Second term for Prof Jarvis at European Banking Authorities (EBA) Banking Stakeholder group

Prof Rabin Jarvis

Prof Rabin Jarvis

Robin Jarvis, Professor in Accounting in Brunel Business School, has been appointed for a second term to the European Banking Authority’s Banking Stakeholder Group. The role of the group is to facilitate consultation and dialogue with stakeholders in all the areas relevant to the tasks of the EBA. Members of the group represent consumers, users and employees, as well as academia and various types of credit and investment institutions across the EU.

Professor Jarvis commented:

It is an honour to continue to work with other members of this EBA stakeholder group. This is a crucial time for the European banking system and consumer protection in the European Union, where harmonised prudential regulation is necessary to ensure the stability of the internal market. Consistent rules and regulation are also necessary to instil trust in the supervisory system.

The stakeholder group exists to establish dialogue and consultation across the many bodies involved in the work of the EBA. Of course, the accountancy profession has a huge part to play here. Such is ACCA’s interest in this policy area that we made this the topic for our recent ACCA President debate in Brussels. At this event there was general support for the Banking Union, while acknowledging serious challenges ahead. The event confirmed the need for the Euro area to have a stronger institutional framework to safeguard financial stability and avoid contagion.

The work of the EBA in this context is vital, so I am delighted to again be a member of this important group, and to continue to work for the EBA.”

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