Students learn the business of entertainment on visit to O2 Arena

Students of the MSc Applied Corporate Brand Management, MBA and MSc Human Resources accompanied Dr Suraksha Gupta recently to the O2 Arena – the world’s most popular entertainment venue – as part of the Business Life programme of visits.

O2 Arena visit 066

The Brunel team was received by Ms Amanda Jones, O2 Head of European Marketing and the O2 resident team. A presentation delivered by the O2 team helped students to understand strategic partnership between the O2 and AEG, one of the leading sports and entertainment presenters in the world.

The O2 team explained the operational excellence of this partnership to students through a presentation. The O2 team showcased how a partnership between AEG and O2 has expanded the penetration of the O2 brand into Europe, how top music artists are sourced to play at the O2 Arena, and how the O2 team manages all acts keeping in mind the brand image of O2 including the brand experience that visitors will look for during their visit.

The presentation also highlighted how O2 tries to engage its mobile users and make them feel special through promotions. Students were taken to exclusive bar areas built for the O2 customers and saw how promotions are publicised throughout the year. Other points of the visit also included a demonstration of the interactive wall displays and a photographic video studio that informs customer as soon as the shoot is complete and plays the video throughout the main screens within the O2.

This visit gave students of Brunel Business School a great insight into how a major, internationally known venue is operated and marketed and how firms aim to exploit branding opportunities.

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