Academic research within Brunel Business School has grown both in significance as well as volume in recent years.

In the most recent RAE, 80% of the School’s research output was rated as of international standard (4*-2*); 10% of the output was oficially ranked as world-class and the School achieved a four-fold increase in the number of staff submitted compared with RAE2001, with a significant increase in those rated as world-class (4*).

The School boasts six well-focused research groups,all with international profiles, which address six main themes:

  • Organisation and employment studies;
  • Marketing;
  • Entrepreneurship, international business and innovation in emerging markets;
  • Management information systems;
  • Accounting and auditing;
  • Operations and supply chain management.

Recent research includes:

  • EU-funded projects on a ubiquitous participation platform for policy-making processes; citizen-orientated evaluation of eGovernment services and the changing nature of internationalisation of innovation in Europe;
  • ESRC-funded research on emotional entrepreneurs,statistical modelling of interdependence in economics;
  • ESRC/TSB-funded knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) on business innovation through inclusivity of elderly people;
  • Intellectual Property Office (IPO)-funded project on the value of patent protection for UK innovators; and
  • Qatar National Research-funded project on integrated models for evaluating eGovernment services transformation.

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