Women of Brunel write in support of International Day of the Girl Child

Today thousands of activists, students, schools, and organizations around the world join together to celebrate the International Day of the Girl, an official United Nations resolution established in 2011. This year’s theme – “Innovating for Girls’ Education” – focuses on how educating girls is the key to creating a better world for everyone. We’ve asked a few of our female academics to explain what they thought about this cause.

 “Education empowers a person with the ability to reason and evaluate alternatives and thus be resourceful in moments of crisis and/or despair.  Educated mothers show their children the way to evaluate alternatives.  I always regarded this as the best of all the blessings that my mother gave to me”

Prof Suma Athreye, Professor of International Strategy

 “Last year in the exam on entrepreneurship one of the open questions I asked was a very simple one:  “Why are there so few women entrepreneurs in the world?” About 35% of those who answered used one or more of the following arguments: because women are dumber than men, more scared of failure, less risk taking, not made to be entrepreneurs and besides they have to focus on raising a family. I hope that the students who wrote such answers were not female. And that’s NOT what I taught in class! That’s why it’s necessary to educate girls so that societal views of women change for the better. “

Prof Shyama Ramani, Professor of Innovation and the Social Enterprise

 “Girls across the world, across the continents, nations and cultures should have the right to free, unhindered access to education from primary education all the way to higher education; should be able to learn in a supportive, peaceful and harmonious environment with access to well trained teachers and the internet. When growing up they should have the freedom to decide the course of their education leading to their ultimate careers. Finally they should be free to choose who and when to marry.”

Dr Geraldine Cohen, Senior Lecturer of Marketing

 “A woman plays an important role in binding a family by keeping everyone together, shaping minds by instilling the ethical and moral values thereby improving the quality of life and living standards of individuals in a society.  Educating women becomes the key to creating a better world for everyone because education empowers her to become an active participant in development of a society and creation of a better world for everyone.”

Dr Suraksha Gupta, Course Director for Applied Corporate Brand Management and Lecturer of Marketing

Watch the International Day of the Girl Child Campaign Video to find out more about this initiative.


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