Sales & Operations Planning: industry speaker talks shop with students

At a recent Global Supply Chain Management MSc lecture, an industry speaker Jools Massey, a Group Procurement Systems and Governance Manager at United Biscuits, explained to our students how sales and operations planning plays a key role in Supply Chain Management for this major food and snack manufacturer.

Sharjeel Ishaque, one of the students participating in the lecture, commented on the experience:

“The lecture helped me understand operational planning and forecasting of supply chains. Moreover, my appreciation of the methodology used in forecasting of supply chains and demand volatility has been greater than ever before, following this guest lecture. The practical examples from our guest speaker, who is a practitioner, gave us a real insight of the company’s supply chain planning, operational planning process, decision making process and the imperative role that information plays between the supplier and the consumer.
Even though the lecture didn’t give us an opportunity to cover everything, it was a delight listening to the industry speaker and have a chance to ask him questions. The presentation was also very useful because it gave us some interesting data for the future.  Lectures like this give us an opportunity to learn about the industry challenges and give us ideas how to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations.”

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