Brunel MBA Career Consultant says: learn to create your own luck


Helen Slingsby, Brunel MBA Career Consultant

Helen Slingsby, the Brunel MBA Career Consultant in Brunel Business School gave us a flavour of her projects ahead for the Brunel MBA class commencing their studies in September 2013 and January 2014.

Why do we need a dedicated MBA Career Consultant?

It’s important to manage students’ career expectations and help them by providing the tools needed to sell themselves in the current job market.

What is your role as a Career Consultant?

My role is to help students understand how to tell their own story to employers and potential business partners. If they don’t know who they are, what makes them thrive, where do they want to be, then how can they convince others at, let’s say, a networking event or at an interview for that all important job. I want to help students discover what the MBA can do for them in the UK but also in more buoyant job markets abroad.  They need to learn how to create their own luck from the word go.

How will you approach this task in practical terms?

It’s important for me to be very proactive and engaged with students from the very beginning – the first 6 weeks will be very busy! I am not a one to take the soft approach. And I have high expectations of the students too! I want them to engage, the more they put into it, the harder they work on this with me the better their return will be. In practical terms this translates into intensive 1-2-1 sessions with the students, where we can really get to the bottom of their individual situations and aspirations. I will also challenge them through group work in our workshops and provide a very convenient career coaching through a series of regular webinars.

The most exciting, if a little controversial task, will be to get our MBA students to realise how and why they are different and better than their class mates! Then it’s all about working out the action plan.

What is your advice for MBA applicants?

Be prepared to invest a lot of effort into your professional development. You’ve made the decision to take up an MBA and now make the most of it. Think about your next career step from the day you start your classes; do not leave it to the final term.

To learn more about Brunel MBA programme starting in September and January please visit the Brunel MBA website.

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