Universities talk latest developments in e-learning and MOOCs at BBS Conference

newsElearning2012The fifth e-Learning 2.0 Conference was held in Brunel Business School, Brunel University- London today and brought together representatives from universities across the UK, USA, Canada and Kazakhstan.

This international conference explored Technology-Enhanced Learning and social media technologies including Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Wikis and YouTube with the main theme of this year’s conference being Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and social media for teaching. The conference considered evolving pedagogical approaches and raising the profile of research in technology-enhanced learning; spreading good practice in the use of Web 2.0 technologies for learning; and facilitating collaboration between practitioners, researchers, and policy makers.

Excellent contributions to the conference included:

  • Steven Warburton, Head of Department of Technology Enhanced Learning, University of Surrey – In his talk Professor Warburton explores how technological innovations can be disruptive or sustaining to higher education systems and whether the increasing pace of change will force institutions to rethink their educational and business models.
  • Pamela F. Wik-Grimm, eCornell, USA – In her presentation, Pamela 2 Wik-­Grimm, Manager of Learner Outcomes at eCornell, the online certificate subsidiary of Cornell University, discusses how they use student data metrics to examine student behaviour patterns and outcomes, coupled with student profile data, to design courses that leverage online social behaviours.
  • Matt Glowatz, University College Dublin, Ireland – His presentation looks at a proposed eLearning 2.0 implementation framework that will offer a better understanding of both student and staff’s attitude towards SM and eLearning tools within any given module’s structures, the perceived impact and how best to employ  them.
  •  Kate Dickens and Martin Counihan, University of Southampton, UK- This presentation takes as its starting point an analysis of current digital literacies activities being developed across the curriculum within a large UK, research intensive university.
  • Lampros Stergioulas, Brunel University, UK – His  research  provides  an  insight  into  bridging  the  gap  between  the current state and the desired future of e-­‐learning  through investigation of best practices for the implementation of e-learning in higher education and its future enhancements by conducting three different  case  studies.
  • Thomas Walker, Concordia University, Canada – His presentation adds to the growing research findings on the benefits and disadvantages of Massive Open Online Courses   (MOOCs).
  • Benjamin Brabon, Edge Hill University, UK –This   presentation   explores   the quality   and   credit   challenges   and   opportunities   in   the development  of  the  UK’s  first  credit-­‐bearing  MOOC  on  Vampire  Fictions  at  Edge  Hill  University.
  •  Peter Bryant, University of Greenwich, UK  – This presentations looks at two critical questions. Firstly, why does the use of social media in higher education learning, teaching and assessment remain a fringe activity within an institution, defined by potential and not by impact? Secondly, what are the critical assumptions and practices of higher education that have to adapt in order to change teaching and curricular (in)activity around social media into action?
  • Masoud Fakhimi, Brunel University, UK  – His presentation considers the methodology of developing business models in the context of the European open education project Open Discovery Space (ODS) and also compares and explores application of different types of business models in the context of the eLearning market.
  • Gemma Holtam, University of Derby, UK –This interactive presentation examines the support strategies and independent model of learning developed by a dyslexic student currently studying for an MSc; the different  ways  that  mobile  technology  can  be  used  to  support  both  mainstream  and  dyslexic students; and a  range  of  mobile  learning  applications  and  how  these  can  be  utilised  with  your  own students. What to think about when recommending the use of mobile applications will also be discussed.
  • TanSholpan  Tampayeva and Aizhan Tampayeva, Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan – Their presentation looks at Revitalising Universities’ Links with the Public through Internet Resources in Kazakhstan.

The e-Learning Conference has been hosted by Brunel Business School and Senior Lecturer Dr Chris Evans and Prof Ray Hackney chaired the conference. Dr Chris Evans has recently been awarded a prize for Innovative Teaching as voted by Brunel University students.

Chris Evans is also a contributor to the innovative MSc in Business Intelligence and Social Media that will be launching in BBS this September.

Brunei royal family delighted with Prince’s PhD in International Business

Prince Abdul Fattaah, son of His Royal Highness Prince Mohamed Bolkiah and Her Royal Highness Pengiran Anak Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Zariah of Brunei, received his Doctorate in International Business (PhD) at the Brunel University – London Graduation Ceremony last week. The annual Degree Ceremony celebrates the successful conclusion of many years of study in Brunel University and Prince Fattaah graduated alongside other Brunel Business School students.

Royal Brunei family

Prince Fattaah with his family, the VC of Brunel University and his PhD supervisors, Prof Irani and Dr Singh

The Ceremony was opened and presided over by Professor Julia Buckingham, Vice–Chancellor and Principal of Brunel University and David Finlayson, the Deputy Chair of the Council of Brunel University. Professor Buckingham congratulated Prince Abdul Fattaah on his achievement.

After an informal meeting with the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Chair of Council and Professor Zahir Irani, Head of Brunel Business School, the parents and invited guests were delighted to watch their son graduate at the University and enjoy the graduation party with other researchers in Brunel Business School.

Prince Abdul Fattaah studied Human Resource Management Practices in Domestic vs. Multinational Enterprises in the country context of Brunei, under the supervision of Dr Satwinder Singh and Professor Zahir Irani at Brunel Business School. This is one of a few empirical studies of this kind conducted in a non-western context and the only one in the context of Brunei.

The parents and family members of Prince Fattaah who attended the ceremony expressed their delight on the achievement of a doctorate by Prince Fattaah .

Sarah from BBS on a mission to raise funds in support of injured servicemen and women

SarahSarah Exelby, from the Academic Programmes Office in Brunel Business School, will cycle 230km over 4 days in the London to Bruges Ladies Bike Ride at the end of August, raising money for a charity called STUBS.

“I decided to bike in support of STUBS, which helps UK’s most seriously injured servicemen and women during their stay at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre in Headley Court. It also helps them to get back into social situations, as in most cases it will be their first time being out in public since they were injured. When I read up about what they do, I felt really inspired and it made me want to volunteer or take part in something to help support them in some way.

A couple of months back I took part in a 30 mile bike ride, I never really trained much outside of the gym, and realised how different riding out on the road is. I found it a lot more difficult than I first imagined, so choosing to do London to Bruges is a massive challenge for me!”

Sarah has been getting as much practice as possible on her bike and for the next few weeks will be preparing for this gruelling feat. To help Sarah raise funds for this cause please visit: http://www.justgiving.com/Sarah-Exelby

BBS Doctoral Student scoops VC Award for research excellence

Tamer DarwishThe prestigious Brunel University Vice-Chancellor’s Prize for Doctoral Research has been presented to Tamer Darwish, a doctoral student from Brunel Business School, during the Graduation Ceremony yesterday. The Vice Chancellor congratulated Tamer personally for his great achievement and presented him with a certificate and a cheque for £500.

Tamer conducted pioneering work in his thesis on the issue of links between HR practise and organisational performance in Jordan. During his tenure at BBS Tamer published 6 journal papers and won a best paper award in a conference in Singapore. His work has already begun to be cited and recognised by top academics and practitioners in the field.

Tamer has been supervised in his research by Dr Satwinder Singh and Prof Ruth Simpson, both excellent academics in Brunel Business School, who were proud to see Tamer’s hard work recognised in this way.

To find out more about PhD opportunities in Brunel Business School visit our website.

BBS and Intellectual Property Office look at use of patents in upcoming conference

Prof Suma Athreye, Professor of International Strategy in Brunel Business School, together with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), the Economics, Research and Evidence Team, and Prof Ashish Arora from Duke University USA, are organising a conference on patent use to debate and discuss recently commissioned research into the use of patents.

patentsPatents combine incentives for the production of technological knowledge by granting temporary monopolies, with incentives for diffusion of that knowledge usually through licensing. In recent years, there has been some academic writing that has questioned whether patent regimes are paying enough attention to the latter objective. The concern is that without such diffusion, patents represent a deadweight monopoly to the innovator which can be to the detrimental to growth and further innovation. New business models have also emerged where patents are being used to underpin licensing, and the use of open innovation methods is gaining popularity in a wide variety of sectors.

The Survey of Innovation and Patent Use (SIPU) was commissioned by the IPO in order to evidence some of these trends for the UK economy and analyse the underpinning factors that make for greater patent use in the context of open innovation. In particular, the SIPU aims to provide a demand-based measure of technology licensing in the UK economy and to provide a greater understanding of the determinants of the propensity of firms to patent innovations. The conference will provide a platform for discussing the evidence on patent use and patent use in innovation and technology management. The SIPU survey results will be presented at the end of the conference.

Confirmed Speakers for the conference include:

  • John Walsh – Professor, School of Public Policy, Georgia Tech University, USA
  • Salvatore Torrisi – Professor, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Iain Cockburn – Professor of Management, Boston University, USA
  • Beth Webster – Director, Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia, Melbourne, Australia Ayfer Ali- Assistant Professor in Business Economics, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid
  • Deepak Hegde- Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations, Stern School of Business, New York University, USA

The conference will take place in London on 9th September 2013.

Suma Athreye is Professor of International Strategy at Brunel Business School and Founding Director of the Centre on International Business and Strategy in Emerging Markets at Brunel University. Her research focuses on internationalization and its impact on technology management in developed and in emerging economies.  Some of her well cited publications are on knowledge markets and the growth of international licensing, foreign investment into India, the growth of the Cambridge high tech cluster, the software and pharmaceutical industries in India and the internationalization of Chinese and Indian firms.  She has won several grants for her research which has also been recognized by national and international media. In her current research funded by the European Commission, she has worked closely with the Office of National Statistics to create unique firm level datasets that enable her to study the impact of international technology imports on UK firm innovation and performance. She is also working with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) in the UK to estimate the returns to patenting for UK firms located in different sectors and different size groups.

MBA Copiae Prize Winners Awarded at Graduation

Brunel Business School in association with Copiae Partnership are delighted to award two prizes to MBA students for the second consecutive year.  Prizes are awarded in two categories:

  • Best Business Project – given in recognition of achievement in the successful completion of the Brunel MBA Business Project, where the impact of the project’s results, conclusions and insight are of a high standard of excellence
  • Professional Career Development Portfolio – awarded in recognition of a high standard of reflection and development of leadership and management skills over the duration of the Brunel MBA programme

The prizes are provided by Copiae Partnership, which is recognised by the Institute of Business Consulting (IBC), a registered service provider for the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD), and a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

We are delighted to announce the winners as follows:

  • Ms Chathinee Meevoottisom (pictured), MBA/Copiae prize for Best Business Project – £500, certificate and trophy
  • Mr Nobuyuki Shinohara, MBA/ Copiae prize for Professional Career Development Portfolio – £500, certificate and trophy

The prizes were formally presented by Sue Granshaw, the co-founder of Copiae as part of the Brunel MBA post-graduation ceremony event.MBA GROUP July 2013

Brunel Business School Launches Staff Awards

Brunel Business School is launching a new initiative this week designed to recognise the “above and beyond” contribution of its staff members to the services provided to our students and colleagues: Brunel Business School Annual Awards. We’ve asked Dr Lynne Baldwin, Deputy Head of School (Academic Practice), to explain:

“It is recognised that there are those in the Business School who ‘go the extra mile’, above and beyond the call of duty, beyond that which is within their particular role/job description.  We have had so many people who have worked super hard in various activities in the School over the last academic year no matter how hard they were stretched, no matter how last minute the jobs were, and no matter how much of their time they had given up for it.  The event that we have planned goes some way towards making that excellent contribution more widely known, and to reward staff for all their hard work that may sometimes go unnoticed in our rush to always do more for less.

This year, as this is the first time that we will be hosting such an event, it is a ‘soft launch’ (with a view to it being bigger and better in future years).  However, similar event was extremely well received in the Law School in May 2013. So, in brief, we are going to award certificates to staff, both academic and administrative, in recognition of their excellent contribution and the crucial role that they play, and also to inspire others, as the work we celebrate is at the very centre of the service we provide.”

In the Brunel Business School Annual Awards staff is invited to nominate a colleague who has excelled in the service they provide and performed above and beyond their role, and through this made a significant contribution to the School. The deadline for receiving nominations for the Brunel Business School Awards is Thursday 16 August 2013.

Brunel Business School Staff Members on a recent Staff Day

Brunel Business School Staff Members on a recent Staff Day

Award Criteria

All nominations received for individual awards will be considered against a set of criteria:

  1.  The nomination is for a contribution above and beyond the expectations of the role
  2. The contribution is of significant benefit to the School

Judging Panel

A panel comprising of two academic members of staff and two administrators will judge the submissions.  The panel members will, as far as is possible, be those who are not involved with decisions regarding promotion, be a line manager of any member of staff or similar, in order to ensure sufficient impartiality.  Should a panel member be in any way associated with a nominee in this way, they will not participate in the decision-making.  Should a panel member themselves be nominated, the same applies. A non-voting chair will oversee the panel meeting.

Award Winners

There will be four winners.  Two winners will be academic members of staff and two winners will be administrative/technical staff. The 4 winners will be recognised for their outstanding contribution by way of certificates, presented to them by the Head of School, and also by way of Amazon vouchers.  All staff will be invited to join in to congratulate them over a special celebration event, which will take place in September 2013.

Certificates will also be awarded to academic members of staff who have been recommended for one of the UBS Student Led Teaching Awards. Dr Baldwin said:

“These are recommendations made by students not staff and whilst the primary aim of our event is to recognise contribution above and beyond the expectations of the role from a staff perspective, it is also recognised that too often no one other than the member of staff who has been nominated knows about this and so this, too, deserves some more ‘public’ recognition.  So if any academic member of staff had been short/long listed for such an award they will also get a certificate from the Business School.”

Further information about the Awards is available on the Brunel Business School Awards website.

Brunel MBA steps up the challenge for Class 2014

Robust, consolidated, refreshed – the Brunel MBA programme underwent an exciting review by the MBA Advisory Board and the MBA Programme Academic Team in time for the academic year 2013/14.

Prof Francesco Moscone

Prof Francesco Moscone, the MBA Programme Director currently in Australia presenting his latest findings for BIOPOOL, a research project designed to allow the scientific community to conduct more meaningful clinical trials, especially with respect to rare diseases, commented:

“The Brunel MBA continues to offer our students content-rich modules dealing with contemporary business concepts and we maintain our specialisations in General Management, Healthcare and Aviation. In addition, the existing Leadership Masterclass Series and Career Development Programme, highly commended by AMBA, help us strengthen the balance between theory and practise for the benefit of our students.

We did find an opportunity to enhance the richness of our curriculum by introducing a new module – Business Economics – covering micro and macroeconomics and exploring ways to improve the efficiency of a firm through a more in-depth understanding of the market environment and its implications for business.”

The MBA Class of 2014 will also participate in an enhanced executive career coaching programme with a new MBA Career Coach and enjoy a rewarding academic challenge with increased contact hours bringing the total for the programme to over 2000 learning hours for the academic year.

Prof Moscone said: “We are always looking to refresh the strategy for our successful MBA programme and the changes introduced in the programme commencing in September 2013 and January 2014 are a welcome addition to the MBA that reflects the School’s ambitions.”

Find out more about the Brunel MBA programme commencing in September 2013 and January 2014. 

BBS Doctoral Research Flourishes in Record Year

Brunel Business School had a record academic year with 32 doctoral students graduating. Fascinating themes have been explored in the areas of business and management as doctoral students from all over the world enjoyed the stimulating research environment in the new home of Brunel Business School – Eastern Gateway Building.

Our PhD students produced rigorous, original and independent high level research under the guidance of expert supervisory teams from BBS Research Centres. They enjoyed the international community of research scholars from many countries as well as access to sophisticated physical and electronic library resources. The effort did not go unnoticed by the School and the University with hearty congratulations and even a few awards, including the Vice Chancellor prize for outstanding research which will be awarded during the graduation ceremony .

Business and Management research produced this year by Brunel Business School PhD graduates:

Centre for Research into Entrepreneurship, International Business and Innovation in Emerging Markets

  • Impact of financial reforms on firms’ investment from emerging countries
  • Strategic human resource management and organisational performance: An investigation in the country of Jordan
  • The Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems on Business Performance
  • Determinants of Multinational enterprises location and ownership strategy
  • An Exploratory study on Nigerian Bankers perception the issue of work life balance
  • International Business – Globalisation and its impact on African Economies: The Case of Ghana
  • HRM in Brunei Darussalam: A Comparative Research Between Local and Multinational Companies
  • Corporate Governance & Good Business Practices in Nigeria

Centre for Research in Marketing

  • The Cross Sector Social Interaction between Banks & Non-profit Organisations In Kuwait. An Empirical Study
  • Students’ perceptions of and loyalty towards Internet banking
  • A study of Consumers Perception in the context of a financial setting in the United Kingdom
  • Importance of Customer Relationship Management
  • An Investigation into Brand Value Dimensionality and Its Effects on Loyalty
  • Investigating Antecedents and Consequences of Corporate Communication Management (CCM)
  • The Relationship between Brand Portfolio Structure and Corporate Reputation: A Customer Perspective.
  • Explicating Corporate Heritage Identity Stewardship Theory

Information Systems Evaluation and Integration

  • Influence of Organizational Culture on Total Quality Management Implementation Success : The Mediating Role of Readiness for Change
  • Group Level Influence on Blogs’ Design Behaviour
  • The effect of interactivity in e-learning systems
  • A study of brand preference: an experimental view
  • E-Government systems success and user acceptance in developing countries
  • The Deferred Model of Reality for Designing and Evaluating Organisational Learning and Knowledge Management Processes: A Critical Ethnographic Case Study of Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Ghana

Operations and Supply Chain Systems Group

  • Knowledge Management Influence on Government Organization’s Competitiveness
  • Community Leadership in a New Democracy: A Study of Success Factors and Barriers Influencing Municipal Councils’
  • Investigating ERP adoption and implementation in service sector organisations
  • The car manufacturer and third party logistics provider relationship in Malaysia
  • Supplier selection in the Malaysian telecommunications industry Management
  • The Effect of antecedents of trust on performance of international joint venture (IJVs) in Iran
  • A Framework for rapid problem assessment in healthcare delivery systems

Work and Organisation Research Centre

  • Love’s Labours Redressed: Reconstructing emotional labour as an interactive process within service work
  • The Impact of Corporate Environmental Responsibility on Financial Performance: Extractive Sector Perspective
  • The role of emotional intelligence in developing intercultural sensitivity

Lord Karan Bilimoria shares lesson learned in business with Brunel MBA alumni and students

The recent annual MBA Alumni Event was a great opportunity for current and past Brunel MBA students to network with each other, their lecturers, and inspirational guest speakers. Take a look for yourself.

This year’s event was hosted in the BT Centre in Central London and we have been delighted to have Lord Karan Bilimoria of Chelsea, CBE, DL as our guest speaker. Our video gives you a flavour of his fascinating talk about his own business experience and raise to success.