CIM Graduate Gateway programme information session, a success

On October 3rd, Business Life organised an information session for the Business School’s students, about its flagship CIM Graduate Gateway programme. Those attending the information session enjoyed free pizza, and learned that this well-established programme offers students the opportunity of obtaining the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing and/or CIM Diploma alongside their degree. The students also heard testimonials from previous participants in the programme.

The event was supported by the Head of the Business School, Professor Jane Hendy, who is also a strong supporter of the CIM Graduate gateway programme. Professor Hendy encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity to gain additional qualifications, and further improve their employability. She further confirmed that, at the discretion of the Head of School, undergraduates will be given a discount, when joining the programme. This means that students can benefit from highly subsidised fees, and are able to obtain their qualification at a much lower cost than that charged by external CIM training centres.

CIM 02 Graduate Gateway Programme 10.jpg

Achieving CIM’s professional marketing qualifications and awards alongside their academic degree, will give students a unique opportunity to stand out from other marketing graduates.

CIM04 Graduate Gateway Programme 3A.jpg

This programme is open to students on the following degree courses:

  • BSc Business and Management (Marketing) Level 2 and 3
  • BSc Business and Management (Marketing with placement) Level 2 and 3
  • MSc Marketing Level 5
  • MSc Corporate Brand Management Level 5


We also offer access to the CIM Gateway to Brunel Business School Marketing Alumni’s who have graduated from these degree courses in the last three years. However, the additional modules for each qualification must be completed within five years of graduation for the exemptions to still be valid.


Students and alumni that qualify for this programme can obtain information and register for the programme on the BBS website.

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The next workshop on CIM (Level 4) Digital Marketing will take place 5 – 8th November 2018




BBS Boot Camp Amazing, says Applicants

Brunel Business School held it’s sixth successful Boot Camp for university applicants, which took place from 17-19 February 2015.  A second Boot Camp for this year will be taking place by Brunel Business School in April 2015.

Bootcamp group 1

The Business Boot Camp  at Brunel Business School is an exclusive event for candidates holding an offer to pursue their Business Degree in Brunel University London. The Boot Camp is a residential event, allowing participants to truly experience being a student and living on campus.

This interactive event offers participants an opportunity to:

  • Engage within a stimulating learning environment
  • Be exposed to the latest business thinking
  • Develop aptitude and critical thinking skills
  • Be exposed to motivational speakers such as “Meet the Apprentice” Saira Khan, as seen on TV
  • Participate in business simulation games
  • Network with other high achieving applicants
  • Experience what it’s like being a University student before actually going to a University
  • Get a taste of Brunel Business Life Employability Programme

Bootcamp group 2

Here’s what some of the participants of the February ‘15 Boot Camp had to say about the event in the Boot Camp Facebook Group:

  • Grace Povey: Just firmed Brunel! Look forward to seeing some of you there x 🙂
  • Wosam Atrash: Great Uni, great teachers, great friends & one epic experience!
  • SJ Obadina: The bootcamp was an amazing experience.  I learnt so many new things and it was fun meeting new people.  Also, thank you to all the staff and student ambassadors.  You did a great job 🙂
  • Tj Higgs: Thanks guys for making the last three days so great, hopefully I will see some of you again soon and good luck for the future 🙂 Also, thanks to the group leaders for all your help! 🙂
  • Alex Downes: I’ve really enjoyed the past few days at Brunel, despite the early starts.  It has been great to meet you all, hopefully I’ll see some of you next year if not good luck in the future and whatever you decide to do.  Also a special thanks to the group leaders.
  • Smia Hussain: I loved the 2 and a half days at Brunel, they were amazing!  Definitely think my confidence has improved 🙂 Thank you to all the Business Ambassadors.  Good luck with whichever university you choose guys!
  • Jill Shah: Thanks guys! Really enjoyed it and thank you to all the Business Ambassadors! 🙂
  • Jack Irwin: Great three days guys! Well done to all the teams – and to the winners!
  • Michaela Williams: So much fun meeting you all and really enjoyed the opportunity to work alongside you all!  Thank you to the ambassadors and leaders!
  • Bizhan Neromand: It was a wonderful experience and an unforgettable boot camp! Best memories…Thanks everyone! 🙂

Bootcamp winning team


Business Schools need to differentiate themselves in how they deliver knowledge, says Professor Amir Sharif.

In a recent FT article, Professor Amir Sharif, acting Head of Brunel Business School, suggests Business Schools don’t leave difference to rankings alone. Why not be innovative through the delivery of management knowledge: academic content, real life employability skills and the right learning processes?

Amir Sharif

Professor Amir Sharif, acting Head of Brunel Business School

To be truly distinctive, business schools need to look at how they deliver management education. As the number of business schools continues to expand globally year-on-year, every incumbent tries to differentiate itself from the crowd.

Far too often this has meant jumping on the next management bandwagon and teaching the latest fad. While this may be important it is hardly innovative or distinctive and is in danger of slowly leading all business schools to become derivatives of one another.

So does differentiation and distinctiveness in the business school market exist? It would be a shame – for student choice and for the evolution of the sector – if differentiation were to boil down to purely a position in the rankings. For many students, proceeding with a management education still equates with improved opportunities for career advancement and the prospect of securing a salary increase. Is this all that differentiates business schools from one another? Currently Moocs, (massive open online courses) private universities, publishers and corporate universities are seen as disrupters of the traditional business education model. However, perhaps the real disrupter and point of differentiation should be the student experience and the delivery of research-led management education.

Business schools not only need to continue to arm their students with the right employability skills, but also with the right learning perspectives to support life-long learning. One step towards this would be for business schools to develop and deliver programmes which incorporate academic and skills-based competency development as a combined body of knowledge. More…

Professor Amir Sharif is Acting Head of Brunel Business School, Brunel University London. @amsharif

Bright Futures provided by the WestFocus group

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Attend our one day workshop to practise and develop enterprise skills

Bright Futures is a FREE one day enterprise skills workshop run by West Focus. It’s a great opportunity for ambitious students wanting to get ahead to develop skills like networking, communication, negotiation and pitching an idea.

Who is it for?

Bright Futures is FREE for students at these universities: Brunel, Kingston, Royal Holloway, Roehampton, Westminster and St Georges with a small charge for students from outside of these universities.

You will benefit from attending no matter what you study; you can be at any level and can be studying part or full time.

Why should I apply? Bright F

Attending Bright Futures will help you;

  • Develop yourself and enterprising spirit
  • Start communicating more effectively
  • Build your networking skills to help you find jobs and support for your ideas
  • Meet like-minded students and successful people

How do I apply?

Application is simple and FREE. You will need to register on Eventbrite

Students learn business where East meets West

A week-long study tour to Istanbul, Turkey was carried out recently for the third year running, led by MSc Management course leader Dr Grahame Fallon for Brunel Business School under the umbrella of Business Life – our unique employability programme.  Seven MSc Management students were sponsored by the School to take part in this all expenses paid business trip to Turkey,  following a strict selection process by means of psychometric testing and scrutiny of their submitted CVs.


The tour began with a celebratory dinner at a seaside restaurant in Istanbul, hosted by Professor Sibel  Yamak of Galatasary University. The following day saw visits to a large factory ran by a washing machine company called Arcelik, producing Beko appliances for the international market, where students had a chance to network and learn about conducting international business in Turkey from the owners and managers of a cluster of small businesses called EkinKimya.

factory visit  in Turkey

The next day was spent at Galatasaray University, with a morning business presentation from  the senior management of Dekon Congress and Tourism Company, followed by an afternoon lecture by Ali Agaoglu, a leading Turkish economist and Editor of Fortune Magazine.

The day after that centred on a visit to a textile company – Kardem, where students learned business operations from its senior managers, followed by a farewell dinner with the Galatasaray faculty at a beautiful restaurant beside the Bosporus. The final morning was spent on a sightseeing visit to the historic centre of Istanbul, where students had a chance to learn more about the fascinating culture and history of Turkey.

Dr Grahame Fallon, Brunel MSc Management Course Director, commented:

“As in the past, the tour provided considerable added value for the student participants, who learnt much from this extensive programme of factory visits and expert talks and presentations. These activities, with the accompanying social programme, enabled students to contextualise their classroom based work clearly within a global city and emerging market environment, with considerable resultant advantages from their employability and career development perspectives. “

Prof Fallon with Student on factory visit

One student has since reported back on his experiences as a tour member, stating that;

“The 5 days spent in Istanbul provided us with practical business skills. From my point of view, it was a really good way to improve our business knowledge, because as students we need practical lessons as well as theoretical ones. The factory visits and talks gave me exactly what I needed for my future business projects and career.”


Brunel MBA student receives certificate from Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Brunel MBA student, Rajan Dua, has received a certificate in recognition of his work done as Low Carbon Entrepreneur Ambassador by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

BBS Student Profiles 5A

The Mayor’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur 2014 competition was open to London’s further and higher education students and recent graduates.  The 2014 Low Carbon Entrepreneur, in partnership with Siemens, were looking for innovative ideas to help us reduce London’s CO2 emissions by 60 per cent before 2025 with a 20K prize for the overall winner.

Rajan’s project – Green Wall Street, aims to educate new generations of citizens on current environmental and sustainability issues by running an awareness progress program in partnership with schools, colleges, universities, local councils and organisations.  The Green Wall Street project also aims to provide them with an innovative and technology driven platform that would further facilitate learning and encourage users to network with other people, undertake green projects and showcase their achievements to the rest of the world, thus building a strong foundation to combat global environmental problems.

Rajan commented, “Participating in Low Carbon Entrepreneur 2014 competition has been a wonderful, learning and rewarding experience. It has given us a great opportunity to showcase our ideas and contribute towards building green city of tomorrow. I also volunteered as Ambassador for Brunel University and had pleasure promoting the event within Brunel and happy that this time we have seen increased participation from Brunel. The possibilities at Low Carbon Entrepreneur competition are endless from getting funding to implement your bright idea to several rewards in form of internship opportunities at Siemens and City Hall. I look forward to further develop my idea and participate again in Low Carbon Entrepreneur 2015 competition.”

Rajan is currently enrolled on the Brunel MBA programme at Brunel Business School.  You can view his profile on LinkedIn for details of his professional career and education.

To find out more about the Brunel MBA please visit our website.

Employment on upward trend amongst BBS postgraduate students

We’re pleased to report the latest findings of the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey, carried out annually for the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). The an annual national survey, conducted on UK and EU graduates at this point only, is carried out by every higher education institution in the UK, asks leavers from higher education what they are doing six months after graduation.

The most recent survey undertaken by the Brunel Placement and Career Centre on 2013 graduates from Brunel University shows positive trends in employment outcomes for postgraduate student in Brunel Business School.

  • The number of postgraduate leavers from Brunel Business School in employment has risen by 7.4%.
  • The number of leavers in further study has increased 2% and the number combining work and study has decreased by 2.3%.
  • The number of unemployment has decreased by 6.8%.

Outcomes overall have continued their upward trend with 88% of 2013 postgraduate leavers experiencing a positive outcome – that’s 12.9% more than in 2012.


Employability initiatives from Brunel Business School such as Brunel Business Life or Postgraduate Work Placements may be a contributing factor, as more and more postgraduate students take advantage of the professional training and networking opportunities provided by the School alongside their degree.