Government of Bangladesh show interest in Dr Bidit Dey’s work

The Government of Bangladesh has commended Dr Bidit Dey’s research findings on co-technology development in mobile telephone industry, and shown interest in applying it in their current and future policies in supporting the electric vehicle industry.


Dr Dey has been extensively researching and publishing on co-creation in mobile telephone industry. His articles published on Technological Forecasting and Social Change and Information Systems Frontier drew significant interest amongst the policy makers in Bangladesh, who are keen to boost the electric vehicle industry as part of their strategy to reduce dependency on fossil fuel.


Bangladesh is already one of the world’s most energy-poor countries, and there is a large gap between power supply and demand. In rural areas, only 42% of the population have access to electricity, and the Government has been struggling to boost production. As Bangladesh is also among the countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, it has vowed to use 100% renewable energy by 2050. However, the country is off track to meet that target.


The Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources of the Government of Bangladesh is determined to change this. In this regard, Dr Dey’s research on ICTs and co-creation has strong potential to inform the implementation of policies in the energy sector. The State Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Mr Nosrul Hamid has expressed his keen interest to emulate the business ecosystem and co-technology development model suggested in Dr Dey’s published work.


More information about Dr Dey’s work, can be found here.

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