Meet 2013 Team of Business Life Ambassadors

The Business Life programme at Brunel is one of the most innovative student employability schemes in the UK. It has always run with the help of student ambassadors who volunteer their time to help other students become successful professionals. So if you are not sure which workshop to attend, or wish to ask about ways you can improve your career skills, please approach them directly for a chat. They will be happy to help you!

Following recent recruitment drive we are proud to announce that we now have in place a great team from across different courses in BBS to help promote, run and develop the Business Life programme. This is a superb opportunity for Brunel Business School students, as it allows them to develop their business skills and experience, supported by an exclusive training and mentoring programme.

These young professionals will be undertaking projects such as marketing, product development, communications, business intelligence and event management, but most importantly they will serve other students in helping them fulfill their career goals by guiding them through the Business Life programme.

View the Business Life Ambassador team here:

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As they start in their new role we look back at what our previous volunteers had to say about their experience:

“It was great to be part of the BL team and to help promote the programme amongst students and academic staff. I would recommend becoming an ambassador to anyone. It will help you further develop your team working and communication skills and build your network. You will also have fun while doing something worthwhile!”- Ralitsa Todorova, BSc first class honours in Business and Management (Accounting) and final year Business Life Student Ambassador”


“My input was always valued and acted upon which made my contributions seem very worthwhile. It has been a pleasure working with the BL team, networking with students and employers and also enhancing my own skills such as the ability to speak in front of an audience. Being a BL Student Ambassador has helped me a lot! Working alongside the people who manage the business school was like we were a small team that makes a lot happen! – Amar Mistry, BSc first class honours in Business and Management with Placement Year and final year Student Ambassador”

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