Isolation in Globalizing Academic Fields: A Collaborative Autoethnography of Early Career Researchers

Dr Marcia Christina Ferreira and her research group The Scrutinizers recently wrote an article on the problem of Academic Isolation among Early Career Researchers (ECRs). The group looked at how PhD students, post-docs and assistant professors may feel separated from the academic field to which they aspire to belong.


The Scrutinizers used Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) field as a context to discuss how academic isolation is a broader problem than is sometimes recognised, with important implications for well-being and productivity. Their research findings point to tactics that ECRs can use to better integrate into the CCT field. They also articulate the strategies that core actors in the field have used to facilitate ECRs’ integration and make CCT inclusive.


The article is available for download from the Academy of Management Learning and Education website:

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Here’s a short version of the article published on The Conversation:

Top downloads for 4 star journal article by Dr Marcia Christina Ferreira

Recently, it was announced that a collaborative research project involving Dr Marcia Christina Ferreira (Lecturer in Marketing and Operations), which has been accepted for the leading 4* journal, Academy of Management Learning and Education, has received the highest number of views on the prominent website The Conversation” .


The details of the article are: Belk, M., Brouard, M., Brunk, KH., Dalmoro, M., Ferreira, MC., Figueiredo, B., et al. (2018) ‘Isolation in Globalizing Academic Fields: A Collaborative Autoethnography of Early Career Researchers‘. Academy of Management Learning and Education. ISSN: 1537-260X. The associated The Conversation article, was entitled “Overworked and isolated: the rising epidemic of loneliness in academia” and can be accessed by following the link:


As the title of the journal article attests, the research explores a topic that is of particular global interest for academia.


Commenting on the news, Dr Ferreira reflected:

Of course, getting an article published in a four star journal is wonderful but to also discover that our article is of such great interest and, furthermore, has achieved the highest number of downloads is a double whammy for all of us involved in this highly topical study!”


ANZMAC Best paper award for Dr Marcia Christina Ferreira

Dr Marcia Christina Ferreira, a lecturer in marketing at Brunel Business School, and researcher in the Marketing and Corporate Brand Management Research Group, won the best paper award in the Consumer Culture Theory track, at the prestigious marketing conference ANZMAC, organized by Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy.

aa marcia

The paper, titled “The Enmeshed Paths of Consumers as Collectors”, explores the publicisation of once-private collections on social media. This research investigates how the design, materials, and marketing efforts objectified in the branded products interweave consumers and objects through different levels of sociality, leading consumers to develop enmeshed individual and collective paths as collectors.

01 Certificates_Main Conference_Best Paper_CCT New

Co-authored with Dr Daiane Scaraboto from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and Dr Emily Chung from RMIT University, this paper brings new insights into understanding collectors and their pathways towards becoming (or ceasing to be) devoted collectors. Their approach uses a more dynamic and integrative perspective that is different to the simplistic, linear manner adopted by prior research. The insights revealed by this study can also in turn help brand managers develop tools to better relate to its most loyal consumers.