Meet our new colleagues: Dr Pavel Laczko

Dr Pavel Laczko joined us as a Lecturer in Digital Marketing.


Dr Laczko is an advocate and practitioner of the systems approach, and visual & design thinking in both organizations and classrooms. He specialises in phenomenon-driven longitudinal processual research in the domains of the digital economy and organizational change.


In addition to his teaching experience in Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship, New Product & Service Development, Pavel has also worked as a digital strategy consultant and advisor to early start-ups & SMEs.


He joined Brunel after finishing his bursary-funded PhD in ‘Digital Innovation’ at Portsmouth Business School, UK.


Outside academia, Pavel’s interest spreads across several areas; he plays chess, and likes solving chess puzzles (…” the only sport that goes well with Islay whisky”); he specialises in Austro-Hungarian history (975-1918), and he is an amateur horticulturist, collecting and hybridising plants in Nepenthaceae genus. Since early childhood, Pavel has a passion for alpine mountaineering, every year, spending both summer and winter holidays in alpine zones around Europe

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