Entrepreneurial BBS students set up simple yet brilliant BookBazaar online

Ever thought buying textbooks is expensive? Don’t know what to do with your previous semester textbooks?

BB Poster 1Archit Gupta, one of Brunel Business School current students, has developed a website for students, called BookBazaar, to sell used textbooks and to buy textbooks needed for every semester.

For a close knit community of students, such as at Brunel University, this website facilitates the reselling of textbooks by allowing students to meet and exchange textbooks on campus, without any payment taking place online.

Students can register for free manually or using their Facebook credentials. Either way, we found the process of registration, and subsequent selling and buying, very fast and easy.

There are three short instructional videos to help students find their way around BookBazaar:

Buyers can search for a book and see the listed sellers and the prices. Upon choosing a suitable seller and clicking on the ‘ buy’ button an e-mail will be sent to the seller notifying him/her of the purchase request. After this, the buyer and seller can arrange to meet on campus and complete the transaction.

The BookBazaar website is run for students by students.

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