Top 5 things you need from a Masters in Management

We filmed an interview recently with MSc Management Course Director, Dr Grahame Fallon, to find out the top 5 things you need from a Masters in Management for career success. Watch the video below to find out what they are. We highlight the main points from the interview with the charismatic academic below:

Specialist options on a generalist course

You can be both generalist and specialist at the same time with bolt-on specialist areas of choice such as: Marketing and Branding, Innovation Management or the Creative Industries.

Employment experience and work placement

Career progression and finding suitable jobs are key for our students; hence employment experience is part of the degree programme. From your placement you identify a project, linked to the dissertation, and produce an internal consultancy report for a company.

Showcasing the degree certificate to future employers

Your specialist study and specialist placement experience is showcased on your actual degree certificate, to make it blindingly obvious for a potential employer, who is looking for a candidate that really stands out.

Engaging with businesses at high level

The Business Life programme is really supportive to your career prospects with a range of opportunities such as meeting with industry guest speakers, visits to companies and factories, and international business tours.

Accepting students from a variety of disciplines

Applications from candidates from social sciences areas and beyond who have aspirations of becoming managers are looked at seriously and positively, to put together a student body that’s multidisciplinary and international to enrich the course.

To find out more about this programme and other Masters degrees please visit the Brunel Business School website.

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