Our top pick of fun activities for 7 days of Easter break

Here’s our top pick of the fun and often free activities you can partake in during the 7 days of Easter Break. Some local, some requiring a little travel – but all great fun for you and friends!


  • Wednesday: Take part in the Guided Walks organised by the Brunel Museum. Click here.
  • Thursday: Arrange a visit with your mates to the Battle of Britain RAF Bunker in Uxbridge. Click here.
  • Friday: Celebrate 50 years of Willy Wonka and Charlie Bucket and discover fascinating facts about the history of chocolate in Kew Gardens on this hop-on hop-off train. Click here.
  • Saturday: Apple extravaganza with straw bales, hot smoked meats and some fine deep south Americana steeped blues in Hackney’s Cider Fest. Click here.
  • Sunday: Decorate an egg, make a pom-pom chick & meet the Easter Bunny on this Annual Trip: Hidden Depths Canal Cruise from King’s Cross via Islington Tunnel. Click here.
  • Monday: Come and celebrate St George’s Day in Trafalgar Square on bank holiday Monday! Click here.
  • Tuesday : Hunt one of the 650 deer with your camera in the beautiful Richmond Park. Click here.

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