Millennium Developmental Goals talk marks United Nation’s World Toilet Day

This week, a small team of researchers, students and professionals across innovation, corporate responsibility, environmental sciences and branding disciplines marked the United Nations’ World Toilet Day. The meeting in Brunel Business School was hosted by Shyama Ramani, a Professor of Innovation and the Social Enterprise.

The main theme of the meeting was water, sanitation and waste management, an area of expertise in Brunel University, which has been granted the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education, for the ground-breaking work of the Institute for the Environment (IfE) researchers.  Professor Rakesh Kanda explained the research undertaken in IfE towards sustainable water and waste management and Professor Shyama Ramani presented the issue of sanitation management and economic empowerment in the developing countries.  Dr Suraksha Gupta, the Course Director for Applied Corporate Brand Management, explained the factors behind the involvement of corporations in such projects as part of their Social Corporate Responsibility activities.

A Brunel Business School student, Felix Gottschalk, currently pursuing the MSc in Marketing, added to the discussion by explaining his research in the area of social media impact on crowd-funding for the purpose of providing support needed by NGOs and social enterprises tasked with tackling these issues on the ground.

Watch to Prof Shyama Ramani’s presentation on the day below. To find out more about Brunel Business School research please visit our Research webpages.


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