Looking after leadership skills in healthcare

healthcareDoctors and nurses are increasingly signing up for management qualifications – such as those offered by the Brunel Business School – to give their careers a boost.

Brunel’s specialist MBA in Healthcare Management is designed to give healthcare professionals the chance to study core modules with general MBA students and a choice of more specific healthcare modules.

Professor Francesco Moscone, Director of MBA programmes at Brunel, told The Independent’s i newspaper that leadership skills were now an important element within the healthcare industry because the public sector has begun to realise it needs people who can understand issues such as finance, prioritising and managing people.

Prof Francesco Moscone

Prof Francesco Moscone

Professor Moscone added:

“If you want to go for a leadership role, if, for example, you want to be CEO of Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, you really will have to have leadership skills.

This MBA will give them the right skills, the combination of theory and practice they need and the focus on management and health policy. They would then be able to become a CEO or an entrepreneur.”

The full article was published in i newspaper on 21st May. For more information about the MBA in healthcare management visit here.

Professor Francesco Moscone is Director of the MBA programs and former head of the Centre of Research into Entrepreneurship, International Business in Emerging Markets. He has previously worked at the University of Leicester, University of Cambridge, and London School of Economics (LSE). He has held visiting scholar positions at University of California-Berkeley, University Pompeu Fabra, and LSE. He has worked as health economist for the National Collaborating Centre for Women and Children\’s Health, and the National Agency for Regional Health Services. Francesco is currently co-investigating a major EPSRC (UK government funding) grant entitled \”Semantic Credit Risk Assessment of Business Ecosystems\”. He has also been the principal investigator on an ESRC (UK government funding) research grant entitled \”Statistical Modelling of Interdependence in Economics\”, and on the UK part of a major EU grant entitled \”Biopool- Services associated to digitalise contents of tissues in Biobanks across Europe\”. Further, he has acted as co-investigator for the grant \”Economic Performance and Quality of Life in European Cities\” awarded by the Economics Education and Research Consortium. Francesco is associate editor of the journals Empirical Economics and Economic Modelling and a Member of ESRC Peer Review College.

One thought on “Looking after leadership skills in healthcare

  1. The health care field is a complex industry with different players, from end-user patient to insurance companies to large medical facilities. Thus health care professionals face complex issues and difficulties in trying to keep their organisations competitive and financially viable.Moreover, the last decade health costs have increased faster than has general inflation Therefore, I am totally agree with professor Moscone that if you need to go for leadership role in this complex health care environment, you need to improve your managerial skills .professor Moscone was my professor during my MBA in Brunel university and I had a very precious opportunity to discuss a lot of healthcare managerial and economic issues with him.

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