Volunteering @ Brunel

Members of Staff in the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences were delighted with recent figures released by the Brunel Volunteer service which illustrates the commitment of its student body to volunteer with local organisations and charities. In the last year, 267 students from the College completed a total of 10,374 hours of volunteering, which was just over 50% of the total hours completed by the whole University. The College works hard to encourage students to participate in volunteering as it helps students appreciate their role in the community and to value their own contribution to society when they leave as graduates. In addition, volunteering provides students with a range of valuable work experiences and skills that are transferable to the workplace when they leave us to develop their careers.

Two students who have just graduated from the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences reflect on their experiences as a Brunel Volunteer.

Arronjeev photoArronjeev Bajwa, BSc (Hons) Business and Management Marketing graduate: Let’s Get Cooking Volunteer

“Brunel Volunteers has been an inevitable part of my development during my time at Brunel. Not only has volunteering allowed me to meet lots of new people, it has also enabled me to develop key skills such as teamwork, confidence building, communication, leadership and most importantly for me the ability to liaise with people at all levels and tailor my communication accordingly.”

Jemima photoJemima Khalli, BA (Hons) English with Creative Writing graduate: Volunteer Chair

“I strongly believe that volunteering is a great way to meet new people in and around the Brunel community. University is all about personal development and growth; for me, volunteering is brilliant for that!”




If you are an organisation looking for volunteers, please email Brunel.volunteers@brunel.ac.uk


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