Employment on upward trend amongst BBS postgraduate students

We’re pleased to report the latest findings of the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey, carried out annually for the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). The an annual national survey, conducted on UK and EU graduates at this point only, is carried out by every higher education institution in the UK, asks leavers from higher education what they are doing six months after graduation.

The most recent survey undertaken by the Brunel Placement and Career Centre on 2013 graduates from Brunel University shows positive trends in employment outcomes for postgraduate student in Brunel Business School.

  • The number of postgraduate leavers from Brunel Business School in employment has risen by 7.4%.
  • The number of leavers in further study has increased 2% and the number combining work and study has decreased by 2.3%.
  • The number of unemployment has decreased by 6.8%.

Outcomes overall have continued their upward trend with 88% of 2013 postgraduate leavers experiencing a positive outcome – that’s 12.9% more than in 2012.


Employability initiatives from Brunel Business School such as Brunel Business Life or Postgraduate Work Placements may be a contributing factor, as more and more postgraduate students take advantage of the professional training and networking opportunities provided by the School alongside their degree.


BBS alumnus amongst winners of best British Start-ups 100

A Brunel Business School graduate who completed his BSc Business and Management (Marketing) in 2010 has recently been recognised for his business start-up LatestFreeStuff.co.uk amongst the winners of the 100 best British business start-ups.

Deepak TailorDeepak Tailor founded one of the UK’s leading sites offering in 2012 called LatestFreeStuff.co.uk and has not looked back since. As a Founder and Managing Director, Deepak saw his business praised in the Startups100 list published in May 2014, which reviewed UK-based, privately owned businesses started on or after 1 January 2011 that are set for big things in the future with innovative and impressive founders with global ambition. The business has also been featured in many newspapers and magazines including The Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Which.co.uk, Woman’s Own magazine and more.

LatestFreeStuff.co.uk, launched also in the USA days ago, is a website offering its 400,000+ visitors freebies, deals, and bargains– all genuine offers without trapping the consumers into spam offers designed to sell their contact details to third parties. The business grew organically with no advertising budget, drawing on Deepak’s excellent marketing skills, honed during his studies with Brunel Business School. The business growing client list included big brand names such as LOVEFiLM, Fitness First, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Nivea, Dove, Boots, Gillette, Pantene and more.

Deepak commented about the latest developments in his business:

“We recently launched our app and it’s completely unique and there’s nothing like it on the App Market. It took us over 9 months of hard work to plan, develop and launch the app using an app development team from Romania. This app is completely different to the competition who have no presence in the mobile market. I noticed the gap in the market and saw an opportunity to try something different. Hopefully my decision will pay off in the long-run.​ Plus, I think students will love the app, it should save them lots of money!”


Check out the LatestFreeStuff.co.uk facebook page or view Deepak’s profile on LinkedIn. You can download the app here:

Find out more about Business and Management (Marketing) BSc in Brunel Business School.


“I will take what I’ve learnt wherever I go” says MBA alumnus

Brunel MBA Alumnus Anoo Mehmi has recently visited Brunel Business School to tell the tale of her experience on the Brunel MBA programme and her achievements since graduating from Brunel. In this filmed interview Anoo reminisces on her fond memories from Brunel, tells of the great support she received as a mother and a professional undertaking the MBA at the same time, the activities she took part in and people she met along the way in Brunel that left a lasting impression on her.

Since completing her MBA in December 2013 Anoo secured a high profile position with Nestle UK as the Head of Digital and Brand Governance where she will be leading the digital strategy for consumer and HCP engagement for Nestle Nutrition, and she shared with us how she got headhunted for the role following the completion of her MBA via LinkedIn, a professional online platform, strongly endorsed for the use of Brunel students in their career development programme, and recommended by Anoo to students seeking to advance their careers.

BBS Guest Portrait 1AAnoo said of the help she received from Brunel in helping her move up the career ladder:

Upon updating my LinkedIn profile with my MBA qualification, I was approached by several companies and recruiters. I truly believe the MBA combined with my experience in marketing helped me to secure my new role

Anoo is excited about her new role in Nestle and we look forward to seeing even more success in her future endeavours. You can follow Anoo on twitter and view her LinkedIn profile for details of her professional experience and education.

To find out more about Brunel MBA please visit our website.

Postgraduate placements becoming a must for Masters students

Brunel Business School is amongst the first few Business Schools in the UK to introduce postgraduate placements for students completing their Masters programmes as far back as 2011. This feature, pioneered in the UK for undergraduate students by Brunel University, is becoming more popular amongst more mature students, for whom such a placement can often serve as a springboard to often extremely competitive labour market. Postgraduate work placement employers cover all related expenses with many also providing a salary.

work placement

Two programmes are currently offering work placement for students on the postgraduate level:

Placements are an integral part of the courses and students receive support from the academic staff and the Placement & Careers Centre while on placement.

MSc in Applied Corporate Brand Management Work Placements

Students’ placement take place from September to January the following year and previous placements involved roles such as project manager, marketing executive, brand researcher, internal communication officer and marketing officer amongst others.

Work placements are offered to suitable candidates with companies represented in the Applied Corporate Brand Management Advisory Board amongst others:

  • Heathrow Airport
  • BrandPie
  • Telefónica Europe
  • Radley Yeldar
  • Mars
  • Jim Northover Limited
  • Network Rail
  • leapSTONE
  • Right Management
  • Tata Beverages
  • Tetley Tea

MSc in Management Work Placements

Students will be beginning their placement starting in June 2014 through to September, with some starting their placements on a part time basis in January 2014 already.

Work placements where students will be taking up roles in e-marketing, HR, finance and client services have already been secured in the following companies:

  • Grant Thornton
  • Orange
  • Coats plc
  • MadBid
  • Better Lettings

Work Placement Testimonials

mai ann“During the summer of 2012, I had the opportunity to start my work placement at the successful brand agency BrandPie. I supported one of their top account managers in his day-to-day work and took on some of my own projects and research for the agency. I’ve work on an important project to rebrand an international technology company named ARM. The process included an audit of the market, interviews, re-defining their vision and purpose along with supporting the design team in designing the company’s new visual identity. I have also been involved in creating a new brand for a charity programme inspired by a pilot project the prince of Wales started in 2011. The programme was built for young kids to interest them in STEM. Finally, my work involved research and supporting the BrandPie to prepare for pitches. Working along creative strategist like Dave Allen, Roger Partington, Terry Moore, Sally Bye, Creative director Pete Widdup and Engagement consultant Kevin Keohane was a privileged.” Mai An Tran


“My work placement was done with the corporate marketing team of Network Rail, the company that is in charge of the British Rail infrastructure. My role was to blend business, consultancy and academic insights, in order to create scenarios and tools for corporate brand management in a context of ongoing devolution and strategic partnerships. The placement provided me with the opportunity to apply the newly acquired knowledge in a blue chip corporate environment and to develop valuable insight about the art of engaging a business audience with the science of branding.” Manuela Irimescu


mannan“I had the unique opportunity to work as an inter n for Tata Global Beverages (TGB), one of the leading companies in hot beverages. At TGB, I got to work on a part of the course, the placement at TGB has made my portfolio stronger on the basis of being a foreign work experience. This placement gave me the opportunity to work on the client’s side and get a different kind of perspective of working in the Marketing department of a global conglomerate. This has lead me to come in close contact with a lot of new areas like working with Kantar and Nielsen research data where I got to work with consumer trends and sales figures. Tetley being a heritage brand has always been at the forefront of innovation and new product development and I have learnt the importance of innovation even though tea as an everyday product. Another insight that I gained during my internship was the understanding of television as a media vehicle in the UK. This was a very crucial lesson for me since TV remains one of the most used advertising mediums. Finally, I am very proud to mention that I was given the task to organise a small tea party celebrating Tetley’s 175th anniversary in the London office. Managing and coordinating with different people has definitely taught me how to deal with people and manage their expectations. All in all, I must say that the ACBM course gave me a specialised understanding of corporate brands and the placement at TGB complimented the course very well. “ Mushfique Mannan

SAS training continues to boost career prospects of BBS students

Brunel Business School students have been undergoing rigorous training today as part of Business Life employability programme to master key SAS skills in data, business and statistical analytics in a full day SAS Enterprise workshop led by Dr Maged Ali.

BBS Computer Lab Workshop 7A WEB SIZE

Using the SAS software package students learned about using and manipulating the SAS Enterprise Guide Software, gaining an overview of Business Analytics, data manipulation, predictive modelling using decision trees and regression, clustering and segmentation, design of experiments, time series analysis and forecasting plus statistical and graphical reporting, featuring corporate case studies and hands on exercises.

Dr Ali commented:

“I have confidence that this workshop and others in the SAS training series that we plan to carry out will give them a head-start in one of the most in-demand employability skills in the market”

The workshop follows a very successful SAS Career Fair, which took place late last year in Brunel Business School, attracting over 250 students, 15 universities, and 100 jobs on offer from 10 SAS customers and partners. View the footage from the event and listen to speakers from SAS and the industry in the video below.


Etihad Airways invites BBS on-board for discussions on the future of aviation management

Etihad Airways is taking its growth plans to the next level with the launch of an innovative MBA graduate programme to develop home-grown leaders for the future and they recently paid us a visit to discuss a possible collaboration with Brunel Business School and Brunel MBA alumni and students.


Professor Ashley Braganza welcomed the airline’s Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Mona Walid, and Lily Pashova, Recruitment Officer, to find ways with which Brunel Business School could support Etihad’s ambitious graduate programme.

The discussions lead to preliminary interviews for over twenty alumni and current students.  Ms Walid and Ms Pashova spent the entire day at the Business School interviewing Brunel MBAs, some of them having completed the Aviation Management specialisation as part of their programme, with a view to short-listing those that met the airline’s exacting standards.  They were truly impressed by the quality and talent of Brunel MBAs.

Professor Ashley Braganza said:

Etihad is truly an impressive organisation. Given the size and scope of its operations it behaves like a nimble start-up being able to achieve some of the highest quality service levels at an incredibly fast-paced rate.  The School is proud to work with Etihad Airways and to support in every way their new MBA graduate programme.”



PMI-accredited Project Management course is a plan for success

Over the last week, Brunel Business School successfully introduced and ran an accredited Project Management course for a range of undergraduate (level 3) and postgraduate students, as part of its on-going employability initative, Business Life.

Following a rigorous selection procedure, selected students joined the five day course which was facilitated by Dr George Diakonikolaou (Head of Core Technologies, OTE Greece). The course was highly interactive and involved students working in teams as well as individually to explore core project management principles including industry standard methodologies, tools and techniques as well as learning about and applying best practices to challenging project management scenarios.

The programme culminated in students being taken through a series of mock exam questions and model answers in preparation for taking the official Project Management Institute (PMI), “Certified Associate in Project Management” qualification. In addition to this recognised professional qualification, students will also be awarded a certificate for attending 35 hours of Advanced Project Management training. Prof. Vishanth Weerakkody, Director of the Business Life Programme in BBS notes:

“Companies and firms are always looking for business skills and talent. Being able to plan, manage and lead projects is one such vital skill that many organisations now seek ‘out-of-the-box’. Students need project management skills not only for the workplace, but also in support of their studies. I have been impressed by our students dedication, commitment, discipline and enthusiasm to gain project management skills on this course – especially more so because they attended these sessions during their vacation period. I am proud of their efforts these last few days!”