Brunel Business School hosts interdisciplinary research sandpit event on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

On May 2nd and 3rd, Brunel Business School hosted about 25 academics from multiple disciplines, ranging from anthropology to physics, and from four countries, to consider the implications of Big Data and of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for individuals, organisations and society. This event was led by Professor Ashley Braganza, who is Deputy Dean, CBASS and Professor of Business Transformation at Brunel Business School, and by Professor Maureen Meadows, who is Professor of Strategy at Coventry University’s Centre for Business in Society.

AI 01 IMG_5273


Over the course of two days, the participants in this event explored various future scenarios resulting from the confluence between the generalised collection and processing of large volumes of data and the ubiquitous adoption of artificial intelligence. The researchers then explored a multitude of first, second and third order consequences from these phenomena. These, subsequently, informed the definition of a set of research priorities and associated overarching research questions. Finally, the researchers agreed on a number of targeted initiatives to foster greater collaboration and interdisciplinary research in this area.

AI Bigdata group.jpg


Reflecting on the event, Professor Braganza said:

“Having different disciplines in the room discussing AI made a hugely positive impact as colleagues were able to challenge taken-for-granted assumptions to get under the skin of how AI is going to impact on how we work, live and interact with each other.”


This event was sponsored by Brunel Business School including the HR/OB Research Group, and by the following special interest groups from the British Academy of Management:




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