BBS research to help minimise carbon footprint in maritime shipping

Sea transport is a vital component of the world’s economy as the largest carrier of freight around the globe. Marine shipping is responsible for about 3.3% of the global greenhouse gas emissions.

Brunel Business School researchers believe that when reducing carbon footprint of marine shipping companies should analyse trade-offs in the operational decisions including energy consumption and global greenhouse gas emissions.

To enable companies to make such trade-offs, BBS researchers will work to develop mathematical formulas for marine shipping operations to minimise carbon footprint whilst optimising service level and cost. The innovative solution techniques will form the core of a decision support tool for industrial applications used in maritime shipping. This tool will help reduce environmental impact and contribute to economic prosperity of marine shipping in Europe and around the world and contribute to the transition of Europe to low carbon economy.

The grant of £248,750 has been awarded for 4 years from September 2013 and will conclude in August 2017.

Principal Investigator: Dr Habin Lee, Co-Investigator: Dr Afshin Mansouri. Both of the investigators are active researchers and lecturers in Brunel Business School.

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