Photography Award for Brunel Business School’s Staff

We are pleased to announce that Dan Ketchell, Brunel Business School’s Operations & Finance Administrator, has won one of the 2014 awards for his photography featured in the Beldam Gallery as part of the All Our Own Work exhibition.

Dan has chosen 3 pictures to be featured in the Beldam Gallery exhibition, along with other exciting exhibits from new talents taking part in the Arts Centre Programme where classes include pottery, painting, life drawing, digital photography and more.

The exhibition All Our Own Work is a ’testament to the dedication of those taking Arts Centre Classes and to the skills and talent of those who teach and support them’ said Jay Wilkinson, Director, Arts Centre.Dan's picture

Dan’s award winning picture piece is a black and white portrait of a Brunel Student taken inside the Brunel Lecture Centre, a close-up photo taken with a long lens. Dan explained that his favourite features of the photo was the glow in the girl’s eyes, an effect achieved by using a light reflector, one of the skills he learnt on the digital photography course.

The exhibition closes today at 5pm, so please hurry to visit the Beldam Gallery in the Eastern Gateway Building to see Dan’s featured work and other budding artists.

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