Brunel Business School students to take part in a Korean Exchange Programme

We are pleased to announce that 4 of Brunel Business School students; Merisa Bishwakarma, Abubakr Chaudhry, Sara Kahsay and Claire Munday have been selected to take part in the Korea Aerospace University’s (KAU) foreign summer exchange programme from 35th June-20th July this year. This prestigious Korean institution is the first in Asia to be accredited by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI). This exchange is a first such opportunity for our students and is sponsored by the Brunel Business School employability programme: Business Life.


KAU is the only Korean institution to specialise in cutting-edge aviation and aerospace technologies and management and our four lucky students have been selected through a gruelling application and interview process. Students will have the opportunity to learn specialised skills through KAU’s aviation programme. As well as attending fascinating lectures, students will experience unique field training at the Korean Air and Incheon International airport and learn about Korea’s rich cultural heritage on various day trips. Further announcements about this exciting venture will be posted shortly. You will also have the opportunity to read our students live experiences through their blogs.

Prof John Balmer publishes in top U.S. management journal

Prof John Balmer

Professor John M.T. Balmer from Brunel Business School has successfully published to a top U.S. based management journal: California Management Review (CMR). The article entitled “Corporate Brand Management Imperatives: Custodianship, Credibility, and Calibration”, explores the strategic management of corporate brands and adopts an id based perspective. The article goes on to give an insight and examine case studies from major organisations. 

This is the third time Professor Balmer has published in CMR. In 2009 Professor Balmer was the lead author of another lead article of the California Management Review which focussed on the identity and brand change at British Airways. 
See: Balmer, J.M.T. (2012), “Corporate Brand Management Imperatives: Custodianship, Credibility and Calibration”, California Management Review, Vol. 54, No. 3, pp.1-32.

Brunel begins collaboration in aviation education with Moscow university

A Memorandum of Understanding between Brunel Business School and Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation (MSTUCA), Moscow, Russia,  has been signed by the Vice Chancellor and Rector of MSTUCA on  a recent visit of Dr Abrahim Althonayan from Brunel Business School to Russia. 

This agreement is an important step towards the collaboration between the Brunel Business School and MSTUCA on the delivery of the Brunel MBA (Aviation Management). The Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation is a prestigious institution involved in training airport managers all over the Russian Federation having graduated more than 3000 aviation professionals on their state diploma.

Dr Abrahim Althonayan

Dr Althonayan has been in regular contact with MSTUCA and has been invited for a further visit in October 2012. This represents a large step for Brunel Business School towards knowledge transfer strategy for Russia and its Aviation sector in particular.

Dr Abrahim Althonayan teaches the Aviation modules on the Brunel MBA Programme and is an excellent researcher in his field.

Brunel MBA Student Profile

After 6 years of work in the media industry, Flavia decided she wanted to add a stronger theoretical business foundation to her experience. ‘I am looking to gain a critical perspective on business and industry structures, to be equipped with the strategies and tools
necessary to manage organizations competing in global markets.’

Flavia, MBA Ambassador 2011/12

Having worked as Project Manager for Interact, a media firm which ranks as among Italy’s leading developer of solutions for digital media, she joined the BBC in 2006. Here she developed her project management and finance skills working in various roles and departments, including Sales and Distribution, delivering projects and solutions for Motion Gallery’s licensing business, and Repeats Unit, managing the costs for BBC Channels.

Flavia was attracted to Brunel Business School owing to the excellent reputation of the Business School and the high ranking of the MBA programme. She hopes the course will help her to achieve her aspirations for the future. ‘I am thrilled about my MBA studies. Having started the programme in September 2011, I feel my horizons are already broadening and I see there are many new opportunities I can think about for my future. It seems like it will open doors to possibilities that I hadn’t considered before.”

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MBA Students share their experience of the Brunel MBA

I am very passionate about medical healthcare management. My four years study, work experience and relevant volunteer experience have strongly confirmed healthcare management as the career choice for me. I am looking forward to a career focused on my passion for the environment and opportunities to work with people in need of medical services after completing the Brunel MBA (Healthcare Management). It is the perfect course for my future career. Min Hee An, MBA 2011/12, Republic of Korea

I was working as Vice General Manager of a small business consulting company in Shanghai, China. We specialize in providing Italian Textile machineries for Chinese customers. Determined to become a management leader on a higher level, I made up my mind to take up the MBA program in England. Brunel Business School has a very good reputation, its ranking is raised every year, and it’s in London with convenient location. In this sense, Brunel was my ideal place for further academic endeavor because of its high reputation of business education and perfect teaching system. I came across peers from every country in the world every single day in the classroom and on campus, which is quite exciting. Hongyan Zhao, MBA 2011/12, China

I chose Brunel Business School because of its good ranking and reputation and the AMBA accreditation of the course, plus the closeness to central London. Every moment here at Brunel is a great memory. Group work and laughing with colleagues, making friends from different countries, these are the things that I really cherish. The learning experience is very important as well. Plus this MBA will open up great opportunities for me to work in different countries or different industries. Our MBA lecturers are very approachable, and we are actually asked to challenge them and discuss what we are being taught. We learn more from the class discussions and each other than from a traditional lecture style. The care we are given individually as part of the career and development plan is the most surprising part for me. We can have a one-to-one session with a very experienced professional who is entirely dedicated to the MBA students. This made me learn more about myself, and made me think of some of my skills differently, and focus on improving my weaknesses. Very good course, very good staff, and great facilities. Mohamed Abdelkhalek Mahmoud, MBA 2011/12, Egypt

Funmi Obileye with two of her MBA classmates are proud Brunel MBA Ambassadors
Funmi Obileye with two of her MBA classmates are proud Brunel MBA Ambassadors

The Brunel MBA lectures are often in class discussions about current business issues which engage all the students to open up about their opinions and ideas which makes learning more challenging but useful in today’s business environment. Sometimes it feels as though we are in a board meeting! The Brunel MBA programme is making a significant contribution to helping me develop my career internationally through the people I met on the course and understanding their cultural differences. Employers are always looking for candidates with an international mind-set and having this international exposure on my CV has given me that step I ahead I need. Taking part in the Business Tour to India gave me an amazing international experience of one of today fastest growing economies. We visited companies of the likes of Merrill Lynch and Cadbury’s and learnt about what has contributed to India’s economy and what is going to push the Indian economy forward in the years to come. We also had the chance to meet with the MBA Alumni in India which was great they shared their insights of life after the Brunel MBA and how much of what they learned proved to be fundamental in business! Funmi Obileye, MBA 2011/12, United Kingdom

My greatest achievement so far was the transformation of my way of thinking from technical perspective, coming from IT working background, towards business/management thinking. It is challenging for me because switching from something that you are used to, to something that you are not familiar with, is not easy. The lecturers are very good and experts in their area, very approachable. I especially like lecturers that are practitioners in the current business world because I can relate to their experience and pick their brain and knowledge on UK and European markets. I also like that the Brunel MBA modules are relevant to current business needs. I had a great experience meeting student from various cultural backgrounds. I’m definitely proud to be part of the Brunel MBA network. The alumni are very friendly and down to earth. Being part of Brunel MBA Alumni is a good way to stay connected with the school and other students once my MBA is over. After all, in the business world networking is key. Mohd Faishah Sharil, MBA 2011/12, Malaysia

I have a Master of Engineering from Japan and I worked for Hitachi for 8 years as an Engineering Manager. I really enjoy the variety of modules on the MBA programme and the fact that I was able to meet many other professionals and business people. I simply like the MBA life! Nobuyuki Shinohara, MBA 2011/12, Japan

Great campus, MBA department has excellent facilities. I have never heard of any other university offering free printing services and free text books to MBA students. That is a deal breaker I suppose 🙂 Teachers are very good and hence our learning experience is great. I will cherish studying at one of the premiere institutes in UK. My classmates at Brunel are an excellent group. Very rarely will you see 30 managers from different parts of the world agreeing to a decision without questioning it. Less of ego and more rational thinking! Sayantan Das, MBA 2011/12, India

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Brunel Business School invited to help establish policy on student employability

Prof Zahir Irani, Head of Brunel Business School, has been invited to speak at the prestigious Westminster Employment Forum and Westminster Higher Education Forum, in recognition for our achievement in student employability. The event will take place on 18th October in Central London.

Bringing together key policymakers with stakeholders – including university leaders and careers advice staff, graduate recruiters and social mobility groups – delegates at this seminar will consider how universities and employers can work together to ensure that graduates have the abilities necessary to compete for employment in the knowledge-based economy. Delegates will assess the recommendations arising from Sir Tim Wilson’s Review of Business-University Collaboration, particularly the role of work placements, gap years and internships in enhancing employability and enterprise skills.

How to tell a branding story?

The students of Applied Corporate Brand Management have been learning to be leaders in the field of corporate brand management. The course has been intensive not just with contemporary theories to corporate branding, but also has been involved with research relating to the management of an organizations corporate reputation, its corporate identity and its corporate communications.

Corporate Brand Management Students in Radley Yeldar

As a part of the training, the Course Director, Professor T. C. Melewar, has designed many external visits to meet the pioneers in the industry of corporate branding, to enable students to understand the applications of their theories and the research they have been pursuing in class. One of such visits was to Radley Yeldar a corporation communication agency in the heart of London.

On the 28th of February 2012, the corporate brand managers in the making visited Radley Yeldar who distinguishes itself with the simple motto of helping corporations tell their story simply, in one clear voice, by whatever means works best. It was a visit full of intellectual experience.

Radley Yeldar Visit

Radley Yeldar Visit

The agency conducted a 2 hour seminar for the students, on how corporate branding concepts have been applied by them in achieving brand success for their existing clients. The seminar was an insight into the various hurdles that the corporate struggle to cross, and how corporate brand managers help them to do it. After the seminar there was an exercise conducted by the agency gurus to see how we the students of Brunel University analyse and tell the story of the ‘Brunel University’ brand, and as expected, with all the education that we had soaked in the last seven months, we excelled at it.

Radley Yeldar is an agency with over a 140 employees, and was an experience worth holding on to by all the students. Every student was inspired by their work, their philosophies, and their culture. They all agree that Radley Yeldar as a brand has been communicating their story beautifully, encompassing all the elements of corporate communications.