Professor Balmer invited to the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Professor John M.T. Balmer (Professor of Corporate Marketing) accepted an invitation from Professor Klement Podnar (Professor/Chair of Marketing Communications and Public Relations) at the University of Ljubljana, to visit during the week commencing 14th October, 2019.

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University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


During his visit, Professors Balmer and Podnar worked on a number of collaborative initiatives. Currently they are both serving as guest editors of a special edition of the Journal of Business Research, which draws on papers presented at the 20th International Corporate Identity Group (ICIG) Symposium. The Symposium was held in Slovenia last year, and hosted by Professor Podnar.


Professor Balmer is the Founder and Chairman of the ICIG.

Professor Balmer reaches milestone with 200,000 reads on Researchgate

Last month, a milestone was reached when Professor Balmer learned that there had been over 200, 000 reads of his work on ResearchGate. ResearchGate is a social networking platform for research professionals, where members can share their papers, read other researchers’ papers, ask and answer questions, or find research collaborators.

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Commenting on the above, Professor Balmer remarked:

“What is so uplifting about this news is to learn that there is interest in my published work from students, scholars and colleagues and its uplifting to discover that published work is being read.”


Research impact is a key measure of success of an academic’s work, and we are delighted to see that Professor Balmer’s publications generate so much interest among other scholars. Congratulations, Professor Balmer.

Professor John M.T. Balmer achieves milestone with well-over 100,000 downloads on ResearchGate


Professor John M.T. Balmer (Professor of Corporate Marketing and Director of the Marketing and Corporate Brand Research Group) has passed a significant milestone with the news that his published output has resulted in over 100, 000 downloads on ResearchGate (currently over 110,000 downloads). ResearchGate is an online community for scientists and researchers.



Reflecting on the news Professor Balmer mused: “Whilst, arguably, there are more significant measures apropos published output it does, all the same, give me particular pleasure to know that my published output reaches a sizeable audience at home and abroad.  This, I believe is in accordance with our University’s implicit corporate brand promise. The news came as a very pleasant surprise.”

Professor John MT Balmer contributes to Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Professor John M.T. Balmer (Professor of Corporate Marketing, Brunel University London) has written what is arguably the definitive biography of Wally Olins CBE, doyen of the corporate brand/identity consultancy industry, for  the authoritative Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.


Wally-Olins-believed-bran-011Drawing on Professor Balmer’s discussions with Wally Olins dating back to the 1980s, and supplemented by archival and secondary sources, the biography details Olins’ family background; education; early career; his establishment – with Michael Wolff – of the world-famous Wolff Olins corporate identity/brand consultancy; provides an overview of his a consultancy work/published output/ and intellectual contributions; and reflects on his persona and style; and honours and distinctions.


Edited by the eminent historian, Professor Sir David Cannadine, and published by Oxford University Press, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography is, arguably, the most authoritative source of key figures in British life from the Romans to the 21st century.


Professor Balmer notes: “It is a particular honour to be invited to write this biography. I first interviewed Wally Olins whist studying for my MBA at Durham University Business School in 1988 and we remained in contact over the last four decades. His reflections on corporate identity exerted a profound impact on my initial thinking on the corporate identity field.” 


Professor Balmer was appointed to a personal chair in corporate identity at Bradford University in 1999; was subsequently appointed to the chair in corporate branding at the same institution, and, in 2007 was appointed as Professor of Corporate Marketing at Brunel University: all are understood to be the first appoinments of their kind.

Professor John M.T. Balmer co-edits landmark book “Advances in Corporate Branding”

Professor John M.T. Balmer, who some credit with formally introducing the ‘corporate brand’ notion, and who held the first chair in corporate brand management, is one of the co-editors for the recently published “Advances in Corporate Branding“. Published by Palgrave, this book is a cornerstone anthology on corporate brands aimed at scholars, practitioners, and managers. A list of Professor Balmer’s publications is available here.

Balmer book

This prestigious edited collection of articles from the Journal of Brand Management (JBM) provides an overview of the corporate brand field, including its historiography. Among the topics examined are: franchise management, co-creation of corporate brands, alliance brands, and  internal branding.


Along with Professor Balmer (Chairman of the Board of Senior Consultant editors of the JBM), this compendium is co-edited by the three editors in chief of JBM who, respectively are from Australia, Switzerland, and Germany: Dr Shaun M. Powell, Dr Joachim Kernstock and Professor Tim Oliver Brexendorf.



Professor Balmer notes: “This book aims to be ‘essential reading’ for all those interested in corporate brands“.


Brunel Business School enjoys an international reputation for its research and scholarship in corporate branding and is credited in introducing the first MSc in Corporate Brand Management. Further information about our postgraduate courses in branding, here.

Heritage, History and Nostalgia in BBS

Following the successful heritage brand event organised by Professor Balmer in December a follow up event took place of the beginning of May at Brunel Business School.

Presentations were given by:

  • Dr Anna Blomback, Jonkoping International Business School, Sweden
  • Dr Olof Brunninge, Jonkoping International Business School, Sweden
  • Professor, Dr Tim Oliver Brexendorf, Otto Beisheim, School of Management, Germany
  • Professor, Dr Klaus-Peter Wiedman, Hannover University, Germany
  • Dr Weifeng Chen, Brunel Business School, Brunel University, UK
  • Mr Mario Burghausen, Brunel Business School, Brunel University, UK
  • Professor John M.T. Balmer, Brunel Business School, Brunel University, UK
  • along with marketing faculty and PhD students from Brunel Business School.

Papers from the above will be considered for a special edition of the journal International Studies of Management and Organisations (ISMO).

Mario Burghausen was awarded the best PhD presentation award at the school’s Doctoral Symposium organised by Professor Ray Hackney. Mario’s doctoral research focusses on the heritage identity of Britain’s oldest brewery. The marketing group is developing an international profile vis-a-vis research relating to corporate heritage brands and identities. Professor Balmer is Mario’s supervisor.