Professor Ashley Braganza responds in the Thomas Cook boycott debate

The tragic death of two children, Christi and Bobby Sheperd, due to a faulty boiler in their holiday home in Corfu continues to spark controversy over Thomas Cook’s perceived initial handling of the case, and the subsequent calls for a boycott by members of the public.

BBS UKIERI Ashley Braganza 2AIn a BBC news report on Sunday, Ashley Braganza, Professor of Organisational Transformation at Brunel Business School, said Thomas Cook had “started to take steps to show a more compassionate side”.

“If that compassion comes across as being authentic and genuine, if the organisation were to say, ‘yes we made a mistake and we are genuinely looking to make up for this’, I think people are more likely to be forgiving,” he said.

“I can imagine that in the short term they will potentially suffer financially as people carry through their boycott.”

“In terms of what damage this has done to the brand in the longer term it’s going to be hard to assess.”

Full BBC News online report

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