and with Professor John Balmer co-teaching, the CEO from MountView Associates, Mr. Kim Cohen, was invited to be a panellist along with Brunel Business School academics, Dr. Dorothy Yen and Dr. Bidit Dey, for the MSc Applied Corporate Brand Management students’ presentation.

BBS MSc Corporate Brand Management Presentations 7A

The students were asked challenging questions and benefited from this great experience with an external guest to assess them.  The CEO, who has worked as Business Development Director at Rolls Royce and Managing Director at Deutsche Bank shared an insightful perspective from his many years of experience in the industry and made important comments related to corporate brand strategy.  The module is a practical approach to corporate brand management, where group of students are required to apply corporate brand knowledge using the ACID framework developed by Professor John Balmer. The students have proposed several interesting corporate brand strategies based on their research and the panel members were impressed by their ideas, presentation skills and professionalism.

Mr. Kim Cohen gave a special comment following the presentations:

“Thank you so much for including me in your corporate brand management presentations today. I was truly impressed by the high standard of your students and the ability to think on their feet. It was an enjoyable and stimulating experience.

For me, an additional element of real interest was to become acquainted with Professor Balmer’s ACID test and see its application in the students’ presentations. This approach would certainly have focused main board directors’ attention to corporate brand stewardship and protection had it been available to me in my corporate career.”

BBS MSc Corporate Brand Management Presentations 9A

The MSc Applied Corporate Brand Management programme covers issues of branding in blue chip companies, the service industry, banks, petroleum companies, lifestyle organisations, corporate brand heritage, nation and place branding.

BBS MSc Corporate Brand Management Presentations 4A

The core contents of branding are examined at the corporate level rather than at the product level. In other words, teaching on the programme focuses on branding of the corporation rather than branding the product.  The programme also has an optional 16 week Professional Practice.  The unique feature of the work placement distinguishes the programme from other Masters in the country.



BBS to deliver ‘Micro-MBA’ to HM Treasury

Brunel Business School will be delivering a 5-month ‘Micro-MBA’ to HM Treasury Government Department, starting in March 2015. This opportunity builds on the relationship established by Professor Zahir Irani (Dean of College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences) during his full-time secondment to the Cabinet Office as Senior Policy Advisor during 2014 and subsequent on-going advisory role.

imagesThis innovative programme will cover areas ranging from leadership values through to strategic planning. There is also a strong personal development aspect to the programme, which involves sessions on personal and organisational resilience. Joh Kingman the second Permanent Secretary to the Treasury, has fully supported the initiative and commented on the ‘relevance and informative’ nature of the programme.

The Micro-MBA is a result of a collaborative design process of building a programme that meets the needs of HM Treasury, which is being sponsored by Ms Becky Wyse (Head of Growth Strategy, HMT) who commented that:

“The Micro-MBA enables future HMT leaders to develop a vital understanding of leadership and management techniques in the 21st century.  We’re enormously grateful to Brunel for bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to the course, which the department will benefit from for many years”.

The programme will kick-off with a 2 day residential programme at Brunel, where attendees that will have been selected through a rigorous process will be able to experience the look, feel and resources available across the University. Professor Irani commented:

“Brunel is developing strong links across Government and I am pleased to be able to find ways in which we are able to develop Civil Servants in being able to serve the public better through the excellent work that they do”.

Brunel Business School has a dedicated team of experienced staff responsible for delivering this Micro-MBA, with Dr Ramzi El-Haddadeh, who has been closely involved in the programme development, appointed as the Micro-MBA course director by the Dean.

My post-graduation story by MBA Alumnus Sam Adodra

My Post Graduation Story

“I joined the Brunel MBA in 2003 and specialised in entrepreneurship and international marketing. After graduating in the summer of 2005, I found work as a business consultant.

SamAdodra. 1pgFamily commitments meant that my salary was crucial and as the recession began to bite in 2008 my working days were becoming longer as I had to travel further to work. My family life began to suffer and around this time I decided that a good work/life balance was crucial to my well-being.

Opportunity Knocks

In both 2008 and 2009 I was headhunted as an MBA graduate and offered a golden chance to move abroad and work in Singapore for an investment bank.

Although the western world was in recession, the economy in much of Asia was booming. I would probably have taken the opportunity but I knew from friends that work in the City how long the hours can be in finance, working for the investment banks.

More importantly, finance wasn’t the path that I wanted to go down in my career. I’d been harbouring ambitions to set up my own business since finishing the MBA.

Breaking Free

In 2010, I finally took the plunge and left my full time job to start up a Digital Marketing agency, which is now called Imageshield. The first year was very tough. I was an unknown in my space and although I had confidence from the MBA, I had no one to guide me.

I took on freelance consulting projects to supplement my income because I was making very little from my business. I was determined to make it though and in 2011 I made a small breakthrough. After attending dozens of networking events and courting local businesses, I turned things around and began to make a profit.

Becoming An Author

In 2014, I finally realised an ambition of mine, which was to write and publish a book. My book has gone on to become an Amazon best seller since the launch in October 2014 and I’m very proud of this.SEO Expert Strategies

My online profile has significantly grown and by positioning myself as an expert, I have more business opportunities available and doors opening. Clients now approach me for business and as a result I am able to command higher fees.


I have also been recently invited to create a presentation, centred on the content in my book, to an online marketing firm that has an email database of over 60,000 corporate professionals on their books. That presentation is now live on the Internet.

Be Your Own Boss

The upsides of being your own boss are massive. It means that I’m in control of my own destiny. I get to work on my own terms, not someone else’s, and if I fail, I only have myself to hold blame.

If you are thinking of starting your own business then I’d highly encourage you to look for a mentor. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can do it all on your own. That just leads down the road to failure. Invest in yourself because your knowledge is your strongest asset.

Once you acquire a skill, it’s yours forever. People can strip you of your belongings but no one can take away what you’ve learned because it stays in your head.

Although many business skills are generic, every industry has its own nuances. It’s only when you master these that you’ll start to enjoy success. If you’re thinking of starting your own business and you get an opportunity to learn from someone else’s mistakes then grab it with both hands.

Key Learning Points

One very important lesson that I’ve learned in my entrepreneurial journey is the need to do something that you enjoy. If you don’t have a passion for the business that you’re setting up, why are you in it?

If you really enjoy the business that you’re in, then you’ll stand a better chance of success because it won’t feel like work. You will have a lot of struggles in the beginning but if you’re enjoy what you’re building then you’re much more likely to succeed.

I want to leave you with a few key takeaways:

  • Enjoy the journey. Find something you’re passionate about so that it sustains you when times are difficult.
  • Keep on top of your cash flow – sounds obvious but most new businesses fail within 5 years because they don’t look after their cash flow.
  • Build a system where you can delegate. If everything in your business only revolves around you, you’ll eventually burn out. If you build a system from the beginning then you’ll easily be able to grow.

The objective of any business owner should be to work ON their business, figuring out ways to make it grow, rather than IN the business – where you fulfil and then have no time left to generate new business.”

If you’d like to connect with me, you can do so below:

MBA students finalists in Mayor of London’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur 2015 Competition

crpThree Brunel MBA students (Rajan Dua, Chloe Zhen and Paul Ouro) are happy to share that their recently launched business venture, Stars Key And Hutch has been selected as one of the 10 finalists for Mayor of London Low Carbon Entrepreneur Competition 2015.

The competition asks London’s students and recent graduates to come up with idea’s to reduce London’s energy use and carbon emissions.

In total, 150 applications were received this year out of which only 10 teams will compete in the final round.


The final round, which is to be held at City Hall on 13th March 2015, Stars Key And Hutch will be pitching their idea in Dragon’s style (a two minute pitch) to the judging panel who picks the winner (a price of £20K!).


The 2015 panel includes Dame Elllen MacArthur DBE, award-winning solo yachtswoman; Charlene White, journalist & newsreader; Richard Reed, entrepreneur, co-founder of Innocent Smoothies; Siemens UK CFO Andrew Hall; Siemens Global Head of Urban Development Martin Powell; Morad Fareed, co-founder of Delos; and the Mayor’s Senior Adviser on Environment and Energy Matthew Pencharz.

This is the first time that a team from Brunel has made it to the first round! Brunel Business School wishes them the best of luck!