Paper Development Workshop Special Issue: MIGRATION ‘MANAGEMENT’

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Paper Development Workshop


Tensions, Challenges, and Opportunities for Inclusion




10:00 am – 3:00 pm








AMD and Brunel Business School, Brunel University London invite you to a unique opportunity for management scholars to develop their work for possible publication in AMD. During this workshop for the forthcoming special issue on Migration Management, participants will meet with AMD Editor Prof Peter Bamberger and three of the seven Guest Editors Dr Joana Vassilopoulou, Prof Dimitria Groutsis & Prof Mustafa Ozbilgin to discuss their preliminary work.


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As space is limited, preference will be given first to those whose extended abstracts are being discussed in the roundtables. Additional spots will be allocated on the basis of first come, first served.

  • Those who wish to have their paper ideas discussed should submit an extended abstract (between 5 and 10 pages of text) by *6-January 2020*
  • The abstract should provide a synopsis of the research question, its relevance and significance, a statement relating to the limited ability of extant concepts and/or theory to provide a coherent response to that question, the empirical approach, and the implications of the findings for future theorizing.
  • Extended abstracts should be about 5 – 10 pages, double spaced, excluding tables, figures and references.
  • Those who wish to participate in the workshop without submitting a paper for review and discussion need only register (Select “Attending without submitting an abstract” on the form).
  • Paper feedback sessions are open to all, but discussions will revolve around papers submitted and accepted for discussion at the workshop.

Submission Deadline: 6-JANUARY 2020.

Register and submit your extended abstract


Please note: Papers that are accepted to and developed through the workshop does not guarantee acceptance and publication in the AMD SI. These papers will need to go through the same peer review process as any AMD submission. However, it is our hope that the workshop experience will provide attendees with substantive feedback to improve their work.

Redefining Equality and Diversity in the Information Age

profileMustafaOzbilgin 2Professor Mustafa Özbilgin, Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at Brunel Business School, enjoyed a key speaking slot at the recent Global Equality and Diversity: Redefining Equality and Diversity in the Information Age conference held on the 4th November.

The focus of the conference, held at the Noon Centre for Equality and Diversity in Business at the University of East London, was diversity and equality in the information age and included sessions on information and communication technologies as well as diversity and pay discrimination.

Chaired by Lord Patel of Bradford OBE with an opening address by Lord Gulam Noon MBE, Chancellor of the University of East London, the conference was well attended by academic researchers and policy advocates on the subject.

Professor Özbilgin presented a business case for diversity – a collaborative research project with Ahu Tatli, Gulce Ipek and Muhammad Sameer – which explained why a focus on the business case argument is wider than profitability alone.

In his presentation, Professor Özbilgin also emphasised the importance of considering a wider range of stakeholders such as the community, employees, customers and the social and ecological environment when thinking about business focussed diversity.

Other speakers at the conference included Dr Nancy J Hafkin, Senior Associate, Women in Global Science and Technology (WISAT), retired, United Nations, and Trevor Phillips OBE, former chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Video and podcasts from the conference can be viewed free at Policy Review TV