Dr Aida Hajro nominated to the editorial review board of The Academy of Management Review

Aida Hajro_opt v2

Dr Aida Hajro, Senior Lecturer in International Business at BBS, has been nominated to serve on the editorial review board (ERB) of The Academy of Management Review (AMR). AMR is among the highest cited (impact factor of 7.82) and ranked (#1 among business journals and #1 among management journals) of all management journals, and is distributed quarterly to 16,073 subscribers. Being nominated to the ERB is an acknowledgement of Aida’s accomplishments as a researcher and further proof of the great work done by BBS scholars.

BBS to deliver ‘Micro-MBA’ to HM Treasury

Brunel Business School will be delivering a 5-month ‘Micro-MBA’ to HM Treasury Government Department, starting in March 2015. This opportunity builds on the relationship established by Professor Zahir Irani (Dean of College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences) during his full-time secondment to the Cabinet Office as Senior Policy Advisor during 2014 and subsequent on-going advisory role.

imagesThis innovative programme will cover areas ranging from leadership values through to strategic planning. There is also a strong personal development aspect to the programme, which involves sessions on personal and organisational resilience. Joh Kingman the second Permanent Secretary to the Treasury, has fully supported the initiative and commented on the ‘relevance and informative’ nature of the programme.

The Micro-MBA is a result of a collaborative design process of building a programme that meets the needs of HM Treasury, which is being sponsored by Ms Becky Wyse (Head of Growth Strategy, HMT) who commented that:

“The Micro-MBA enables future HMT leaders to develop a vital understanding of leadership and management techniques in the 21st century.  We’re enormously grateful to Brunel for bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to the course, which the department will benefit from for many years”.

The programme will kick-off with a 2 day residential programme at Brunel, where attendees that will have been selected through a rigorous process will be able to experience the look, feel and resources available across the University. Professor Irani commented:

“Brunel is developing strong links across Government and I am pleased to be able to find ways in which we are able to develop Civil Servants in being able to serve the public better through the excellent work that they do”.

Brunel Business School has a dedicated team of experienced staff responsible for delivering this Micro-MBA, with Dr Ramzi El-Haddadeh, who has been closely involved in the programme development, appointed as the Micro-MBA course director by the Dean.

BBS Boot Camp Amazing, says Applicants

Brunel Business School held it’s sixth successful Boot Camp for university applicants, which took place from 17-19 February 2015.  A second Boot Camp for this year will be taking place by Brunel Business School in April 2015.

Bootcamp group 1

The Business Boot Camp  at Brunel Business School is an exclusive event for candidates holding an offer to pursue their Business Degree in Brunel University London. The Boot Camp is a residential event, allowing participants to truly experience being a student and living on campus.

This interactive event offers participants an opportunity to:

  • Engage within a stimulating learning environment
  • Be exposed to the latest business thinking
  • Develop aptitude and critical thinking skills
  • Be exposed to motivational speakers such as “Meet the Apprentice” Saira Khan, as seen on TV
  • Participate in business simulation games
  • Network with other high achieving applicants
  • Experience what it’s like being a University student before actually going to a University
  • Get a taste of Brunel Business Life Employability Programme

Bootcamp group 2

Here’s what some of the participants of the February ‘15 Boot Camp had to say about the event in the Boot Camp Facebook Group:

  • Grace Povey: Just firmed Brunel! Look forward to seeing some of you there x 🙂
  • Wosam Atrash: Great Uni, great teachers, great friends & one epic experience!
  • SJ Obadina: The bootcamp was an amazing experience.  I learnt so many new things and it was fun meeting new people.  Also, thank you to all the staff and student ambassadors.  You did a great job 🙂
  • Tj Higgs: Thanks guys for making the last three days so great, hopefully I will see some of you again soon and good luck for the future 🙂 Also, thanks to the group leaders for all your help! 🙂
  • Alex Downes: I’ve really enjoyed the past few days at Brunel, despite the early starts.  It has been great to meet you all, hopefully I’ll see some of you next year if not good luck in the future and whatever you decide to do.  Also a special thanks to the group leaders.
  • Smia Hussain: I loved the 2 and a half days at Brunel, they were amazing!  Definitely think my confidence has improved 🙂 Thank you to all the Business Ambassadors.  Good luck with whichever university you choose guys!
  • Jill Shah: Thanks guys! Really enjoyed it and thank you to all the Business Ambassadors! 🙂
  • Jack Irwin: Great three days guys! Well done to all the teams – and to the winners!
  • Michaela Williams: So much fun meeting you all and really enjoyed the opportunity to work alongside you all!  Thank you to the ambassadors and leaders!
  • Bizhan Neromand: It was a wonderful experience and an unforgettable boot camp! Best memories…Thanks everyone! 🙂

Bootcamp winning team


BBS Goes East: Successful Visit to China


Professor Julia Buckingham, Vice-Chancellor, Brunel University London, with Dr Eden Y Woo, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, The Hong King University of Science and Technology

In October, Acting Head of School, Professor Amir Sharif, represented Brunel Business School as part of a senior University delegation to China to develop and strengthen links with university alumni, and to pursue collaborative links with Chinese universities and companies.

The visit included the University‘s Vice Chancellor, Professor Julia Buckingham, Professor Andrew George, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education and International), the Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Clive Gee (with much support from the development office), and International Strategy Manager, Leina Shi.

Alumni Events

The thrust of the visit was a succession of alumni events which were held in in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai with a wide range of alumni and their guests in attendance, including a strong representation of Business School alumni from undergraduate and postgraduate degrees including the Brunel MBA.

Shanghai alumni event on the 13th October

All former students were enthusiastic to meet with BBS colleagues and to update the team on their individual career paths. Several students had successfully setup their own companies or were working for leading national or multinational companies in the region.
Edward Zhou, MBA Alumnus, who attended the Hong Kong event on the 6th October, was particularly pleased to have attended. Through networking at event he was able to secure much needed development interest in his cooking “robot” invention.

“I did enjoy the Alumni event in Hong Kong. It was well organised. Brunel is always increasing its performance in terms of ranking and creative thinking. I am excited for the future of our University.”

Edward Zhou, 2013 MBA Alumnus

Professor Sharif, who presented a talk on innovation, knowledge and organisational performance during the Shanghai visit, was delighted with the collaborative nature of the visit overall.

“BBS will be seeking to pursue a number of exciting collaborative opportunities as a result, including School-level support for Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai-based alumni chapters as part of a wider and developing University strategy to strengthen its presence in China and the region.”

Professor Amir Sharif, Acting Head of Business School (College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences)

Academic Representatives

Also part of the delegation were a number academic representatives from various University departments including Professor Hua Zhao, Vice Dean for Research, (College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences); Professor Guy Liu, Professor of Economics (Department of Economics and Finance), and Dr Weifeng Chen, Lecturer in International Business (Brunel Business School) who added:

“It is truly a magnificent experience for me to meet our Brunel Business School former students in Beijing and Shanghai who we used to meet in Brunel back in London.  They are all now thriving and successful in the fastest growing market – China.”

Dr Weifeng Chen, Lecturer, Business School (College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences)

Success from City to City
For a full report on the China visit including comments from Brunel alumni, please visit the Brunel University London website.

The undue influence of US business schools

profileZahirIraniProfessor Zahir Irani writes in The Conversation, 15th October, about the US business schools who dominate the Princeton Review rankings. Can business schools in the UK and other regions ever catch up and why should they continue to try?

Professor Irani acknowledges the quality US giants extend on best business practice, but suggests mimicking the US model to build recognition within the US has implications and may be changing the role of business schools. It also places pressure on the business academic to publish in top US journals.

“A gold standard is one thing, but we have reached a point where we have a monoculture in leadership and management to the exclusion of others.

Professor Zahir Irani is Dean of the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences at Brunel University London. @zahirirani1