Excellent results for the Brunel MBA in CEO Magazine’s Rankings 2015

In results recently released by CEO Magazine’s new annual MBA rankings, Brunel Business Schools Masters of Business Administration has maintained its Tier One position in the European Rankings for 2015. In addition we have continued to rise up through the ranks and are now placed at 18th position in the Global Top MBA Rankings.

This is great news for the Brunel MBA programme, its students and Alumni. Congratulations to all.


The CEO Magazine states:

CEO Magazine’s new annual MBA rankings have been compiled based upon key performance indicators considered to be of interest and value to potential students. Thus, international diversity, class sizes, student work experience, faculty-to-student ratios, and faculty qualifications – both academic and professional – have been given considerable weight. With competition between business schools continuing to increase, it is important for schools to understand what students really want. Schools ranked highly by CEO Magazine have been successful in this goal.

Prof Amir Sharif, Acting Head of Business School remarked on the success saying:

“I am delighted to see our flagship Brunel MBA programme continue to be prominent in the CEO Magazine Global MBA rankings. As an award-winning and progressive UK business school, I believe our MBA programme provides a compelling mix of research-based knowledge as well as practitioner and self development insight in order to support the development of the next generation of business leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.”

To view the magazine in full please visit the CEO Magazine website or click rankings


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