From London to Mumbai: A round up of recent Alumni events

Brunel Business School hosted on a range of events for our alumni recently in addition to the events organised by the central University Alumni team. International and domestic networking events attracted past and new participants who continue to build their networking skills and make future career connections with the help of our dedicated BBS Alumni team.

Alumni Meet Up

  • December saw the Alumni team host a post-ceremony reception for graduating MBA and PhD students with their family and friends. A venue for the event was close to Central Hall Westminster and proved to be a very successful evening attracting all of the MBA graduates and some graduating PhD’s. The event provided our Alumni with the perfect opportunity for future networking purposes. We hope to repeat similar post-ceremony receptions for the upcoming July and December 2014 graduations.
  • Professor Ashley Braganza and Dr Maged Ali hosted Alumni events as part of thier overseas visits. In February events were organised in Mumbai and Chennai attracting a mix of undergraduate and postgraduate Alumni. These events proved to be an ideal platform to allow BBS to re-connect with our Alumni abroad. An MSc graduate that attended dinner organised in Mumbai with current MBA students as part of the India MBA business tour sent the following message:-

“I would just like to say that this was an incredible opportunity to meet current students of Brunel and hear their perspectives on education and careers. It was amazing to meet other Alumni and just exchange stories about how our lives have panned out wonderfully since graduation.  Of course, Professor Ashley Braganza’s programme of introducing international MBA students to Indian culture is commendable and I am confident that all those students will benefit hugely from this experience”.


  • An MBA relationship building event was hosted in February at a London restaurant. The purpose was to introduce our current MBA to Alumni and what it can offer them in the future in an informal environment. The event was very well received by the current MBA cohort with all but two of the students attending.
  • March saw the fifth annual London BBS Networking event. The event was primarily aimed at MBA and MSc Management graduates along with current MBA’s and MiM’s. It has proved to be a very popular event, growing in attendance year on year. The emphasis is on networking and providing BBS alumni with the opportunity to re-connect with former colleagues and Brunel staff, make new acquaintances and establish new business connections in a friendly and relaxed environment.
  • There are plans underway for an event to be hosted in Istanbul during Dr Grahame Fallon’s trip in May.

If you would like to find out more about BBS Alumni activities please contact us on , Tel: +44 (0)1895 265289. Alternatively please contact or register with Brunel University Alumni Office.

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