Dedication and hard work got me to FTSE 100 company, says graduate

We’ve interviewed Kurtis Patterson on the rooftop lounge of the Headquarters of British American Tobacco in London, where he works as an EEMEA Finance Manager. Kurtis takes us around the impressive building on a recent visit and shares his memories of being a Brunel Business School student and talks about his path to becoming a young executive in this FTSE 100 company.

To find our more about Brunel Business School and the Undergraduate courses available in many fields of business and management please visit our website.

5 thoughts on “Dedication and hard work got me to FTSE 100 company, says graduate

  1. Congratulations Kurtis. Very proud to see your hard work and commitment to excellence reward you with amazing experiences and opportunities. Keep up the good work and reach even greater heights!

  2. Well done Kurtis you should be very proud of yourself for all the hard work is paying off, I am proud to have been your work mummy!!!

  3. What an insightful blog : hard work and dedication are one of the foundation blocks for success.

    Kurtis is one to watch for the future!

    Well done

  4. This is a fantastic message, hard work pays off always. You never stop learning and obtaining formally recognised accreditations and diplomas whilst working demonstrates the hard work and determination required to succeed. Well done Kurtis

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