Two BBS academics articles’ accepted in CMI Top Management Articles

Both Professor Raymond Hackney and Dr Tony Tollington have recently had their papers accepted into the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) of Top Management Articles database.

Following review and acceptance the articles have been included in the Chartered Management Institute database which will allow UK practicing managers to review the latest management research as determined by CMI.  Each article will then be reviewed and rated by members of the Chartered Management Institute, with the top five articles going on to be published in a special report.

Details of Professor Raymond Hackney’s article, co-authored with Dr Rana Tassabehji (Bradford University), are as follows:

‘Hey You? Get Off My Cloud’: evaluation of cloud service models for business value

Abstract: Recent reports (Harvard MBA) note that managers need to operate at the intersection of business and current technology. Most notably, ‘Strategy is not just informed by technology but powered by it’ (Accenture, 2014). The opportunity to evaluate aspects of ‘cloud service models’, as critically new systems, is therefore invaluable. Our article offers a pragmatic view of the characteristics of these technologies and a useful approach for identifying which may be most suitable in relation to the generation of business value. An example is provided of cloud service requirements within a multi-national pharmaceutical company which may be considered in other organisational contexts of interest.

profileRaymondHackneyProfessor Raymond Hackney is Chair in Business Systems within the Business School. He has served on the Board of the UKAIS, acted as an Associate Editor for a number of journals and is case editor for IJIM. He was President of IRMA (2002) and is now an Executive Member of the Information Institute

Details of Dr Tony Tollington’s article is as follows:

‘Accounting complicity in the creation of monetary ‘assets’ by commercial banks’

Abstract: John F Kennedy said “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” Arguably, one of the greatest “moral crisis” of our time is the wanton creation of money perpetrated by commercial banks through the issue of re-hypothecated financial instruments. The accounting profession “maintain their neutrality” through accommodating accounting rules in the disclosure of such instruments as assets on the balance sheet. And they will burn for it.

profileTonyTollingtonDr Tony Tollington is a Reader in Accounting at Brunel Business School and a professionally qualified management accountant. He has nine years professional accounting experience, including five years at Chief Accountant level, after which he joined academia and completed his PhD at Kings College London with a study of  goodwill accounting.  He joined Brunel Business School in 2005.

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