Brunel Business School page launches on Linkedin

Brunel Business School “Higher Education Page” is now available on  Linkedin allowing our staff, alumni, current students and supporters to enjoy an exclusive and dedicated professional and educational community, in addition to that available under the Brunel University Page.

The Brunel Business School page can be found on  Linkedin by typing Brunel Business School into the search bar and selecting the option under the “Universities” heading.

BBS on LinkedIn

While University Pages were available for universities for the last few months,  Linkedin recognised that Business Schools often have a distinct identity and commitment to their stakeholders, which can be more suitably facilitated under a separate page on  Linkedin.

Some good examples of other UK business schools on  Linkedin are: London Business School or Henley Business School

Users of the Brunel Business School page can interact in the following ways:

  1. “Follow” – following the Business School page will allow  Linkedin users to stay abreast of the news from the School, as they might on other social media platforms such as Facebook (not available for many users in China for example, meaning our Alumni there often miss out on School specific information)
  2. Join the dedicated community by selecting your status on the right hand side panel of the page, as illustrated below, or entering the School details under the employment or educations sections of your profile.New Picture (5) This option was not available until now, meaning that students and staff could only type in the name of the School, without linking their profile to the School. Users will now be prompted to select Brunel Business School when changing their education or employer, and once selected, be automatically included in the Business School dedicated community on  Linkedin, allowing them to view others who are also linked to the School.
  3. Review Brunel Business School community: students, alumni and staff, drilling down by location, industry, etc for valuable networking and employment opportunities. This community will now be allowed to grow, following the launch of the Page, as  Linkedin users identify themselves with our community as in point 2 above.

Here’s how you too can help us grow the Brunel Business School community:

  • Click “Follow” on the School page
  • Indicate your connection with the School on the School page in the right hand side panel – you will shortly see yourself listed on the Brunel Business School page
  • Invite your colleagues and class mates to join us!

Joanna Oman, Marketing Manager for Brunel Business School, said:

Joanna Oman“We are early adopters in engaging with our audiences on social media and this  Linkedin launch confirms our excitement about connecting with our professional stakeholders. Ten other Business Schools in the UK already enjoy dedicated LinkedIn pages, with more to follow as the brand new feature is extended across the Business School sector. We’ve made the most of the features available, incorporating multiple videos, pictures and keywords, to ensure our close and extended community can easily find us on  Linkedin. This is especially important as  Linkedin has great expansion plans to adapt and promote the platform for the use of prospective students who will be looking for employment outcomes of graduates, and have more trust in the information in user generated profiles, instead of the University promotional materials. With a new profile, our challenge at first will be to generate this information. We have a lot to look forward to.”

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