Students experience Brand Management on a visit to Telefonica Europe HQ

As part of Brunel Business Life programme students had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Telefónica Europe in London recently. The visit, part of the highly commended employer engagement strategy of the MSc in Applied Corporate Brand Management programme, was also enjoyed by a group of BBS students across other programmes in the School. Telefonica is a world leader in telecommunications and manages some of the most popular mobile brands such as O2 in the UK, where it recently implemented the popular O2 Refresh proposition, and its European base boasts a total customer base reach of 101.8 million.


Olga Tikhomirova, a final year Business and Management marketing student, relates the experience:

 “When we arrived at the home of the O2 brand we were greeted by the friendly members of Telefonica Europe and given a presentation by Amanda Clay, Head of Brand at Telefónica Europe, and Gary Holt – the Co-Founder of SomeOne branding agency, who worked together to design and create the office building we were visiting.

Amanda and Gary covered many topics during the presentation, such as the practical aspects of corporate brand management and internal branding, combining company and consumer brand within the office space, effective communication with a branding agency employee motivation and much more. The building itself was a testimony to what they were saying as it very carefully incorporated the values of O2 so that you could ‘feel’ the brand without actually seeing its logo everywhere.

After a Q&A session we were taken on a tour around the office to see the examples of what we had just discussed.

This was a fantastic opportunity for me and all students who had attended the visit to widen our business knowledge and see it applied in practice. I believe that visits like this provide a great insight into a variety of business aspects and are highly beneficial for every business student.”

The MSc in Applied Corporate Brand Management has been shortlisted for the 2013 Times Higher Education award in the Outstanding Employer Engagement Initiative category, alongside the nomination for the School in the Business School of the Year category.


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