Leverhulme Trust extends funding for Brunel HR Research

Professor Neil Andlogoerson from Brunel Business School has announced the successful extension of funding to the Innovation Collaborative Research Network (ICRN)  by the Leverhulme Trust Foundation. The extension was granted for additional 6 months and will allow for the completion of a number of within-organization data collections, publications, and deliverables that are ongoing in the UK, Holland, and Spain.

Professor Neil saysLeverhulme were very positive over our end of Year 1 report, and this extension means that our Centre has now grown in lifespan from 24 to 30 months in total with further funding applications already under consideration”.

Professor Neil Anderson is a lecturer in Human Resource Management and is also the Director of Research of the Work and Organisation Research centre (WORC) at Brunel Business School, Brunel University – LondonDr Ana Cristina Costa, Senior Lecturer Human Resource Management – Organizational Behaviour at Brunel Business School has co-founded the ICRN with Professor Neil Anderson.

Launched in 2012, the Innovation Collaborative Research Network (ICRN)provides a focal point for world-class research and consultancy into issues related to innovation management and well-being including:

  • Performance and Innovation at Work
  • Human Resource Management and Well-being
  • Leadership Styles for Innovation
  • Organizational Processes and Human Capital
  • Team-level Innovation
  • Selection for Employee Creativity

Based at Brunel University – London the Innovation Collaborative Research Network (ICRN)draws on a variety of disciplines to study the impact of innovation on employee well-being and on key performance outcomes at individual level, work group or team, and the organization. In collaboration with corporate partners the group provides highly practical advice, support and consultancy guidance. The group also organises thematic symposia for practitioners and researchers based on the research taking place across different countries.

The three European centres, UK, Holland and Spain, combine different expertise on applied research into innovation, well-being, and job performance. The Innovation Collaborative Research Network (ICRN)is formed to study the effects of positive and negative stimuli to innovation with regard to the psychological well-being of individuals and teams in organizations who are affected

ICRN aims to further the understanding of the relations between creativity and innovation at work, job performance and well-being. Their Current research is focused around field research to develop leading practices and ways to improve decision-making during the implementation of innovation processes.

The ICRN group has published a series of Books, Book Chapters and Refereed Journal Articles.

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