Students learn business where East meets West

A week-long study tour to Istanbul, Turkey was carried out recently for the third year running, led by MSc Management course leader Dr Grahame Fallon for Brunel Business School under the umbrella of Business Life – our unique employability programme.  Seven MSc Management students were sponsored by the School to take part in this all expenses paid business trip to Turkey,  following a strict selection process by means of psychometric testing and scrutiny of their submitted CVs.


The tour began with a celebratory dinner at a seaside restaurant in Istanbul, hosted by Professor Sibel  Yamak of Galatasary University. The following day saw visits to a large factory ran by a washing machine company called Arcelik, producing Beko appliances for the international market, where students had a chance to network and learn about conducting international business in Turkey from the owners and managers of a cluster of small businesses called EkinKimya.

factory visit  in Turkey

The next day was spent at Galatasaray University, with a morning business presentation from  the senior management of Dekon Congress and Tourism Company, followed by an afternoon lecture by Ali Agaoglu, a leading Turkish economist and Editor of Fortune Magazine.

The day after that centred on a visit to a textile company – Kardem, where students learned business operations from its senior managers, followed by a farewell dinner with the Galatasaray faculty at a beautiful restaurant beside the Bosporus. The final morning was spent on a sightseeing visit to the historic centre of Istanbul, where students had a chance to learn more about the fascinating culture and history of Turkey.

Dr Grahame Fallon, Brunel MSc Management Course Director, commented:

“As in the past, the tour provided considerable added value for the student participants, who learnt much from this extensive programme of factory visits and expert talks and presentations. These activities, with the accompanying social programme, enabled students to contextualise their classroom based work clearly within a global city and emerging market environment, with considerable resultant advantages from their employability and career development perspectives. “

Prof Fallon with Student on factory visit

One student has since reported back on his experiences as a tour member, stating that;

“The 5 days spent in Istanbul provided us with practical business skills. From my point of view, it was a really good way to improve our business knowledge, because as students we need practical lessons as well as theoretical ones. The factory visits and talks gave me exactly what I needed for my future business projects and career.”


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