Business School invites offer holders to Ready for Work Programme

Brunel Business School reached out to over 200 offer holders who indicated Brunel University was their firm choice inviting them to join the Ready for Work Programme for first year students. The selected group of applicants has been sent a letter by post, signed by the Head of School, with the intention to encourage incoming, first-year students to join the employability initiative which will commence with the start of the academic year.

Other Applicant Initiatives in Brunel Business School

Other Applicant Initiatives in Brunel Business School

“It’s important for us to pre-condition our incoming students and enthuse them at a point when they are super receptive to all university news. This will ensure that students get into a pro-active mind set, become aware of the initiative before they join their degree programme, and hopefully ensure higher participation numbers to this exciting development programme from the start” said Joanna Oman, Brunel Business School Marketing Manager.

While providing high quality business and management education to students is a key priority for the School, the Business School wants students to also start thinking about their careers from day one at university and to explore how to differentiate themselves from others by joining this exciting multidisciplinary programme, which focuses on the career skills development Brunel is very proud of.

The Ready for Work programme will be open to all incoming undergraduates across Brunel University, and will enable them to challenge themselves through team work and to solve real-life issues over a 10 week period in the following areas:

  • Community engagement: Projects of interest to our local community to bring social and economic benefits.
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship: Projects that focus on developing innovative products or services.
  • Global challenges: Projects that research and analyse issues that have world-wide importance.
  • Social responsibility: Projects that analyse the balance between economic development and societal and environmental welfare.

Prof Irani, Head of Brunel Business School, has been working with academic and professional teams across the University to build this exciting initiative and the University is recruiting high quality researchers to help student teams produce solutions that will make a difference to our society. Students are encouraged to take part in this very rewarding experience that will help them differentiate themselves from others and is also a great way to make new friends.

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