Brunel Business School Launches Staff Awards

Brunel Business School is launching a new initiative this week designed to recognise the “above and beyond” contribution of its staff members to the services provided to our students and colleagues: Brunel Business School Annual Awards. We’ve asked Dr Lynne Baldwin, Deputy Head of School (Academic Practice), to explain:

“It is recognised that there are those in the Business School who ‘go the extra mile’, above and beyond the call of duty, beyond that which is within their particular role/job description.  We have had so many people who have worked super hard in various activities in the School over the last academic year no matter how hard they were stretched, no matter how last minute the jobs were, and no matter how much of their time they had given up for it.  The event that we have planned goes some way towards making that excellent contribution more widely known, and to reward staff for all their hard work that may sometimes go unnoticed in our rush to always do more for less.

This year, as this is the first time that we will be hosting such an event, it is a ‘soft launch’ (with a view to it being bigger and better in future years).  However, similar event was extremely well received in the Law School in May 2013. So, in brief, we are going to award certificates to staff, both academic and administrative, in recognition of their excellent contribution and the crucial role that they play, and also to inspire others, as the work we celebrate is at the very centre of the service we provide.”

In the Brunel Business School Annual Awards staff is invited to nominate a colleague who has excelled in the service they provide and performed above and beyond their role, and through this made a significant contribution to the School. The deadline for receiving nominations for the Brunel Business School Awards is Thursday 16 August 2013.

Brunel Business School Staff Members on a recent Staff Day

Brunel Business School Staff Members on a recent Staff Day

Award Criteria

All nominations received for individual awards will be considered against a set of criteria:

  1.  The nomination is for a contribution above and beyond the expectations of the role
  2. The contribution is of significant benefit to the School

Judging Panel

A panel comprising of two academic members of staff and two administrators will judge the submissions.  The panel members will, as far as is possible, be those who are not involved with decisions regarding promotion, be a line manager of any member of staff or similar, in order to ensure sufficient impartiality.  Should a panel member be in any way associated with a nominee in this way, they will not participate in the decision-making.  Should a panel member themselves be nominated, the same applies. A non-voting chair will oversee the panel meeting.

Award Winners

There will be four winners.  Two winners will be academic members of staff and two winners will be administrative/technical staff. The 4 winners will be recognised for their outstanding contribution by way of certificates, presented to them by the Head of School, and also by way of Amazon vouchers.  All staff will be invited to join in to congratulate them over a special celebration event, which will take place in September 2013.

Certificates will also be awarded to academic members of staff who have been recommended for one of the UBS Student Led Teaching Awards. Dr Baldwin said:

“These are recommendations made by students not staff and whilst the primary aim of our event is to recognise contribution above and beyond the expectations of the role from a staff perspective, it is also recognised that too often no one other than the member of staff who has been nominated knows about this and so this, too, deserves some more ‘public’ recognition.  So if any academic member of staff had been short/long listed for such an award they will also get a certificate from the Business School.”

Further information about the Awards is available on the Brunel Business School Awards website.

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