The student experience should grow out of a culture of feedback and exchange

Our own Dr Klaus writes this week’s Soapbox for the Financial Times

“Students and teachers should have an opportunity to exchange views on performance and other matters in frequent sessions during the semester in a non-threatening, non-confrontational environment. This would allow both sides to analyse each other’s perceptions and discuss possible solutions to try to make the learning environment a mutually rewarding experience.


Not only should the students’ experiences be assessed during their time at university, but also, more importantly, years later, once they have left university. It is only when students apply their knowledge that they can judge how beneficial their experience was in relation to their career and life goals.”

Dr Philipp “Phil” Klaus is a marketing lecturer at Brunel Business School and the author of Measuring Customer Experience – How to Develop and Execute the Most Profitable Customer Experience Strategies.

2 thoughts on “The student experience should grow out of a culture of feedback and exchange

  1. I am totally agreewith Dr Kalus, as I am Brunel MBA alumni and after one year of my study I have different Prospective about my MBA. During the course I was not happy about some subject and I was asking my self why we do this. However,after I apply my MBA knowledge and experience I can understand how beneficial and crucial of every subject I was not happy with.

    • Thank you so very much for your lines of agreement, Sherif. It highlights exactly when and how you and your fellow students/alumni can determine the true value of their education. Much appreciated.

      Dr. Phil Klaus MBA, MRes

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