Students learn logistics strategy from Marks and Spencer Analyst

Last week the students from MSc in Global Supply Chain Management had the opportunity to learn theory through practice when a guest speaker, Victoria Forman a Logistics Analyst from Marks and Spencer, visited Brunel Business School. BBS M S Guest Speaker 12A

Natalie Dyas, one of the students, gives her account of the event.

“I found the guest lecture by Marks and Spencer extremely useful in helping me write my coursework. The presentation was very relevant to my coursework and it was fantastic to hear and understand real life examples about the supply chain of Marks and Spencer and I now have a number of ideas in putting the theory I’ve learnt from lectures into practice.  I would have benefited further from hearing more about M&S’s supply chain strategy in general as it delved down straight into a specific area (distribution centres), but I appreciate time is not on our side and I think the speaker was correct in detailing M&S’s most relevant and current project in in the hour given.

My interest in Global Supply Chain Management has increased after the guest lecture as there is truly nothing better than hearing current examples of how companies operate. I believe that hearing first hand experiences like this will help me become more attractive to employees as I will have not only gained theoretical knowledge, but I will also have knowledge about practical examples and the impacts on current supply chains from an internal perspective. I have always been interested in Supply Chain Management, however I never knew what area I wanted to go into, and after listening to the lecture and hearing about the movement of goods, I am leaning towards working in transportation/logistics.

It is events like these which make the Brunel Business School so fantastic and unique and guest lectures combined with the Business Life Programme are extremely valuable tools in helping students improve their business skills and get the most out of their studies. ”

Dr Afshin Mansouri, who invited the guest speaker, as part of Brunel Business Life Programme, said:

“Guest lectures help our students understand Logistics and Supply Chain Management better, its relevance, practicality and job prospects in this sector. Listening to guest speakers from the industry also helps students in developing a bigger picture of their MSc course as a whole. We had Victoria come over from Marks and Spencer, and we will have Jools Massey, Group Procurement Systems & Governance Manager of United Biscuit, come over next. It’s really exciting!”

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