Professor Balmer invited to the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Professor John M.T. Balmer (Professor of Corporate Marketing) accepted an invitation from Professor Klement Podnar (Professor/Chair of Marketing Communications and Public Relations) at the University of Ljubljana, to visit during the week commencing 14th October, 2019.

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University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


During his visit, Professors Balmer and Podnar worked on a number of collaborative initiatives. Currently they are both serving as guest editors of a special edition of the Journal of Business Research, which draws on papers presented at the 20th International Corporate Identity Group (ICIG) Symposium. The Symposium was held in Slovenia last year, and hosted by Professor Podnar.


Professor Balmer is the Founder and Chairman of the ICIG.

Professor Balmer appointed as external advisor to the University of Malaya

Professor John M.T. Balmer has been appointed as External Assessor at the Department of Marketing, Faculty of Business and Accountancy, University of Malaya, Federation of Malaysia. In this capacity, Professor Balmer will advise the University apropos the appointment of faculty to Chairs and other senior faculty positions.


The University of Malaya is widely considered to be the oldest and most prestigious university in the Kingdom of Malaysia. Some refer to it as “The Oxford University of Malaysia.”


Professor Balmer’s links with the university go back several years. He has visited many parts of mainland Malaysia, along with Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo.


Publications: Marketing, The Past and Corporate Heritage

Professor John M.T. Balmer and a former Brunel PhD scholarship holder, Dr. Mario Burghausen (University of Essex), following an invitation from the editors of the influential journal Marketing Theory, penned an extensive commentary entitled“Marketing, The Past and Corporate Heritage”.

M theory

Published on-line in early August, the article explains the importance of the past for marketing; argues it should be accorded a high profile and details how corporate heritage represents a new kind of temporality (omni-temporality) since it embraces the past, present and prospective future.


Brunel expert on heritage branding, cited by leading German newspaper “Die Welt”

The recent Royal Wedding has generated renewed international interest in the Monarchy and the “Monarchy as a Corporate Brand” notion co-created by Professor John M.T. Balmer of Brunel Business School (with scholars from Harvard Business School and Lund University, Sweden).


The leading German newspaper “Die Welt” (analogous to the UK’s Economist magazine), in the week leading up to the Royal Wedding, published an in-depth overview of the monarchy which included input from Professor Balmer. Drawing on his published output, the article noted how the Monarchy, as with the Papacy, is unquestionably a global brand. Professor Balmer also reflects how the image of Queen Elizabeth is, arguably, one of the most recognisable images known to mankind.



Professor Balmer along with Professors Greyser (HBS) and Dr Urde (Lund University, Sweden) are celebrated for their ground-breaking study of the Swedish Monarchy where, over a two year period, they were granted unprecedented access to the Royal Family of Sweden along with senior figures within Sweden’s Royal Household. Professor Balmer subsequently published articles specifically on the British Monarchy and on those Commonwealth Realms which share the Queen as their sovereign. Scholarship on the Crown as a corporate brand notion by Balmer, Greyser and Urde led to the aforementioned formally introducing the corporate heritage brand notion in 2006 and, over the last decade, Professor Balmer has been closely associated with developments in the territory.

Cornerstone Anthology on Chinese Brands by Professor John MT Balmer and Dr Weifeng Chen

A landmark anthology Advances in Chinese Brand Management (2017), edited by Professor John M.T. Balmer and Dr. Weifeng Chen of the Marketing and Corporate Brand Research Group has recently been published by Palgrave Macmillan (an imprint of Springer): ISBN-13: 978-1352000108/ISBN-10: 1352000105

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A timely and singular addition to the canon, owing to the recent upsurge in interest in Chinese brands in the wake of China’s rise as a major economic and branding power, this cornerstone compendium – focussing on the development and management of brands in China- will be of interest to scholars and managers alike. Drawing on articles published in the leading brand management journal, the Journal of Brand Management, the editors have selected a fascinating range of up-to-date articles on branding in China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong).

The compendium includes research and scholarship undertaken by Chinese, British, European and American scholars. The anthology includes contributions by the editors vis-à-vis the development and management of brands in China along with a case study – based on their field research – of the centuries-old (established in 1669), and much-loved corporate heritage brand, Tong Ren Tang (celebrated as the country’s premier traditional Chinese Medicine brand).

Advances in Chinese Brand Management. covers a wide spectrum of topics including empirical studies on luxury brands, prominent cultural brands, counterfeiting, foreign brands in China, and brand-name and logo selection in China.

Professor John M.T. Balmer is Professor of Corporate Marketing at Brunel Business School and is often credited with formally introducing the corporate brand notion. He held the first chair in corporate brand management at Bradford University Business School and is the Chairman of Board of Senior Consultant Editors of the Journal of Brand Management.


Dr. Weifeng Chen is a lecturer within the business school and is known for his research and scholarship in International Business/Innovation and for his publications on branding in China.

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Professor John M. T. Balmer’s landmark book on Corporate Heritage “Foundations of Corporate Heritage”

Recently published by Routledge (2017), the pioneering book, “Foundations of Corporate Heritage” provides insights for both academic and managerial audiences in advancing their knowledge of the nascent corporate heritage territory. Edited by Brunel Business School’s Professor of Corporate Marketing, Professor John M.T. Balmer, the anthology includes contributions from prominent scholars in the field along with cornerstone articles, written by Professor Balmer.

aa book

With Professor Stephen A. Greyser (Harvard Business School) and Dr Mats Urde (Lund University, Sweden), Professor Balmer formally introduced the corporate heritage notion in 1996 as a consequence of their landmark study of the Swedish Monarchy as a Corporate Brand.

In 2011 he established the International Corporate Heritage Symposium and it its Chairman and Conference Organiser: the inaugural symposium was launched at Brunel University and subsequent symposia have been held in Finland, France and Sweden.

Endorsing the book, celebrated US Professor Kevin Lane Keller of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College commented:

“Undoubtedly some of the richest and most meaningful brands around, corporate heritage brand can also be the most challenging to fully understand and manage. In this scholarly tour de force, John Balmer assembles a fascinating collection of reading notable for their deep insight and sharp practical value.”


aa book 2

Professor John MT Balmer (centre) at the last International Corporate Heritage Symposium held at Aix-Marseilles Graduate School of Business, France with co organisers Professor Virginie De Barnier and Dr Fabien Pecot)

New Faculty Members of the Marketing and Corporate Brand Research Group deliver inaugural addresses

Dr Christina Ferreira (PhD: Royal Holloway College, University of London) and Dr Jessica Chelekis (PhD: Indiana University, USA) – newly appointed faculty members of the marketing and corporate brand research group – celebrated their membership of the research group by delivering their innaugural research addresses to the group’s faculty and doctoral student membership.


Dr Ferreira‘s presentation focussed on her recent published output which looked, among others, on materiality in consumer consumption practices.

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Dr Chelekis who specialises in sustainability and global value chains, explained her anthropological approach apropos marketing research and made reference to her field work undertaken in Brazil.

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The delivery of innaugual presentations is a long-standing tradition of the marketing and corporate brand research group. Professor John MT Balmer (Director of the Marketing and Corporate Brand Research Group) organised the event and, on behalf of the group, congratulated Drs Chelekis and Ferreira on joining the faculty and thanked them for their insightful presentations. He also noted how they both had research interests in South America and explained this would furner burnish the international credential of the research group.


This event took place on November 15th, 2017.

PhD Student Workshop for Marketing and Corporate Brand Research Group Students

The Marketing and Corporate Brand Research Group hosted a workshop for the doctoral students linked to the group, on November 15th 2017.


Seven doctoral students at various stages of their studies attended the morning PhD workshop which focussed on two themes:

  1. Preparing for the Viva Voce Examination
  2. Developing a Publications Portfolio


Speaking to the first theme, Dr Geraldine Cohen drew on her many years’ experience as an external PhD examiner and PhD examination board chair to explain the importance, nature, and problems/opportunites vis-a-vis the PhD viva and advised on how to prepare for the examination.



The second presentation was delivered by Dr Christina Ferreira, who reflected on her recent experience as a young academic apropos the importance of developing a publications portfolio in terms of first academic appointments and scholarly development.


Dr Ana Canhoto, Dr Weifeng Chen and Professor John MT Balmer also made contributions to the above themes.


As part of the workshop, final-year PhD student, Natthida Jareankieatbovor gave a presentation of her research findings, and these were commented upon by marketing faculty.


The PhD workshop was organised by Professor John MT Balmer (Director of the Marketing and Corporate Brand Research Group), and was part of a programme of activities to support the research culture in the group and to support the development of its doctoral students and early career researchers.