Etihad Airways invites BBS on-board for discussions on the future of aviation management

Etihad Airways is taking its growth plans to the next level with the launch of an innovative MBA graduate programme to develop home-grown leaders for the future and they recently paid us a visit to discuss a possible collaboration with Brunel Business School and Brunel MBA alumni and students.


Professor Ashley Braganza welcomed the airline’s Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Mona Walid, and Lily Pashova, Recruitment Officer, to find ways with which Brunel Business School could support Etihad’s ambitious graduate programme.

The discussions lead to preliminary interviews for over twenty alumni and current students.  Ms Walid and Ms Pashova spent the entire day at the Business School interviewing Brunel MBAs, some of them having completed the Aviation Management specialisation as part of their programme, with a view to short-listing those that met the airline’s exacting standards.  They were truly impressed by the quality and talent of Brunel MBAs.

Professor Ashley Braganza said:

Etihad is truly an impressive organisation. Given the size and scope of its operations it behaves like a nimble start-up being able to achieve some of the highest quality service levels at an incredibly fast-paced rate.  The School is proud to work with Etihad Airways and to support in every way their new MBA graduate programme.”



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